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Quick Little Reminders Every Woman With A Broken Heart Needs To Hear

Quick Little Reminders Every Woman With A Broken Heart Needs To Hear

We forget our worth after we’ve been left by someone important to us. Our heart is aching and it feels like it’ll stop beating any second now. We need to keep on living but it simply hurts too much and our life seems to have lost all meaning. We seem to be so pathetic and there’s nothing much that can cheer us up, right? But let’s stop for a minute and remind ourself of all the things that are precious in our life and that we can’t lose hope.

You will be loved. You are a precious human being who can conquer anything that life throws at her, so don’t back down. It’s scary to remind yourself that you’ve been left alone to deal with your problems and to think that you’re going to stay like that is even more scary. But don’t be afraid, you will be loved! Even if it doesn’t seem like that right now, you will fall in love again and you will be loved unconditionally by someone who knows how to appreciate you.

Be selfish. This is the right time to finally try out new things and dedicate all your time and energy to yourself. Isn’t that so wonderful? You finally have the opportunity to do all the things you’ve ever wanted! Go out and buy that floral bedding that you wanted but couldn’t get while you were in a relationship! Go and do whatever pleases you, because you can.

The pain won’t last forever. Although you seem to be stuck and you can’t seem to find a way out, eventually you will. You will be able to move on from this experience and you will look back at this period of your life with ease, because you will know that it’s over. So give yourself time to heal, you don’t have to hurry anywhere. It’s all about time, you know.

You’re not to blame. We blame ourself too often because of relationships that didn’t work out or broken friendships but what if it simply wasn’t meant to be? You will meet someone who will love you for who you are and they will never want to leave. It’s just what needed to happen for you to grow as a person. Don’t blame yourself, it’s what’s best for you now.

Your broken heart will make you stronger. This whole experience is a lesson and not a burden. I know that it may not seem like that right now but you will be fine. You are a strong woman who’s been made into a warrior, so keep on going. You will love yourself and the strength you’ve gathered, I can promise you this much.

You deserve to be happy. When we get rejected by someone, we see ourself broken down in agony, thinking that we don’t deserve happiness and that the universe has something against us. But this is going to pass and you will see the world in an entirely new perspective, so stop thinking that you don’t deserve to be happy. Because you do. You really do.

Go out! But don’t overdo it. You’re now in a very fragile state of mind and going out can have two completely different outcomes. If you go out too much, you will be stuck in rebound relationships that you won’t be so proud of so you need to find the balance necessary to go out and have fun. Find that balance and enjoy yourself.

Understand. Understand your emotions and understand him. Try to find the reasons for your break-up without emotions getting involved but rather by going over everything that happened from a rational perspective. You will find that it was the easiest way for you to move on in life because otherwise you’d be suffering with a man who doesn’t love you, a man who’s cheating on you, etc. Understand your pain as well. You’d been together for a long time and you got used to loving him. Understanding is the best thing you can do right now.