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6 Romantic Things He Says That Are Actually Major Red Flags

6 Romantic Things He Says That Are Actually Major Red Flags

There are some things every girl enjoys hearing from the man she cares for. Sentences that launch you into seventh heaven the moment they’re said. 

However, some of these romantic statements can be potentially dangerous.

When you dig a little deeper under the surface and think about their true meaning, you’ll realize that they’re possibly major red flags you should be aware of.

“I can’t live without you”

man and woman about to kiss during daytime

This one sounds pretty cute, especially coming from a guy you’re just starting to fall in love with. You’re thrilled that he is clearly so crazy about you that he doesn’t want to keep on living without you.

However, this statement usually has a much deeper background. It is obvious that you’re the center of his existence.

So, do you really think that he would easily let you go if you decided to leave him? Or is it more likely that he’d turn into a possessive and jealous guy?

“I want to spend the rest of my life with you”

couple hugging

Hearing this from your long term boyfriend is one of the most beautiful things any girl can experience, especially if you consider him to be the love of your life as well.

Nevertheless, this sentence has a completely different meaning when it comes from a guy you’ve just started dating.

I know you’ll probably think that this is love at first sight and that you’ve managed to knock him off his feet very quickly.

However, this is more likely to be a sign of the guy’s immaturity. He has probably said the exact same thing to every girl who has crossed his path.

He doesn’t take marriage seriously or he is doing all of this to get you into bed. Either way, it should ring alarm bells. 

“I’m not enough for you”

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After all those egocentric guys who tried to diminish your worth, it’s nice to meet someone who thinks you’re better than him. At least, that is what crosses your mind when you hear this sentence. 

You assume that this man thinks very highly of you. He sees you as beautiful, smart, and interesting.

You see, it’s one thing if a guy is aware of his flaws. It’s a completely different thing if he has low self-esteem.

This is an emotionally insecure man who will probably start projecting his insecurities onto you sooner or later. Trust me: You don’t need a man without any self-confidence. 

“I want us to be together the whole day, every day”

man and woman holding hands while sitting near water

For as long as you can remember, you’ve dealt with men who never put you first.

These guys spent most of their free time with their male friends, going out to clubs, and excluding you from their hobbies and interests.

After all those failures, there he is. He loves you so much that he can’t get enough of you. It looks like you’ve hit the jackpot.

Well, think again. This can either be the sign of a man who has no life outside of your relationship or a red flag that indicates he is a potential control freak.

Either way, he is someone you don’t want around. Sooner or later, he’ll do everything he can to limit your freedom and to keep you in his golden cage.  

“You’re the only one who can save me”

couple standing on water

I know that you see yourself as a superwoman who has the ability to fix everyone’s problems and to help this guy get back on track. However, this is nothing but an attempt at emotional manipulation.

Even if you have the desire to walk away from this man, you feel obligated to stay. By saying this, he is putting his life in your hands, which is a responsibility no one should take. 

He is burdening you with baggage that you shouldn’t carry around. 

Besides, this man is obviously quite troubled. He wants you to take over his demons and is trying to pull you into his darkness. 

“I love you… but in my own way”

man holding woman by her waist during daytime

You must be dealing with a real tough guy here. He is not pathetic nor does he use cheeky phrases to express his feelings for you.

He doesn’t love you as other men did. Instead, your romance is special and something that happens once in a lifetime.

I hate to be the one to break your bubble but these are all lies that this man is using to mask his lack of love. Believe me on this one: When a man loves you, he makes sure you feel it. 

The worst thing about these statements is that they’re actually more dangerous than the ones that are clearly toxic from the very start. That is why you have to be extra careful when hearing each one of them.

Be realistic and don’t let your feelings prevent you from seeing the truth!