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18 Strong And Most Definite Signs A Pisces Man Likes You

18 Strong And Most Definite Signs A Pisces Man Likes You

The truth is that most men (read all men) aren’t so forthcoming with their feelings for women. If you’re into a Pisces guy , here’s a list of signs a Pisces man likes you that can help you figure out how he actually feels about you. 

I want to give you a warm welcome to my article with very good news in the very beginning. Winning over a Piscean guy and capturing his heart is actually very easy IF you do it in the right way. 

You’ll only need these three ‘ingredients’; compassion, understanding, and a lot of patience indeed. Oh yes, you’ll also need a secret key ingredient and that is commitment , of course. 

The first thing you need to know about your Pisces man is that he isn’t a macho kind of man at all. He’ll probably be more sensitive and caring to you because Pisceans are generally known as the most emotional and sensitive of all zodiac signs . 

Your Pisces man wants to be heard, understood, and valued. Pisces males tend to have crazy mood swings (which they’re aware of themselves), and that’s why understanding is the number one trait they look for in a romantic partner. 

18 Undeniable Signs A Pisces Man Likes You

A handsome, charming Pisces guy has grabbed your attention and you’re probably wondering right now what the signs a Pisces man is in love with you are or how to tell if a Pisces man likes you. 

Don’t worry, I made a list of the most common signs a Pisces man likes you below. I’m sure you’ll find all the answers to your questions right here.

He’s a true gentleman in every sense of the word

He has shown respect and consideration for you from day one. He never betrayed your secrets to someone else nor did he ever gossip about you or speak badly about you. A true gentleman your Pisces man is, right? 

It’s simply too obvious how much he tries to make you feel comfortable. That’s because a Pisces man knows that anything worth having is worth working hard for. He simply wants his actions to speak for him and tell you how much he cares for you already. 

• He’s really that ‘soft on the outside and even softer on the inside’ kind of man

This doesn’t mean that a Pisces man isn’t “manly” enough. This actually has nothing to do with their manhood

In fact, many people portray Pisces males as gutless, unmasculine men just because they’re emotional and sensitive. They’re also often viewed as sissies or cowards, which is so wrong indeed.

They simply feel their emotions deeper than others. However, this actually goes in our favor, girls. Their sensitive and a little bit overly emotional side makes Pisces men good empaths. That’s the reason why they always have consideration and show understanding to others. 

Sometimes, it feels like he’s pulling away

One of the negative personality traits of Pisces men is that they daydream a lot. They simply get lost in their imaginary world of fantasies and lose touch with reality. 

Actually, the truth is that we all daydream sometimes, but Pisces men are really stuck way too deep in it. That’s why he might sometimes feel withdrawn and distanced from you. 

The fact is that this doesn’t have anything to do with you. They simply like to run from reality into their imaginary world of fantasies from time to time, and as much as it can be frustrating to you, it can’t be changed very easily. 

Also, Pisces men are known for testing the women they like at the beginning of your relationship, and his pulling away can simply be part of that. 

• The important thing is that he always pulls back 

As long as your Pisces guy keeps coming back, you have nothing to worry about. When Pisces men get bored in a relationship or they simply get fed up, they do pull away, but they never pull back in again. 

However, when you feel that he’s starting to pull away, you should try to talk with him about it. Get him to open up to you, listen to him, and show understanding and concern to things that are worrying him. 

He easily gets offended

As I already said, they’re the most sensitive sign of the horoscope , followed by Virgo and Aquarius , so it’s pretty logical that they get easily offended. 

However, that doesn’t mean that everyone can hurt them. No, they get offended only when their loved one or a person they deeply care for does something bad to them. Those people are simply the ones they expect it the least from, and that’s why betrayal hurts more when it comes from them. 

• He’s an emotional water sign after all 

But, come on, really? You’re dealing with a water sign here, and don’t tell me that you didn’t expect this at all.

It’s a well known fact that water signs are too emotional and way too sensitive. It’s just a part of their personality; a part of them that they aren’t able to affect too much. 

He engages in meaningful and deep conversations

If he always asks a lot of questions about your personal life and wants to find out more about you, or if he simply can engage with you in every kind of conversation, it’s a very clear sign a Pisces man likes you. 

You probably think right now that those conversations only lead to friendship, but maybe he wants to get closer to you by being friends first. Believe it or not, the best and most successful relationships are born out of friendships.  

• Building a spiritual connection is the first step to a serious relationship 

You can’t even imagine how much that spiritual connection means to a Pisces man. He simply sees it as the most important foundation for a healthy relationship.

​​​ If you notice that he’s trying really hard to build that spiritual connection, then that’s a good sign he wants to have a serious relationship with you. You should cooperate to make a strong spiritual bond that will help you maintain your relationship healthily.

He listens to you, but REALLY actively listens

If he always listens to you without unnecessary interruptions while you’re talking and that he remembers every little detail you said, it’s an obvious sign he’s already falling for you. 

He wants to prove to himself that he’s a reliable and trustworthy guy, so you would always feel comfortable to open up to him about basically everything. 

• Being caring is their most significant trait

If he truly likes you, he’ll put your needs above his own. He’ll never forget to send you a text message after a date to see if you got home safely or just to tell you that he really enjoyed your company. 

If you manage to win him over, you’ll truly get the most thoughtful and caring partner. He is the kind of man who always knows what to say to comfort you and what to do to lift you up when you’re feeling down. 

He opens up to you entirely

This Neptune -ruled sun sign really has frequent mood swings. However, those changes in his mood won’t ever happen just so; there will always be a very good reason behind those mood episodes. 

The most telltale sign a Pisces man likes you is if you’ve managed to make him open up to you. They’re emotionally closed off people in general, so that would really show that your Pisces guy has fallen for you already. 

• That means he’s already emotionally attached to you

It’s hard for a Pisces man to open up even to his close friends. He’ll confide only in a person he has a deep and strong emotional connection with… A person he trusts and whose opinion he values the most. 

That’s why you shouldn’t be judgemental no matter what his inner demons are. He shows understanding for you in all of your situations, so the only fair thing to do would be to respond with compassion, too. 

While talking, he always gazes into your eyes 

If your Pisces man is staring deep into your eyes whenever you’re talking with him, it’s a huge sign that he’s digging your vibe . You simply feel like he wants to tell you something with his eyes, right? 

Well, you’re right. His eyes want to tell you everything his mouth doesn’t have the guts for. His eyes are screaming that he has already fallen head over heels for you. 

• Use the art of eye contact to seduce him

Flirting through your body language , especially through eye contact, is the best flirting technique to win over him. If you catch him looking at you, try to meet his gaze, and don’t immediately look away. Then, smile at him gently, and if he smiles back, it’s a telltale sign of mutual attraction.

You’ve managed to get his trust already

Pisces men are struggling with fear of rejection, trust issues, and not-so-great self-esteem. That’s why we put them in the category of people whose trust is very difficult to earn. 

If you’re that lucky and you have managed to earn his trust already, it’s a very good sign he has started to share some romantic feelings for you. They have a very small circle of people they trust, and you’re truly very lucky if you’ve managed to enter that circle already. 

• Be careful though… Pisces men are kings of the grudge holders 

It’s a great thing that you’ve managed to prove to your Pisces man that you’re trustworthy, but don’t think that now, you can’t lose their trust that easily. 

If you lose his trust, then trying to earn it back will be a hell of a journey. He’ll probably find the strength to forgive you after some time, but that doesn’t mean that he won’t remind you of your mistake the next day or ever again. Along with Aries, Pisces are known as people who are able to hold grudges like forever. 

He’s very good at understanding your moods

It’s a well known fact that Pisces men are known for their different and frequent mood swings. Their mood episodes probably happen due to their sensitive, overly emotional nature. 

However, this goes in your favor, too, because he’ll be more empathetic towards you. We know that most women are a little bit moody on those days of the month, and we all need a man who’ll be understanding, bring us a can of ice cream, and just leave us the hell alone, right? 

• He knows how important personal space is in a relationship 

His personal space is his sacred place where he doesn’t let people in so easily. It’s important for Pisces men to keep their personal space private even when they’re in a relationship. 

It’s actually very important for maintaining a healthy relationship. Intruding his private space is simply something that he won’t tolerate no matter how much he loves someone. 

He’s always concerned for your welfare

He’s the one who always reaches out after a fight. He’s the one who always sends a good night/ good morning text. He’s the one who visits you first when you’re sick. It’s just how Pisces men are with their loved ones … caring and protective. 

He’ll also always encourage you to open up about your feelings and he’ll show that he cares about your emotional and mental health. I’m telling you, you couldn’t get a more considerate, warm-hearted man. 

• He wants to make you feel safe 

He’ll do tons of little things to make you feel safe and comfortable around him. He simply wants to show you that he’ll always be right behind you, protecting you and caring for your wellbeing. 

We truly don’t need a macho man to make us feel safe; we only need someone who’ll understand us and be there no matter what. With a thoughtful, loyal, and caring man, a woman will feel safe. 

He does thoughtful things for you

How do you know if a Pisces man likes you? Simply, if he does, he won’t stop showing it to you. You won’t hear the confession from him that easily, but he won’t stop with the affectionate and romantic gestures until he’s sure that you get it. 

• Love is born through giving 

Kindness and compassion is the love language of Pisces men. Things are so simple with them, you’ll receive as much as you’re willing to give. 

You should also surprise him with a romantic gesture sometimes. He’ll appreciate you more, and it’ll motivate him to be even more romantic and thoughtful towards you. 

He supports you to follow your passions

Even if you have totally different interests, that won’t be a problem for a Pisces man in love. Actually, he’ll support and encourage you to follow your own interests and achieve everything you put your mind to. 

Men born under this zodiac sign simply have the ability to bring out the best in people. He’ll offer you a huge amount of support only to bring out your best qualities and help you understand that you can accomplish absolutely everything. 

Pisceans are known as the least judgemental zodiac signs 

If he truly cares for you, it means that he also cares for your feelings. A Pisces man will never judge any of your actions because he’s aware that it may hurt your feelings, which is the last thing he would ever do, especially on purpose.  

He comes up with different excuses just to see you

Pisces men can really think of some funny, not-so-believable excuses when they miss you and want to see you. In fact, they don’t have the guts to write a simple text message like ‘I miss you ‘ because of their fear of rejection. 

However, that’s also a sign that he’s interested in you. The whole point you should pay attention to is that he misses you and wants to see you. 

• Be ready, you’ll soon get the date invitation 

And, I’m pretty sure it’ll be a hell of a date. Now, there are two kinds of Pisces men: the first ones will take you to a tarot reading, bungee jumping, or another silly adventure. The other ones would like your date to be in a more intimate surrounding.

He’s micro-flirting

Their deep fear of rejection doesn’t allow them to flirt with a woman in an obvious way. That’s why they have that ‘micro-flirting style’ until they get a positive response from the other side. 

A Pisces man always uses his body language to flirt with a woman he likes. You should pay close attention to some little details , such as his hand movement or body posture while he’s talking to you. 

For example, if he looks you straight in the eyes, shows compassion about what you’re telling him, or leans forward keeping his arms open like he wants to hug you, then it’s a surefire sign he’s flirting with you. 

• He’ll let you lead at the beginning 

Pisces males are actually pretty shy when it comes to flirting. They have that sensitive, secretive flirting style because they simply can’t bear being rejected. 

Therefore, a Pisces guy will always let you lead at the beginning. He really needs that green light from you to flirt, and that’s why he wants you to show him that you’re interested in him. 

After he gets your ‘approval’, he’ll immediately attack. Pisces men are very charming (well, not as charming as Libras , but still…), and you won’t have any other choice but to fall for him even deeper. 

You’re his muse

If his hobby is painting and if he has already painted a few portraits of you, or if he has ever called you his muse or said that you inspire him in any way, then it’s a very obvious sign he’s into you. 

Their better halves are always the best motivation and inspiration for Pisces men to embrace and use their creative side.

Pisceans are truly known as imaginative dreamers 

This sun sign is ruled by Neptune . That makes men born under the Pisces zodiac sign creative, mysterious, sensitive, and romantic. 

Most astrologers also associate Neptune with the creation of fantasy, mystery, illusion, and art. That’s why Pisces men daydream a lot and hide into that imaginary fantasy world they’ve created for themselves.

Pisces men are generally known as the artistic souls of the zodiac. They simply have that imaginative, creative side they express in everything they do. I claim that no man can show affection to a woman better than a Pisces man, and that’s why I’m so envious of you, you lucky girl. 

He lets you in his private cove

As I already mentioned above, Pisces men know how important alone time is for a healthy relationship. Their personal space is of huge importance for their self-relationship also. 

It’s a place where they hide their deepest desires and darkest thoughts. It’s also a place where they pull back to process everything that life throws their way. It’s simply the most intimate and personal corner of their life. 

• Consider yourself lucky; it’s a place where they let only close people in 

For that reason, they hardly ever let anyone go there. Only their loved ones and very close friends are welcomed in their private cove.

If he has ever invited you in or allowed you to enter his personal space, it’s one of the most definite signs he cares deeply for you already. It’s also proof that he wants you to meet him for real, to meet each and every part of his life.

You’ve already become a part of his plans

Pisces men rarely include their potential partners into their plans for the future. They do become a part of all of their future plans and goals, but only after things between them get official. 

If your Pisces guy has already mentioned you when he talks about his future goals, it’s a telltale sign he already likes you even more than you think. Just keep it up and all of those plans will become real one day. 

Pisces males carefully choose people they want to keep in their life 

Pisces men do get easily attached to people and they’re very aware of that. That’s exactly why they carefully choose the ones who actually deserve to be part of their lives. 

If he constantly reaches out to you through social media and text messages, and keeps hanging out with you often, it’s a very good sign that he has already made up his mind about you. He clearly wants you in his life and he’ll definitely do his best to keep you there. 

He has (or intends to) meet you with his family and friends

Our family and friends take special places in all of our lives. Those are simply the people who nobody could ever replace. 

Pisces men truly have a very special relationship with their loved ones . Their circle of friends isn’t that big because there’s only a place in their lives for those people who show they deserve it. So, if you’ve met his family and friends, then I think it’s pretty obvious that you already mean something to him.  

• You’re one step away from getting things official 

Introducing you to his loved ones is the last sign that a Pisces man likes you. When he does this, it’ll be a telltale sign he wants a serious, committed relationship with you. 

Let me congratulate you… soon, you’ll be taken by a loving, thoughtful, compassionate, fun, and charming Pisces man. 

A Pisces Man’s Love Compatibility

Let’s mention their love compatibility first. Pisceans are most compatible with Scorpio, Taurus, Cancer, and Capricorn zodiac signs.

On the flip side, zodiac signs that are least compatible with them are Gemini and Sagittarius . I didn’t say that a relationship between these signs and Pisceans isn’t possible at all, but it’ll definitely be more difficult and challenging to maintain a healthy relationship between them.

More About A Pisces Man In Love

Most astrologers agree that Pisces guys are the most emotional, sensitive, and spiritual men in the entire zodiac, along with Scorpio men , of course. They’re very intense in everything they do.

However, they’re also aware of being a little bit too sensitive in personality, and that’s why they don’t let people in so easily. Of course, no one wants to be hurt by someone we love, but Pisceans are really terrified of it. They simply aren’t emotionally that strong to cope with it. 

You’ll really have to be careful with this overly sensitive zodiac sign . It’s a well known fact that men born under this water sign can hold grudges like no other. 

If you hurt or betray them, they’ll forgive you somewhere along the line, but don’t think that they’ll ever forget your wrongdoings. Every time you argue about something, they’ll immediately bring up your ‘sins’ from the past.

Men born under this sun sign have that very friendly, caring vibe. Their circle of friends is pretty huge because people, in general, see Pisceans as fun and optimistic and they simply enjoy their company. 

They simply have that cheerful, optimistic, full-of-life vibe that is simply contagious. As they skip through this challenging journey called life, they always tend to see that break in the clouds. Pisces males are simply a ‘glass is always half full’ type of people. 

They’re also one of the most reliable friends a person can have, and their friends know that they can count on them in every situation. 

Another positive trait of Pisces men is that they’re always loyal to people they love. They simply can’t forgive themselves if they intentionally hurt someone they love. 

They have that artistic side, which is their biggest and most powerful weapon in seducing women. It’s simply something all women fall for. 

When a Pisces man falls in love with a woman, he’ll do absolutely everything to make her feel respected, valued, and loved. He’ll show love to her every single day in every possible way, which will even lead to the point of clinginess sometimes. 

One of the negative personality traits of Pisces men that can really piss off their romantic partner is that they’re way too secretive. A Pisces guy can indeed be very mysterious, but again, most women fall for it. 

That’s simply because they’re untruthful. It’s very difficult for a Pisces man to open up to someone and reveal his true self. He really needs to build a high level of trust with his partner before he’s able to open up to her fully. 

Pisces men aren’t naturally jealous men, but they surely can become one if they see the woman they like hanging out with another man. They’re also a little bit insecure, which may also result in a jealousy attack. 

All in all, Pisces males are truly boyfriend material. They’re fun, caring, passionate, understanding, and most importantly, loyal and committed to the woman they love. 

In Sum 

I hope that this list of telltale signs a Pisces man likes you has helped you reveal that your Piscean guy is interested in you romantically. However, don’t go ahead of yourself because you still have to win him over for good. 

You still have to prove to him that he can trust you and show him that you’re girlfriend material. This part will probably be a little bit more difficult. 

It’s no secret that men born under this sun sign struggle with trust issues and simply can’t start trusting another person so easily. Being rejected, betrayed, or hurt in any other similar way really scares the hell out of them. 

That’s just a part of their personality. It’s not something they can change. They’re simply distrustful people who think that by giving someone your trust, you’re also giving them the power to destroy you. 

However, not everything is so doom and gloom because once you succeed in winning his heart over, you’ll get a man who’ll love, respect, and cherish you for the rest of his life. You found the right one… a true soulmate; a man who’ll never leave no matter what. 

I wish you all the luck, and I truly hope you’ll succeed in winning your Pisces guy over. If he truly is your soulmate , you’ll be the happiest woman alive because you Pisceans are always a great catch indeed.