If the headline made you open this article, the odds are you are in a suffocating relationship.
That small voice inside your head made you at least check to see if that is true.
Sometimes, we are too deeply in love to see our relationship objectively. So, it is not a bad thing to question whether you are truly happy in your relationship.

Suffocation, to put it simply, is the inability to breathe. When it comes to relationships, it is the inability to breathe properly with someone you care for.

Here are some evident signs that you are being suffocated with love and they are all connected with the fact that he is not respecting your space:

1. He wishes to spend every single waking moment with you.

But you are simply not that kind of person. Of course, you want to spend time with him but you also have your friends, family, and activities you wish to attend to. If you have ever been in a situation where you, for instance, had plans with your girlfriends but he just had to go with you; that is a major RED FLAG. He just intruded into your social time. He is not giving you the space you need to be you.

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2. He calls and texts all the time.

When you are not spending time together, he needs confirmation that you are thinking of him. So he calls and calls, and texts and texts. Eventually, you run out of the topics to talk about so you end up talking about “What did you eat?” “When did you go to the bathroom?”

That is not really a conversation you want to lead—especially because you already had 3 phone calls and exchanged several text messages since this morning. This can also indicate that he has some kind of insecurities or that he is jealous.

Man sitting on bench and typing on his phone

3. He is way too jealous.

This can also be detected with the previous two signs of wanting to spend all their time with you and with constant calling and text messaging. He is asking constantly “Who are you with?”

If there are any men in your proximity let alone in your company, he gets very mad and agitated and starts questioning your faithfulness. This can be very frustrating and psychologically unbearable. You get tired of constantly having to explain yourself for no reason.

4. He is stalking your ‘online’ status.

You start having these useless fights about the last time you were seen online. “Who on earth could you be texting if you are not texting him?” He is behaving like he is the center of the universe. This can be, and usually is, related to jealousy. However, this can also be a sign of his controlling and possessive nature.

5. He is being too clingy and needy.

He wants your full attention and understanding for all of his needs. On the other hand, he might not be so understanding when it comes to your requirements. He doesn’t want to listen about your day at work, but he will go on and on and on about his. This is just selfish.

Other indicators of his clingy and needy nature could be his constant complaints about this and that. Especially about not spending quality time together. He could also start making up illnesses just to stop you from going somewhere without him. God forbid if you have some fun time and he is not there.

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6. You are making excuses not to spend time with him

Last but not least, sign number 6 comes as an outcome of all or some of the issues listed previously. You are unintentionally trying to get away from him and make some “ME TIME” for yourself because you are so tired of being “US” all the time. Maybe you are still not being honest with yourself but your subconscious is making sure you don’t suffocate. You are starting to lie and make excuses not to meet with your partner. Also, you can be conscious of these issues but don’t want to deal with them for some reason.

After reading this, take a good and deep look into yourself and see what your current state is. If one or more of these signs are integral parts of your relationship, you should reconsider and make some decisions.

Generally, there are two possible decisions: end a relationship or try and fix it.

In either case, you should be honest. First with yourself, then with your partner.
State your opinion clearly.

Give exact examples in which situations you found his behavior inappropriate or suffocating.

Make him realize that by giving you space, he is actually bringing you closer.

You will see if he is aware of these issues and understand why this can’t go on like this any further. Also, his willingness to improve his behavior in order to improve your relationship will tell you a lot about his love and appreciation of you.

The worst thing you can do is not to do anything.

6 Undeniable Signs Your Partner Is Suffocating You