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10 Reasons Why A Woman With A Gypsy Soul Is Every Man’s Dream

10 Reasons Why A Woman With A Gypsy Soul Is Every Man’s Dream

A woman with a gypsy soul is free-spirited above all, she can’t be forced into a relationship, she is even a bit scared of them because she doesn’t want to sacrifice her freedom. That’s why she only melts in the right arms.

She will never settle down in a conventional way. She has her own way of doing things. She loves the love that allows freedom. The moment when she decides to settle down for good is the moment when she begins her everlasting adventure. She never allows a rut to kick in because she always has something new to discover, somewhere new to explore. That’s why she needs a man who will follow her on her journey and won’t try to tame her.

There is something within her so simple but so unique that makes most men drawn to her. And though that feeling she provokes in them is inexplicable, there are some reasons why a woman with a gypsy soul is every man’s dream:

1. Every day will be a new adventure

A woman with a gypsy soul is fun to be around, there is just something in her smile that draws people closer. Her spirit makes everyone feel like they have known her for years and it makes it so much easier for men to open up early on in the relationship. Music, dancing, and traveling is in her blood. She is always ready to see and experience something new. But she also turns simple things into extraordinary ones.

2. She doesn’t want to change her partner, she accepts him just the way he is

She knows she has her flaws, that she is a beautiful mess and that she is hard to understand at times. That’s some of the reasons she doesn’t get awed by perfection. In her eyes, the combination of flaws and strong points is what makes somebody remarkable. She just wants someone who can handle her flaws and someone whose flaws she can handle. She wants compatibility, respect, understanding and, of course, love.

3. She will never force anything

She believes that love is the only force that needs to connect two people. Her gypsy soul refuses to be tied down, and likewise doesn’t strive to tie down anybody. She knows that the one who is meant for her will stay and she will never force things.

4. Her life, your life and the one you share together

A woman with a gypsy soul is a free spirit, so she doesn’t respond well to rules or jealousy in a relationship. They suffocate her and probably a lot more women in this position. She perceives two people in a relationship as two individuals with their separate lives, interests and friendships. In addition to that, they have a little world of their own that they feel happy in. Men welcome this way of thinking because they also just need some time with other guys or by themself from time to time. As odd it may sound, giving each other space is what makes people even more connected.

5. She won’t settle for almost love

She follows her heart wherever it may lead her. When she loves she is fully committed and extremely passionate about the person she is with. That’s why she won’t settle for a half love or empty promises. She gives it her all and she expects it in return. She knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to wait for a man who will admire her strength and give her his entire heart.

6. She has a sunshiny personality

She is outgoing and manages to stay positive even in the worst situations. Life hasn’t always treated her well but she learned that all the bad things were there for a reason. She realized that after the most awful storm, the sun will shine and show her why that had to be that way.

7. She carries her home within her

She doesn’t care about big houses and penthouse apartments, she has never cared about anything material and it has never impressed her. She realized that as long as she is at peace and harmony with herself, she can live anywhere. She gets more attached to people than to some brick constructions. That’s why the most important thing for her is to be with the right person regardless of their location and their current state. If there is love, they will make it work.

8. She is tolerant but doesn’t appreciate being taken for granted

She is the most understanding creature you’ll ever meet. She will listen first and try to see things from her partner’s perspective. She will be there to give unconditionally, to support and to love but she won’t appreciate being taken for granted. She demands reciprocity in everything.

9. She lives one day at a time

While most women are concerned with the right time to get married and the right time to have children and create a family, she lets things happen to her. She has no need to force it and she doesn’t care about other people’s opinions. She wants those things but in her own time, when she is with the right man and when they are both ready and want the same things.

10. She is fire

Everything she is and everything she does is intertwined with passion. Sex is never just sex for her, her emotions have to be deep and she has to feel connected to her partner at every level. The nights and mornings her man has spent with her will make him daydream about her every time they are apart.