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It’s Time To Put Your Feelings Aside And Remember What You Deserve

It’s Time To Put Your Feelings Aside And Remember What You Deserve

I don’t want to feel sad anymore. I’ve reached a point where I’ve decided I don’t want to look back at my life and feel guilty because I never took chances.

I don’t want to throw my life away because of someone who never even cared for me. I’ve had enough. I’m making a fresh start. 

I will remove all traces of him and I will train my heart to never skip a beat when I hear his name.

I will forget everything he promised me and I will forget him: his voice, his smell, his face, his everything until I can’t recall his image in my mind anymore.

I remember how at first, I wished I could go back to the time when I met him, take a different route, and save myself from so much pain but I decided to trust God instead.

When God let him into my life, I didn’t know it was a lesson. A lesson to teach me to embrace myself.

So often in life, we’re blinded by what we feel and what we want in the given moment, so we forget to see things from another perspective.

I was so lost in loving him that I forgot to love myself. Once he was gone, I needed to find myself again and I didn’t know where to start.

It’s so hard to accept the fact that the people who once made us feel special are the same people who made us feel worthless in the end.

It’s so hard to trust after you’ve been lied to so many times – even yourself – that’s what gaslighting does to a person.

Still, that’s how I learned that the only lasting relationship in my life will be the one I have with myself.

From that moment I stopped believing that somebody else has the power to save me.

It became clear to me that in order to survive and live a good life I needed to change – myself, my life, my habits.

I’ve never believed in prince charming, but deep in my heart I’ve always wanted to have somebody to care for me.

I still want that – I still want to have somebody who will cherish me and make me feel safe and happy to be myself.

The only difference is that now I know that I can care for myself and feel confident on my own.

I don’t depend on anyone’s love but my own, and you know what? I feel better than ever. I feel relieved and happy I can believe in myself.

I’m proud of giving myself a chance.

After all those years of telling myself that everything and everyone is better than me, I finally realized that comparing myself to others doesn’t make sense.

There’s no rule for success but your own happiness and what makes you happy is different from everyone else. Just do what makes you content.

You deserve to be happy. You deserve to treat yourself like you treat the ones you love the most.

Leave behind everything that brings you down – including people. Don’t make excuses. Everything in life happens for a reason, so don’t sabotage your own growth.

One of the biggest lessons from this experience was letting go of what I cannot change. It sounds simple, but it was the hardest thing to do.

Other than letting go I learned that for some people I’ll never be enough as I am, but that it shouldn’t bother me.

Life’s too short for trying to be liked by other people – in the end, you only have yourself.

That’s why we have to be strong. We have to build forts out of ourselves, and be self-sufficient but welcoming to everyone who has something valuable to offer. Seek value rather than attention.

Only self-love can break the circle of unfulfilled relationships. When you love yourself, you don’t tolerate disrespect.

When you love yourself, you attract everything you deserve.