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Read This If You’re Currently Going Through A Painful Break-Up

Read This If You’re Currently Going Through A Painful Break-Up

Come on. Why are you sitting there in the corner with your head between your knees? I know that life seems to be unfair right now and that you can’t gather your strength to stand up but believe me, life is so much more than one person and one heartbreak.

Don’t let all of this define you. You are way more than this. Don’t let a broken heart and those tears that are streaming down your face really define everything that your life is about to become.

I know that it’s hard. Your life seems to be falling apart and your chest keeps on hurting and tying you to the ground because it’s too heavy to carry around all that burden. It’s hard to walk around with a broken heart, pretending like nothing is happening within you. It’s hard to make people think that you are fine and that you will be OK when your insides make you regret ever stepping foot into his life and ever loving him.

But don’t blame yourself. Don’t blame yourself for loving him or letting him into your life. You should be proud that you were able to love him even though you had such a hard past behind you. Be proud that you loved at all, because so many people aren’t able to love truly and fully these days that it makes me so happy to see that you were able to give yourself fully to someone.

You have done everything you could, he’s the one who got away. You did everything that was in your power to make him happy and to make him feel loved and appreciated. You even chose to swallow your own pride in order to let him know that you loved him and to try to prevent him from leaving. But isn’t it funny how these people always find fault in us, never seeing their own imperfections? These people are so toxic and so unable to understand us and truly appreciate our presence.

Why are you sad now? Because it hurts? But just remember that you’re crying over someone who wasn’t able to love you the way you deserved. He wasn’t able to give you what you wanted and you shouldn’t cry over him when he didn’t even want to work on your relationship. At least now you know that he wasn’t the right one for you.

He’s the one who gave up, not you! He gave up on you two the moment he decided to be selfish and only take, take and take from you, never giving anything back. Even though he told you that you were the one who was being clingy and needy, you were actually only expressing what you wanted in the relationship in order to get the best out of it.

You didn’t ask him to take the stars down from the sky, you asked for basic human decency and he still wasn’t able to give you that? Then it’s better that he’s out of your life.

Even if he comes crawling back to you, don’t you dare take him back! If he wasn’t able to see your worth right away then what’s the point? You gave him a chance to prove himself to you and he blew it. He blew it! He decided to give up on everything you had and leave you alone with the thoughts of not being good enough.

But you are good enough! You are more than enough! If he wasn’t able to see it, then that’s his fault. Someone will come into your life and show you that love doesn’t have to hurt. He’ll show you how a woman should be loved and that being ‘too much’ is the best thing a woman can be.

He isn’t worthy of your tears. He isn’t worthy of all that pain and misery! So why are you still crying? I know that you have to let everything out but know your limits. Look at your beautiful eyes, they have gotten to be completely red. Don’t do this to yourself.

You deserve all the most amazing things in life and all those amazing things will come to you eventually. You just have to believe in yourself and love yourself. Truth be told, you were way too good for him in the first place. So why cry? Why bother?

Why cry when you have gained freedom with this break-up? You have freed yourself from someone whose love wasn’t pure or unconditional. You’re better off without him anyways.