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80 Fun Things To Do And Places To Go When Bored

80 Fun Things To Do And Places To Go When Bored

Does this describe you: when you’re busy, you can think of a million fun things to do and fun places to go when bored, but when the time comes, you forget about everything and spend all day scrolling through your phone?

Instead of wasting your precious free time, check out this list of things to do and places to go to make your day interesting. You’ll find ideas for when you want to stay in your living room and have fun and suggestions for exciting places to visit.

50 Places To Go When Bored

Here are some ideas for places to go when bored, when you want some fresh air or if you need a getaway from everyday obligations.

1. Go shopping.

Some people hate shopping, and some love it, but everyone does it. Make it a fun activity by going shopping for something you want instead of something you need. (Buy the things you need online.)

2. Go thrifting.

Who doesn’t like cheap things and unique items? Visit a thrift shop for a nice afternoon of browsing, trying on clothes, or picking out cute decor items. Take a break to have coffee and a snack, and repeat.

3. Go to the grocery store.

To minimize the hassle of grocery shopping, go during off-hours, such as a weekday morning. That way, you can avoid the crowds and long lines. Bring a list, and don’t shop hungry, or you might come home with more than you wanted.

4. Go to the craft store.

If you want to take up a craft or a hobby, you’re going to need supplies. You can buy them online, but going to a craft store might inspire you when you see everything that’s on offer.

5. Visit the farmers market.

To enjoy the full flavors of fruits and vegetables, the farmer’s market is the best place to get them. The produce you can buy there is seasonal and brings you closer to your environment.

6. Visit the tourist spots in your own city.

How often do you see the places the tourists in your city visit? Go take a look at the landmarks, curiosities, and attractions to remember why people come to take a look at the place you call home.

7. Explore your city.

We usually have a daily routine and rarely go to parts of the city where we don’t have some business to do. Switch it up and visit a neighborhood you never go to, go to local events, or even take a tour.

8. Check out a new coffee shop.

Break the habit of always having coffee at the same place, and check out some new spots. It will take you off your routine path, and you might find a new favorite.

9. Try a new restaurant.

Good food is a must to enjoy your day. Experience a cuisine you’ve never had before, or finally check out that place you’ve been meaning to visit for ages.

10. Go for afternoon tea.

Find a place that serves traditional afternoon tea, dress up and grab a friend for a special outing. It’s the perfect occasion to snap some aesthetic pics to post on social media.

11. Go to a karaoke bar.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a good singer or if your skills leave much to be desired. All that’s important for karaoke is enthusiasm, so there’s no need to be self-conscious. Find your favorite song and enjoy yourself.

12. See a matinee.

You’d usually go to the movies or a show in the evening, but seeing one during the day has a special charm. If you find something kid-friendly, they’re a great chance to include kids in the activity as well.

13. See live music.

Attending a stadium concert usually has to be planned in advance, but tickets for a gig at a smaller venue can often be purchased at the time of the show, especially if it’s someone local or not well known. It might be your chance to witness a star being born.

14. Go wine tasting.

Look for a local event to learn how to taste wine and educate your palate. If you find out that it’s something you like, you can turn it into a hobby or visit wineries and vineyards for new experiences.

15. Get a henna tattoo.

A henna tattoo is a great way to see what a tattoo design looks like before committing to something more permanent, or it can be something to enjoy as it is. You can pick something else every time you’re up for it.

16. Get a manicure/pedicure.

Neat and beautiful hands and feet contribute to your general appearance more than you’d think, and both the experience and the result will leave you feeling pampered.

17. Get a massage.

There’s no one who doesn’t need a massage, right? Skillful hands can take away all the stress you carry in your muscles and make you feel a new level of relaxation.

18. Visit a hair salon.

Go for a trim or a completely new look. You have to get your hair done anyway, so why not do it while you have enough time to wonder about places to go when bored. Combine with another pampering activity for a whole day of you time.

19. Go for a drive.

Get in the car, play your driving music, and just drive around wherever it takes you. Go alone for moments of meditation, or bring a friend for a road trip feeling regardless if you go far or stay near your neighborhood.

20. Visit a nursing home.

Donate your time and visit a nursing home to interact with the residents. You can play cards with them, organize a bingo game, or simply listen to their stories. It’s a way to give back to the older generations. Call ahead to make sure of any requirements.

21. Volunteer.

Volunteer at a soup kitchen or animal shelter, or organize something in your neighborhood, such as picking up kids from school, tutoring, or walking dogs. This is one of the ways to be thankful for what you have in your life.

22. Do a random act of kindness.

There are numerous ways to make someone’s day a little better. A compliment, a smile, or small favor go a long way in making another person happy, and their happiness will give you a sense of well-being in turn.

23. Donate blood.

All blood types are needed at all times, and donating blood helps people in need and saves lives. Call your local facility for information.

24. Go for a run.

If you don’t usually run, this is a great chance to start. Download an app to guide you and start with this activity that can change your life.

25. Go hiking.

Go online and find a hiking trail near you that fits your fitness level and how much time you have. Next, find a partner – a friend or someone from a local hiking club. Finally, grab some gear, and you’re good to go!

26. Go on a bike ride.

You can decide on a destination or ride without aim and simply enjoy your day in nature. It’s a great workout and fun in one.

27. Go rollerblading.

The beauty of skating is that you can do it anywhere, as long as you’re careful and mindful of your environment. If you’re a beginner, you can learn by yourself. Start by watching tutorials and practice standing up at home.

28. Go to the gym.

You’ve been putting it off for tomorrow for a while, and it seems that tomorrow has finally come. Even if you don’t feel like going, it’s guaranteed you’ll feel amazing when you’re done.

29. Go bowling.

Go with friends or family for a day of fun, or join a tournament if you’re feeling competitive.

30. Take a Zumba class.

Zumba is the perfect combination of dancing and working out. You’ll be wondering where the time went, and you’re guaranteed to make some friends in class.

31. Go to a sports game.

See your favorite team, or cheer for the team whose colors you like best if no one you support is playing. Choose seeing a sports game if you’re looking for an experience of community and excitement.

32. Go to an amusement park.

Take a chance and gather your courage on a ride you’re afraid of but are curious about, or have a chill day of exploring the attractions.

33. Go to an escape room adventure.

An escape room is like an interactive movie with you as the main character. It’s a unique chance to solve puzzles and enjoy adventures with friends.

34. Go to the park.

Go to a local park and people watch, play Frisbee, or have fun with your dog. If the weather is nice, there’s no better place to be.

35. Have a picnic.

A sunny day in nature with good company and good food – a picnic makes a perfect romantic date or a lazy day with friends. It’s the little things like this that make life enjoyable.

36. Spend a day at the beach.

If you live near a beach, it should be your first choice when looking for places to go when bored. Even if the weather is cold or windy, a walk on the beach can be a special experience.

37. Check out the local library.

Libraries aren’t just for studying and checking out books. They host a range of events, and you can get access to a ton of content, from various publications to multimedia.

38. Visit a museum or an art gallery.

When you visit a museum or an art gallery, you don’t have to see everything at once. Take your time to appreciate the artworks, and come back to see more or revisit the ones that made a special impression on you.

39. Try photography.

If you don’t know what to photograph, grab your camera (the one on your phone will do for starters) and wander around. When you’re looking for photo opportunities, things you never considered interesting might catch your eye.

40. Visit a friend.

Visit your best friend or a friend you haven’t seen in a while. Spend the day hanging out and catching up.

41. Take a class.

There’s always a workshop or class you can take to switch up your routine. You’ll learn something, meet new people, and spend your time in a fun and productive way.

42. Sketch outdoors.

If you like to draw or you’ve been meaning to start, use this opportunity. When you have nothing to do, go outside and practice sketching.

43. Go to a book club gathering.

A book club is a chance to get together with people who are interested in the same things as you are, hang out, and have interesting conversations. If there are no book clubs near you, start one yourself.

44. Hang out with a family member.

Take your nephew out for ice cream, play video games with your brother, or simply spend time with someone close to you.

45. Run errands.

There’s always an errand to run, but when we’re bored, we look for anything else except the things that we have to do. Get it over with by doing one errand and then rewarding yourself by doing something fun.

46. Organize a scavenger hunt.

This can be an extremely fun activity, but to make it exciting, it takes some time to plan. This is your chance to plan the perfect, intricate scavenger hunt for kids or friends.

47. Talk to strangers.

Walk around and don’t look away from the people you don’t know but start conversations with them. It could be something simple, such as saying hello, or small talk about the weather. It will help you make a habit out of acknowledging other people and connecting with them.

48. Stargaze.

If you live somewhere with lots of light at night, you can travel out of the city if you want to experience the beauty of the night sky. If you’re already somewhere without too much light pollution, your backyard might be the perfect place to stargaze.

49. Take a day trip.

Visit somewhere nearby that’s always been on your list but never gets its chance. Plan your itinerary ahead so that you can see and do everything you want and return home in time.

50. Treat yourself.

Is there something you want to do, buy, or experience but can’t really justify it because of the time, money, or effort it would take? Do it! Don’t put off enjoyment and treat yourself.

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30 Things To Do At Home When Bored

You can stay in and have a fun and productive day while doing something you like. Check out these ideas.

51. Make a bucket list.

Write down all the things you want to do but forget about when life gets in the way. When you write it down, it becomes something that you’ll take steps towards doing.

52. Bake something.

Bake a cake, bread, cupcakes, or anything else you’ve been craving. Decorate it and make it pretty if you feel like it, or just eat the delicious results.

53. Try new recipes.

Find a couple of recipes with similar ingredients and try them out at home. This way, you won’t be throwing away leftover ingredients, and you’ll be able to try a new dish a few times a week.

54. Meal prep.

If you’re often in a hurry and tend to grab whatever is handy to eat instead of planning your meals, meal prepping can be a savior. It will save time, help with portion control, and take away the stress of choosing what to eat every day.

55. Meditate.

Focus on your breathing and just spend time with your mind for everything from amazing stress-relief benefits to a path for finding your purpose. Use an app to guide you if you’re too restless to meditate on your own.

56. Have a home spa day.

Take your time and indulge your senses. If you have a lot of things to do the next day, they’ll be easier to deal with when you’re all pampered and cared for.

57. Do yoga.

Yoga at home is easy with YouTube if you can’t think of a practice on your own. All you need is some space in front of your TV and comfy clothes.

58. Stretch.

Stretching helps you keep mobile and flexible. If you’ve never done it before, be careful not to injure yourself by going too far.

59. Take a bubble bath.

Dim the lights, drop a bath bomb in the tub, and play some music for a whole new experience of relaxation and your time.

60. Try out a new beauty product.

A new skincare or haircare product might be just what you need, or it can have a not-so-favorable effect. The best time to try it is when you don’t have to leave the house.

61. Experiment with makeup.

When you’re in a hurry, you usually do your makeup in a tried-and-tested way. Try some looks you’re not sure about and experiment while you have the time.

62. Have a staycation.

Get a hotel room, order room service, and enjoy your stay doing nothing.

63. Look through old photos.

Relive your memories by going through old pictures. You can also organize them into albums if you haven’t and throw away or delete the ones you don’t like anymore.

64. Binge a TV show.

Start clearing out your Netflix queue and catch up on that show everyone has been talking about or rewatch an old favorite.

65. Clean out your social media.

When was the last time you customized your settings or deactivated the accounts you no longer use? Delete those posts you’re embarrassed of and change your passwords.

66. Organize your computer files.

Organize your folders, give all your files their place, and rename everything that doesn’t have a clear title. In the long run, this will save you a lot of time.

67. Listen to music.

Don’t just play your favorite music while you’re doing something – actually take the time to listen to it and enjoy it in a way you don’t when it’s just in the background.

68. Listen to a podcast.

Podcasts are perfect when you’re on the move a lot or if you want to use the time while doing something to listen to something interesting. There are podcasts about every topic imaginable – you just have to pick out the one you like.

69. Learn a dance routine.

Show off at the club next time by perfecting a routine for your favorite song, or pick something that seems like fun. Even if you don’t learn it quickly, just trying is a great workout.

70. Learn a new craft or do a DIY project.

From knitting to calligraphy, from hair accessories to furniture. Some projects and crafts need supplies, while some can be done using whatever you have lying around. You can order what you need from Amazon if you don’t want to leave the house.

71. Express yourself

Sing, paint, or write a story to express your feelings and thoughts. Let others enjoy your art to share your vibes.

72. Learn something new.

You can learn a new skill, new language, read a book on a topic you’re unfamiliar with, or talk to someone who’s good at something you’re not. Watch documentaries and go in-depth into something you’re interested in.

73. Start a bullet journal.

A bullet journal can be anything you need it to be: a life planner, a tool to ask for what you want and manifest it, or a place to track a specific goal. Get a notebook and start one today.

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74. Update your resume.

If you’re bored, it’s the perfect time to do something you have to do sooner or later but usually put off. Even if you don’t need your resume at the moment, it’s important to keep it up-to-date.

75. Facetime a loved one you haven’t seen in a while.

Video call your family or friends regularly to keep in touch. This is a great time to do it if you haven’t done so in a while.

76. Have a game night.

Invite over family, friends, or neighbors to play board games, charades, assemble puzzles, or anything else you can enjoy in a group.

77. Organize your personal finance.

Use this time to establish a system that will make tracking your budget and expenses easy once and for all, or if you already have one, update it to stay organized.

78. Clean the house.

Even if you clean the surfaces regularly, there’s always something to tidy around the house. Clean the corners, organize your purses, pockets, and drawers, and vacuum under the bed.

79. Reorganize your closet.

Declutter your closet and throw away or donate everything you don’t use to be able to really appreciate your clothes and actually only wear the things you like.

80. Redecorate.

Redecorating a room doesn’t have to be a big project. You can rearrange the furniture and update small decor for a dramatic change.

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Still Bored?

I’m sure you’re not if you found something fun on this list of things to do and places to go when bored to fill your time. Make sure to bookmark it and save it for the next time you can’t think of anything.