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You Said You Care For Me But You Crossed All My Limits

You Said You Care For Me But You Crossed All My Limits

You came for a second chance. After everything you put me through, you wanted to pretend as nothing happened. You asked me to believe that you love me. 

Well, guess what? I don’t. I can’t believe you anymore. I’ve had enough of your lies. You don’t have to pretend that you care for me. It’s over.

It’s finally over. I don’t know how or from where, but I gathered the strength to leave you. I know that it’s something I should have done a long time ago, but I couldn’t.

My love for you was so big, it was stopping me from leaving you, even though I knew you didn’t love me.

I had peace and calm in my life. I had some boundaries and I didn’t allow anyone to cross them. Then you showed up, crossed all my limits, and took all the calmness out of my world.

I set those boundaries because I didn’t want to get hurt, but you were a player like no other. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into when I allowed you to become a part of my life.

First, you made me fall in love with you so deeply to forget about everything else. You made me doubt myself. You made me insecure and fragile. I forgot how much I’m worth and what I deserve.

Then you switched your game to attack. 

Well, it was easy because I already trusted you with all my life. I never could have imagined that you’d use me. 

Could you please explain to me: How could you use someone who loved you more than anyone else ever will?

My feelings made me blind, but now I see everything clearly. You didn’t have respect for my boundaries, which means you didn’t respect me. 

You just wanted to test how much I could handle. I remember how you once said that you’d never make me sad. In the end, you were the sole reason for my unhappiness.

I loved you and I hoped that one day things would change. That you’d realize that you really met a unique girl who gave you that once in a lifetime love. That movie kind of love everyone dreams of. 

Unfortunately, you did realize it, only it was already too late.

Who would say that things could change like this, huh? Now you are the one who is suffering and I am healing and slowly moving on.

I’m learning to live again because you broke me that much that I had to learn it all from  scratch. I am learning that I shouldn’t believe people so much. I am learning that some people don’t deserve my precious time.

I’m learning that some people don’t deserve my heart and my love, no matter how much I love them. This is a new beginning for me and I’m looking forward to it. I hope this time I’ll be smarter and less naive.

I truly had no other choice than to start from the beginning. I poured myself into our relationship.

I gave my all to you. Silly me, I honestly believed that you loved me and that you deserved it all.

In the end, it cost me losing myself. You turned out to be my worst nightmare. I am now paying the price for that. 

No, I’m not complaining, I know I deserve it for being so naive and foolish.  Still, after everything I did for you, for our relationship, you didn’t know to appreciate it. 

I invested my time and energy in you, but you were never able to give me the same in return.

You swore with all your heart that you loved me. But the fact is, your actions never matched those words.

Your actions showed me just the opposite. You can’t love someone if you’re constantly doing something they’ve asked you million times not to do.

That’s not what hurts me the most. I’ve already forgiven you for all of that.

The fact I didn’t appreciate myself enough to stop you when it was necessary is what’s killing me from the inside.

Now I know that I have to keep my guard up, no matter how much I love someone. People can change in a moment, and so can their feelings.

I’m setting some new rules and limits in my life. My newest one: Not giving second chances to people who don’t deserve it. Be sure that you never cross that one.