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The Timing Was Right, But You Were Wrong

The Timing Was Right, But You Were Wrong

I really used to believe that the timing could be wrong when it comes to love. That sometimes you meet perfect people at the wrong time.

They are going through something right now. They are recovering after a bad breakup.

They have to move away for some reason or something else, but all in all, they have a really valid reason not to be in a relationship right now.  

And while for some people this might be true, that’s not the case with you. You never gave me a valid reason for anything—you just used excuses.

Better said, you always used timing to justify everything.  

You wanted it to be the perfect time so you would be able to commit and take our relationship to a next level. And the timing was never perfect—you always had some lame excuses.

You were either too busy, concentrating on your career, problems at home and so on.

You wanted me close but not too close. You used the time to string me along.

You always made promises you never kept. And I was too in love to see that you were just using me and wasting my time.

I thought you knew how lucky you were to have someone who understands. Someone who was willing to support you, to stand by you when life was rough, to hear you out and do everything possible to make you happy.

I was wrong—you weren’t feeling lucky. You were feeling deserving—deserving of my understanding, of every sacrifice I made for you because you took my love and everything I’ve done for you for granted.

You behaved like it was only natural that I put my life on hold till you constructed yours.

You behaved like it was only natural that I would wait for the timing to be perfect—perfect for you not for me. My perfect timing wasn’t something that concerned you.

My God you were so self-absorbed. I wish I saw it earlier. It would have saved me all those wasted years.

But, you know I won’t regret it. I won’t cry for the years that I lost. I will be grateful for the lessons learned. Because that’s all you were—the toughest lesson of my life.  

You taught me that there is no such thing as perfect timing. Life is not perfect.

There will always be something on the way if you want it to be. Timing is just an excuse for people like you to lead naive people, like I was, along.

You taught me that when you give your understanding, love, and support to somebody, you should expect the same in return.

You shouldn’t settle for one who doesn’t care enough for you. You shouldn’t be with someone who is afraid to commit after everything you been through.

You taught me that when the person is wrong, the timing will always be wrong.  And believe it or not, I am grateful for that.

I am grateful for all the lessons. I am grateful for all the tears because now I know how it should look when the person is right.

When the person is right, the timing will always be right. Maybe the timing will never be perfect but the right person will know how to manage to fit us into their life no matter the timing.

The right person won’t make excuses. The right person will be modest with his words but rich in his actions.

The right person won’t stand in the way of your success and make you choose them over everything. The right person will encourage you: to try harder, do better, dream bigger.

They will see how incredible you and your dreams are and make you want to fight harder than ever before.

The right person is the one you wait for—not the one that makes you wait.

Now I know it was never about the timing.

The timing was right but you were wrong for me.