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She Is Cold Because She Wasted All Her Warmth On You

She Is Cold Because She Wasted All Her Warmth On You

When you see her, she’ll remind you of snow – beautiful on the outside, cold to the touch.That’s what you’ve turned her into. She wasn’t always that way.

She had a sparkly, sunny personality.She had an unbelievable energy.Her level of compassion and understanding was hard to come by. 

But bit by bit you stole her spark.You stole her inner sunshine.You were her greatest weakness.  She never learned to say “No!” to you.

She was always there when you would call.She’d drop everything to be with you. She took from herself and gave to you because she thought that was the right thing to do.

That’s what you do when you love somebody as much as she loved you. 

She got tired at times, she wasn’t getting anything in return, so she would make her stand.She’d demand to be treated right, but never follow through. 

She always forgave you, even though you never actually said you were sorry. As soon as she’d see you, she’d forget about all the bad.

You had control over her that she couldn’t withstand. She could never stay mad at you for too long.No matter what you did.

No matter how hard she cried or how you made her feel one sweet word, kiss, and hug and she’d ignore everything else.   

Days went by without a single word from you, then without any notice you would waltz back into her life as if nothing had happened. 

For a brief while, everything would be perfect.Then boom, you were off again.You disappeared into thin air. Every time you did that, her heart would break a bit more. 

She’d tell you how awful she felt every time you did that.Tell you how it hurts and how she’s crumbling from the inside.

But you didn’t really care. Sure, you would listen.You would say a sweet word or two on how it’s never going to happen again. 

But the moment she started feeling safe and happy again, you would pull the safety net and she’d fall flat on her face. 

The truth is you never really cared for her. The only person who mattered to you was yourself. 

You never treated her right.You never gave her the respect, love, and understanding she was giving you.You just took, took, and took until she had nothing left to give.

Her emotions were drained.Her soul was tired. And in that state, you gave her one final blow.You stopped coming back. 

She can’t really tell if that was what broke her or she was broken long before that. 

All she knew was that she had to accept what she couldn’t change.All she knew was that even though she was so damn tired, she had to keep on going. 

She had to pick herself up from the ground and continue her life.She had to find the strength she didn’t even know she had inside. 

The great thing in all of it is that she finally saw that you staying gone was the best thing that happened to her.

The bad thing is she doesn’t know if she is ever going to find someone she can trust and feel safe with. 

She is all out of understanding now.She is all out of love. She’s become numb.She’s become cold. She’s become a shadow of the woman she once was. 

Although deep down, warmth is still a part of her heart, it’s just covered with titanium walls and a thick layer of ice. 

It’s her defense mechanism.It’s a way of making sure no one ever hurts her again as you did. 

But you know what, I was that woman once.I loved someone as toxic as you and lived to tell the story.I survived and learned to trust again. She will too. 

I was broken and bent, I hit my emotional low, I was scared to love, I was scared to trust, and I worked through it. I turned my pain into my strongest weapon.

I worked on making my life greater than it ever was and I succeeded.I learned to be happy on my own. Somewhere down the line, I also found the right hands to hold me.

I found the heart that melted the ice and revived my warmth. Trust me, she will too.Trust me, you will want her back.Trust me, she won’t even care.