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What To Do When Your Pisces Man Backs Off: 9 Ways To Pull Him Back

What To Do When Your Pisces Man Backs Off: 9 Ways To Pull Him Back

Everything was (almost) perfect with your Pisces man. He was emotional, caring, and romantic. But then something changed. He pulled away and now you have no idea why and how you should behave.

Is he ignoring you on purpose? Did you do something that “motivated him” to back off? Is he playing games with you?

As you’re thinking about what to do when your Pisces man backs off, you feel like every second of doing nothing is taking him further away from you. Worry not, because today we’ll find answers to all your questions.

You’ll learn exactly what you should do when your Pisces man backs off, why he pulls away, how you can make him miss you like crazy, etc.

You’ll learn all you need to know to get him back!

What To Do When Your Pisces Man Backs Off

You could sit and wait for things to unravel naturally or you could roll up your sleeves and enter action mode! If you’re unsure about what to do when your Pisces man pulls away, just use these tips:

1. Giving him space is a must

Do you think distancing yourself from a Pisces man is a good idea? It surely is!

As a matter of fact, when your Pisces man pulls away, giving him space is a must. Also, as Psychology Today suggests, you shouldn’t panic when your partner is pulling away.

Leaving a Pisces man alone will give him enough time to think about everything that’s going on between the two of you. It will also let him know that you’re not clingy or desperate.

He’ll see it this way: “Okay, she noticed that I pulled away and she respects that. Instead of blaming me, she gave me some space to sort out my feelings and I appreciate that.”

By giving him space, you’ll earn brownie points when it comes to getting him back on track.

2. Evaluate your behavior

There are countless benefits of giving a man some space. One of them is having enough time to evaluate your own behavior.

Think about the last days/weeks/months you spent with your Pisces man. Also, think about the following questions:

• Were there any arguments in the relationship?

• How was your overall behavior towards him?

• Did you miss something in your relationship?

You see, when someone pulls away from you (especially a Pisces man), their decision to do so doesn’t happen overnight. That is why you need to reflect on your own behavior to see whether you triggered his decision to go silent.

Also, reflecting on your overall relationship will give you some insight into what needs to be improved in the future.

3. Tell him how his behavior is making you feel

Sometimes, we don’t see how our behavior is affecting others until they tell us. That’s exactly what you need to do with him. Tell him openly and honestly how his behavior is making you feel.

You can tell or text him something like this:

“Hey, I don’t know why you decided to back off all of a sudden. This makes me feel distressed and confused because I don’t know what exactly is going on. It would help me a lot if you could talk to me about it.”

Given that Pisces are known for being emotional, I’m sure he won’t ignore your “request for clarification”.

4. Lighten his mood

Hmm… How can you lighten the mood of a Pisces zodiac sign? Easily. Remind him of something funny that happened to you a long time ago.

Tell him that you baked his favorite cake (even if it’s not his birthday). Send him a funny meme, joke, or something else that will make his day.

Impress him with your sense of humor. Remind him of what attracted him to you in the first place. As you can see, lightening his mood is not about wearing something hot. It’s more about tapping into his emotional side and helping him relax.

5. Avoid the blame game

If you’re wondering how to get a Pisces man back, then there’s one thing you need to memorize ASAP: Avoid the blame game!

What does this mean? It means that you shouldn’t blame him for deciding to back off. I understand that this is easier said than done, but sometimes you have to compromise.

One of the things a Pisces man finds attractive is a gentle approach. This means respecting his need for alone-time and avoiding forcing him into anything (especially conversations).

5. Initiate open and honest communication with him

As you may already know, there’s a thin line between forcing and initiating a conversation. Initiating means asking him whether he’s ready to talk to you about what’s going on in his head.

If he says that he’s still not ready to talk about it, then give him more alone-time. If he says that he’s ready for an open and honest conversation, then pawesome! (Embrace the dog idiom. ?)

Allow him to express himself and tell you everything that’s on his mind. Show understanding, ask him some questions if you need more clarification, and then tell him your side of the story.

As always, if there’s something you have difficulty agreeing on, just compromise.

6. Show him your vulnerable side

When a pisces man distances himself, the last thing you need to do is blame him for it. That would only make things worse (speaking from experience).

What you need to do is show him your vulnerable side because that will help him open up to you. Being emotionally vulnerable will make him feel more comfortable expressing his feelings and telling you what bothers him.

So, when having a conversation with him, make sure to add your vulnerability to the equation as well. By doing this, a positive outcome is guaranteed!

7. Do something romantic for him just because

Even birds know that Pisces are hopeless romantics and that’s the love language they understand best. If you’re still thinking about what to do when your Pisces man backs off, here’s a hint: Do something romantic for him!

Send him one of those (to some people corny) romantic ‘thinking of you’ messages. If you think sending him reasons why I love you won’t seem to him that you’re “overdoing it”, then do it.

There are multiple ways in which you can surprise him romantically. All you need to do is turn on your creativity. I’m sure you’ll make it!

8. Make him crave your presence

Here’s the ultimate guide on how to keep a Pisces man wanting you summarized in one sentence: Make him crave your presence.

If you send him 384849 texts and call him 38499 times, he surely won’t crave your presence. Instead, he will feel suffocated and disturbed because you’re not respecting his decision to pull away.

You’ll make him crave your presence by continuing living your best life WITH or WITHOUT him. So, use this opportunity to post some fun pics of you and your friends going on adventures.

“Let him see what he’s lost” and he’ll be drawn to you. It’s just how we humans are wired and your Pisces man is no exception.

9. Show him how much you value and appreciate him

Oh no, you’re still thinking about what to do when your Pisces man backs off. Here’s my final tip for you: Value and appreciate him.

I know that this is probably the last thing you’d want to do but keep in mind that it might be the best thing you can do at the moment. Maybe he’s having some internal issues and he just needs some encouragement to feel better.

Compliment him, and show him how much you value everything he did/does for you. Make him feel good about himself because maybe that’s exactly what he needs to “come to his senses”.

Why Do Pisces Men Back Off?

One of the most common reasons why Pisces men back off is that they’re dealing with some unresolved issues. This could, but doesn’t have to be, connected with you. Here are all the possible reasons why Pisces men back off:

1. He’s dealing with some internal issues

Perhaps the reason why he suddenly decided to pull away is that he’s going through a challenging period regarding his personality. If he’s still struggling to find a purpose, chances are he won’t be ready for commitment.

It’s obvious that he needs some alone-time to work on himself. His internal issues are forcing him to back off every time you come closer to him. Just give him some space, and he’ll come back to you when he’s ready.

2. He feels like you’re being emotionally distant

Why do pisces distance themselves? I know you probably didn’t expect this one but it’s possible that you’re being emotionally distant and that’s what made him distance himself.

Many people who are emotionally unavailable aren’t even aware of that. Luckily, Pisces men have a special radar for such purposes.

They instinctively know how to recognize an emotionally unavailable woman. They distance themselves in order to protect themselves.

3. You were possessive and jealous

If there’s one thing Pisces men are really “allergic to”, it’s possessiveness and jealousy. If you behaved that way recently, then you know why your Pisces man decided to back off.

But don’t get me wrong. Pisces men can be jealous too, but they’re usually so good at hiding it. (Yes, that fact makes me envy them. ?)

4. He’s not sure about his feelings for you

When a Pisces man isn’t sure about his feelings for you, this will surely make him back off. He will feel a strong urge to “go silent mode” for some time.

And yes, sleeping with a Pisces man too soon can only complicate things. If you know that your Pisces man is unsure of his feelings for you, don’t rush things.

Of course, you also shouldn’t allow him to play with you because messing with your feelings is anything but fun.

5. He thinks you’re playing games with him

Sometimes, Pisces men have difficulty understanding a woman’s desires, affection, and her overall behavior. Because of that, they start to think that she’s playing games with him.

Of course, in some cases they are right about. But, most often, they are not. If you know for sure that you didn’t play games with him, then explain to him that it’s only in his head.

Also, keep in mind that sometimes a Pisces man tests you to see whether you’re playing games with him. So, his decision to back off is actually a part of his test.

6. You lost his trust

Have you ever lied to your Pisces man? Have you ever done something behind his back?

Once you lose a Pisces man’s trust, it will be really hard to regain it. Firstly, he will most certainly back off to think about what he should do next.

If you’re thinking about what to do when a Pisces man backs off because you lost his trust, it’s time to help him overcome his trust issues.

If your actions caused him to lose trust, then explain to him that this won’t happen again. If he’s imagining things, then prove to him that there’s no reason to question anything.

7. You weren’t affectionate enough

When a Pisces man falls in love, he turns into a hopeless romantic. He showers you with affection, he writes you love letters, he makes you a coffee in the morning, you name it.

He does all these things to make you feel special and loved. If you don’t reciprocate, he will most surely be disappointed in you. Pulling away is surely one of the signs a Pisces man has lost interest.

If you know that you weren’t affectionate enough lately, know that this is the reason why he decided to distance himself. Well, now that you know the real reason, it’s time to make things right!

8. You don’t share the same goals

Do you and your Pisces man share the same goals or is there a huge gap between your goals and his? When you don’t share the same goals, a Pisces man will see this is a huge red flag.

He will immediately pull away and start looking for possible solutions. He will also take some time to evaluate your overall compatibility.

Once he’s done with all that, you can expect him to contact you. If both you and him think that not sharing the same goals might be an issue, then it’s best to go your separate ways.

However, if you think that this is something you can work on or accept, then feel free to follow your gut.

9. He’s anxious about committing

Given that Pisces men are one of the most emotional signs of the zodiac, this might become a problem when they are about to commit to someone.

If your Pisces man is anxious about committing, he will back off without thinking twice about doing it. But you shouldn’t worry about it because he’s just taking some time to think about everything and evaluate his feelings for you.

From my personal experience, I can confirm that one of the biggest signs a Pisces man is into you is if he’s being careful about commitment.

That means he’s thinking about giving you his body, heart, and soul. And he needs to be 100% sure that his decision is right.

How Do You Apologize To A Pisces Man?

If you’re “guilty” of hurting or disappointing a Pisces man one way or another, the first thing you need to do is say a simple “I’m sorry” and then explain the whole situation.

Assure him that you won’t repeat the same mistake again. Apologize like you really mean it, you can even add a meaningful romantic gesture to the equation as well.

A Pisces man will appreciate your efforts and that is how he’ll know that you’re truly sorry. However, keep in mind that once you lose his trust, it will take some time to regain it.

How Do You Make A Pisces Man Miss You Like Crazy?

To make a Pisces man miss you like crazy, you need to tap into your romantic and emotional side. Sending him emotional texts, letters, or poems will melt his heart.

Simply expressing your feelings to him will also make him miss you like crazy when you’re not there with him. Your romantic gestures should scream the following things: AFFECTION, EFFORT, GENUINITY.

Showing your emotional side will make him crazy about you because he’ll see that you belong to his crew. So, yes, that is how you’ll make him miss you like crazy!

Arm Yourself With Patience!

Don’t worry too much about what to do when your pisces man backs off. But how should you do it? If your words and actions don’t come from the heart, your Pisces man will notice it.

Also, don’t forget to arm yourself with patience because it might take some time until you pull him back. As you’re in the process of pulling him back, don’t pressure him and don’t blame him.

Instead, give him some space and show understanding. Your Pisces man will appreciate that more than anything. Best of luck!