Every relationship is a risk. You can never be sure if it’s going to last.  But despite that, it’s important for both of you to continuously invest in your relationship and try to make it work. So if it fails, at least you know you tried.

However, you might feel as though you are doing everything in your power to keep the relationship going when suddenly you are blindsided and he leaves you and you can’t figure out why. 

When you feel like things seem a bit shaky and you sense that something bad is about to happen, look out for these 8 signs that tell you your partner is planning to end the relationship.

He probably wants out but isn’t quite sure how to tell you. Be prepared for what is about to happen and save yourself the pain and the tears.

1. He is unusually quiet

He has always involved you in his life by telling you all about his day, sharing his plans with you, and asking how your day was. But now you’re not talking as much as you used to. Something clearly changed in your relationship. When you try to engage him in conversation, he avoids it, saying he is tired or that he had a bad day.

He always finds an excuse not to talk to you. You know these excuses are unrealistic because he’s always shared his feelings and thoughts with you before, especially when he had a bad day. This is the first sign he is about to end the relationship, but is probably struggling how to do it.

2. He seems distant

Even when he is with you, you feel like you’re alone. You try to engage him in conversation and make him laugh, but all you get in return is a blank, empty look or if you’re lucky, a forced smile.

If this is the situation you find yourself in, he’s already decided he’s going to leave you and he’s probably just waiting for the right moment to break it to you easy. The fact that you are trying to make him feel better and giving him more attention than ever makes things even worse for him. If you find yourself in this situation, the best thing to do is to ask him directly what the problem is.

3. He avoids physical contact

At the beginning of your relationship, he couldn’t get enough of you. He used his every free moment to be with you and you cuddled all the time. Now you get the feeling that he is avoiding you. He is avoiding physical contact because he doesn’t feel the same about you as before. 

Even when you touch him by accident, he trembles and backs away as if he did something wrong, And you are left feeling hurt and confused. The truth is, he most likely has some issue with you he hasn’t resolved and he is probably going to leave you over it.

4. He avoids eye contact

When you first started dating, you knew he was staring at you when you weren’t looking. You felt it, but you pretended to be totally unaware. It was kind of cute. You don’t get that feeling anymore but you want him to stare at you like he used to. You want that time back.

You want him to look you straight in the eyes in a way that lets you know you mean the world to him. Your eyes keep looking for his, but when they meet, he looks away like he is embarrassed. And he most definitely is. He is embarrassed because he wants to get out of the relationship, but simply doesn’t know how to tell it to you.

5. He is sending you clear signals

While he seems a bit distant towards you, he has no problem flirting with other girls even though he knows you are watching him. He is doing this deliberately; he thinks that by pissing you off, he will give you a subtle message: I’m done, I want out.

Since he doesn’t have the courage to be straightforward with you, he’s looking for any easy way to let you know you should leave him so that he doesn’t look like a complete jerk.

6. He always has an excuse

Every time you call him or suggest doing something together, he comes up with some sad excuse. His excuses become more and more ridiculous with each passing day. Gradually, it becomes clear that he doesn’t want to spent time with you anymore.

We often overlook such rejection or explain it away by thinking that he’s just not in the mood, he’s tired, or something is bothering him. Well, something IS bothering him. He is avoiding you because he wants to break up with you.

7. He needs his personal space

Your guy used to spend all of his free time with you, but all of a sudden he claims he needs some time alone. He has suddenly changed. What this might mean is that he needs to think things through or he is having second thoughts about being in a relationship with you.

He may even be thinking about how to break the bad news to you. If you firmly believe this is the case, leave him as quickly as possible. You will make things easier for him and you will surely be doing yourself a favor.

8. He has mood swings

One minute he is happy, and the next he is totally depressed. This is just a reflection of his inner state of being. He is struggling to decide if he is going to leave you or not.

And if he is going to end the relationship, he’s thinking about how he will go about it and it’s probably tearing him up inside. Take the high road and confront him about his behavior.

When you feel like you might get rejected, which is definitely the worst feeling in the world, get real and deal with it. Stop lying to yourself by pretending it’s just a phase and things will get better because usually, that’s not the case.

So, you end up alone regretting for the time you wasted on a guy who was never supposed to be yours. 

Read the signs you see and trust your intuition. Spare yourself a broken heart and the feeling of being unwanted. You’re so much better than that. Give yourself a chance of finding true love and leave while you still can.

Life is too short to waste it on the wrong man!