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This Is Why A Relationship With An Introvert Beats Every Other

This Is Why A Relationship With An Introvert Beats Every Other

While I was younger, I was always on a chase for outgoing socialite guys. I was fascinated by men who craved the spotlight.

I bet you know the type. I’m talking about guys who draw everyone’s attention.

I’m talking about guys who are the life of every party; about those who are always surrounded by a bunch of people – about guys who can’t be unnoticed.

I’m talking about extroverts. I won’t lie to you: I had loads of fun with each one of them. I thought this was my type.

And… then I grew up. I matured and I realized that a relationship with a completely opposite type is what I actually needed all along. I realized that dating an introvert is better, and here is why.

They’re empaths.

Most introverted people know how it feels to be an outcast. For as long as they can remember, they have never fit into any group.

Not only that: they deal with the lack of understanding from their closest ones on a daily basis and have even experienced some kind of bullying.

The bottom line is that their life has never been all rainbows and unicorns. So, whatever you’re going through – they get it.

Most introverts are empaths by nature. They’re incredibly compassionate since they have the ability to feel other people’s emotions.

Nevertheless, I have to warn you that this quality is not so easy to handle, so please don’t use it against your empath girlfriend or boyfriend.

I know it’s great having a partner who understands you, but that doesn’t mean that you should put all of your emotional weight on their shoulders only.

Basically, if you’re with someone who belongs to this personality type, you don’t have to doubt their feelings ever. Trust me: an introvert wouldn’t be with you if they didn’t love you.

Meaningful emotional relationships only.

Casual affairs? Labeless relationships? Friends with benefits? Infidelity? Almost relationships? These are all parts of the modern dating world, and most people don’t see anything wrong with it.

Well, introverts do. In fact, they hate modern dating. They won’t judge you for your choices, but this is not the path any introvert would take.

Don’t get me wrong: it’s not that they pretend to be prudes. It’s just that introverted people don’t settle for anything less than a meaningful relationship. They don’t settle for one night stands or random hook-ups.

They’re all-or-nothing kinds of people. They can’t separate their body from their heart nor do they try to do so.

If you date an introvert, prepare yourself for a deep bond. There is nothing temporary or superficial about your romance – I can guarantee you that.

No worries of being suffocated.

The reason why introverts are not so crazy about social interactions is not because of their shyness only. Instead, these people love being on their own.

They enjoy their own company and don’t need anyone to make them happy.

Why is this good for a relationship? Because dating an introvert means having enough personal space and time.

Don’t be afraid – they won’t ignore you and you certainly won’t feel emotionally neglected. Nevertheless, these people will never suffocate you either.

They’re not pushy attention-seekers. Instead, they understand that you need your privacy without them intruding on every single part of your life.

You’re allowed to have a life outside of your relationship. An introvert will never expect to be the center of your world.

They draw their energies inwards.

I’m not here to lie: your relationship with an introvert won’t be perfect. Instead, you two will have your share of arguments, just as every other couple does.

Nevertheless, an introvert never picks unnecessary fights. They don’t make a fuss out of anywhere and they don’t enjoy drama.

These people draw their energy inwards. This means that they always think before they speak, and they rarely act impulsively.

Introverts are great at keeping their head cool. They’re mild-mannered and almost never aggressive.

Your fights with an introvert are never pointless. Instead, they’re productive and you always manage to find a reasonable solution.

Why? Because all introverts are rational and level-headed, which is a huge advantage in all personal relationships.

Commitment is obligatory.

Another thing you don’t have to worry about when dating an introvert is their devotion to your relationship.

Since they only engage in meaningful relationships, you can expect 100% commitment from every introvert.

People belonging to this personality type will not only match the effort you’re putting into your romance – they will give you even more.

They will try hard to build your relationship, and they will do everything in their power for you to feel loved and wanted.

Even though they might seem cold and distant, once an introvert opens up to you, you see that they have an incredible capacity for loving you wholeheartedly.