When we hear the words sexual tension, we immediately confuse it with the similar term of ‘sexual desire’. Sexual tension is so much more. It includes desire, but it also includes attraction, long-term lust, chemistry and undeniable connection. However sexual tension represents a situation where consummation is postponed or it’s unlikely to ever happen.

Why is that so? Who in their right mind would suppress their deepest most intimate feelings willingly? Well, the correct answer would be those who have no other choice. For example, friends who are hiding their feelings because they are afraid they will ruin the friendship if the relationship doesn’t succeed; coworkers who want something more but whose work ethics forbid them to act on their feelings; even people stuck in the wrong relationships.

The truth is sexual tension may be left at just that—dreams and desires, gazing and flirting, wishing and longing for something that will never be. But if it, at any point, becomes possible, it just might be the thing you need to form a good relationship in a package with an amazing sex life.

However, you must be careful with sexual tension. It can easily lead you in the wrong direction. You might get lost in all the lust that is pulling you closer to the other person and you could easily miss all the red flags and signs that are warning you to stay away from that person.

But if you are lucky enough to date someone you share not just sexual tension with an the emotional connection, mutual respect, and understanding, too, you are on the right path to create a great relationship. So take a look at all the perks of dating someone you share incredible sexual tension with:

Date them because postponing the consummation of your most hidden sexual desires will give you a chance to get to know each other on a deeper level. It will give you the time you need to see if you are a perfect match and if something more than just physical attraction could happen between you.

Date them because your daydreams and your most hidden fantasies included them long before your bodies touched. It made you yearn for the warmth of their skin without even touching it. It made you make a map on their body of all the places you want to kiss. It made you breathe deeply. It created a magnetism that can’t be stopped.

Date them because one simple touch will make your whole body tremble. It might be just a joke whispered in your ear that will make you horny. Kissing your hand, your shoulder or some other small gesture will make your entire body react. The anticipation of that moment will make the joy even greater.

Date them because there will be fireworks all over. Imagine all the bottled up desires colliding and bursting into flames. Imagine because that’s exactly what will happen when your sexual tension is made a reality.

Date them because they will find you sexy no matter what, when or where. They will admire the shape of your body no matter if you are wearing sweatpants, jeans, or nothing at all. They will find you adorable even when you think you are at your worst.

Date them because you will start your days right. When you are all messy and barely awake in the morning, they will pull you close so you can feel just how turned on by you they are at any given moment. And is there any better way to start a day than with sweet lovemaking?

Date them because you will fall asleep like you never have before. And no, I don’t mean just getting hot and sweaty every night. After the initial all day all night period, your sexual connection will remain, but you will have days when you simply won’t feel like it. They will respect that. They will cuddle you to sleep. They will bring you this sense of safety and tranquility. You will drift off to the land of dreams so easily knowing you have someone who cares right next to you.

Date them because after some time you will feel so comfortable around them. You will talk about anything that crosses your mind without giving it a second thought. You will let your inner weirdo out. It will come naturally because they accept and love you just the way you are. Your insecurities will go away. They will make you feel like the most beautiful one in the world.

Date them because they will keep things interesting. They will keep fires burning. They will flirt with you way past the initial stages of a relationship. They will make an effort even when they know you are already theirs. They will do anything to let you know that you are the best and the sexiest thing that has ever happened to them.