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How To Tell If A Girl Likes You Over Text – 30 Clear Signs

How To Tell If A Girl Likes You Over Text  – 30 Clear Signs

Have you been wondering how to tell if a girl likes you over text ? Admit it. You’ve been thinking about this question for some time now. 

It’s not that dating wasn’t already challenging enough without texting, right? But, here’s the thing: Text conversations are an important aspect of every type of relationship nowadays. 

Allow me to demonstrate. You like a girl, so you text her. You’re dating, you text. You’re in a relationship, so you text each other! 

Almost every single romance starts with texting because this has become the main means of communication these days. So, once you dive into a “texting phase,” you will ask yourself many questions about that one girl you’re texting.

One of the most important ones will be: How do I tell if she likes me over text? 

Yes, girls may seem complex and mysterious most of the time, but trust me, it’s not that hard to know if she likes you over text.

You just need to look for the right signs, and you’ll know if she likes you for sure! If you notice most of the signs below when you two text, congratulations, she’s TOTALLY into you!

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How To Tell If A Girl Likes You Over Text: 30 Obvious Signs She’s Into You 


You’re not the only one initiating the conversation

Remember, guys: If you’re the only one initiating conversation ALL THE TIME, then there’s seriously something wrong with your (potential) romance. 

So, if the girl you’re texting makes sure to also initiate the conversation from time to time, this is a huge indicator that she likes you.

She wants to know what’s going on in your life, she wants to share things with you, and she wants to keep you updated on things that are happening in her life. 

If both of you initiate conversations, then your ‘texting phase’ is reciprocal, and there’s nothing you should worry about!

She replies within seconds or minutes 

You would be surprised how many girls refuse to reply the same second (or in a few minutes) after receiving a text because they don’t want to be seen as too available. 

Let me simplify it for you: We don’t want you to think that we’re sitting next to our cellphones the entire day waiting for you to text us. We want to appear busy, having an exciting life with minimal free time. 

BUT if a girl replies to you within seconds or minutes almost every single time, this means she no longer gives a damn about those unwritten rules and you’re really close to getting a girlfriend.

She wants to reply to your text the same second she receives it because she genuinely likes you and doesn’t care how anyone interprets her speedy responses (or lack thereof). 

However, note that things are slightly different if you’re dating a girl who has an anxious mind because most of the time, she will overthink and worry about things (including replying within seconds).

She sends novel-length texts with plenty of follow-up questions

If she sends you novel-length text messages, this is a good sign ! A girl who is not interested in you would NEVER waste her time sending you long messages. 

I’m a girl. I have friends who are girls. So, trust me on this one. If I don’t like a guy, I would never bother sending a longer text than necessary or keeping the conversation going.

If she sends you long texts accompanied by follow-up questions, this means she’s making an effort to establish a meaningful conversation with you because she CARES.

If it weren’t so, she would send you one short sentence or a one-word reply. Why? Because she obviously doesn’t care.

Apart from sending you long texts, she also won’t worry about double texting you. Whether it’s on WhatsApp, SMS, Tinder, Instagram, or Facebook Messenger, if she double texts you, know that she LIKES you.

If you aren ‘t familiar with it, double texting is considered one of the biggest sins in the dating world, so if a girl still decides to do it, then you can only imagine how much she likes you.

Any change in your texting style doesn’t go unnoticed

In case you didn’t know, women notice EVERYTHING (and I really mean everything), especially when they like someone. So, if you usually send her a good morning text and one day, for some reason, you don’t, she will notice. 

If you usually send her lots of emojis when texting and then stop, she will probably ask you if everything is okay. 

A girl who is into you will notice every single change in your texting style. She might enter the overthinking zone and start asking herself the following questions: Why did he stop texting me suddenly ? Should I text him or not

She expresses herself in an impressive and interesting way

Wondering how to tell if a girl likes you over text ? When a girl is not really interested in you romantically, she won’t care about being fun, interesting, or catching your attention. 

But if she really likes you, she will make sure to express herself in an interesting way. What does this mean? 

It means that she will avoid repeating herself, and she will implement a lot of new elements into her texts. This is one of the obvious signs that a girl wants you to notice her

For example, when I text a guy I’m into, I sometimes include the teddy bear emoji into our conversation and add a colon next to it, so it seems like a teddy bear is texting him. 

It looks like this: ? : “You can tell me anything you want. I promise I won’t tell her.”

Most guys find this cute and unusual, so our conversations are always fun because I want him to have a good time when texting me, and I want to express myself in fun ways. Speaking of a win-win situation, right?

Sending lots of emojis has become her texting hobby

Girls LOVE all kinds of emojis because they help us express ourselves in a fun way. If you ask me, emoticons are body language signs in the texting world, so you should definitely pay attention to them if you haven’t so far.

You know she likes you if she sends you a lot of emojis (especially smiley faces) because this is an obvious sign that she’s having a good time texting you. 

Girls sending laughing emojis are always a positive sign when it comes to dating. It is proof that you’re doing everything right because if you weren’t, trust me, she wouldn’t care about sending you a single emoji, let alone a few of them in one convo.

She texts you regularly

Is she messaging you frequently? Do your conversations ever stop, or do you have continued conversations? For example, when I text a guy I’m totally into, our conversations become continual, meaning there is no “Hi” or “Bye,” but we just continue writing from where we stopped off.

This happens when you have strong textual chemistry because you can never run out of topics. You have so much to share with them, and you can’t get enough of them sharing things with you. 

It’s truly one of the most special moments of every ‘texting phase,’ and that is how you know that you’re on the same page. Of course, not every conversation can be continual from the beginning, but if she texts you regularly, it’s a great sign that this girl truly likes you. 

Sometimes she copies your texting style 

Did you know that in face-to-face conversations, mimicking the other person’s body language means that you’re attracted to them? The same thing applies to texting but in a slightly different way.

So, if she copies your texting style, you know that she’s attracted to you. This is one of those subtle signs not everyone pays attention to, which is totally understandable.

For example, let’s say that you really like to use the word ‘Certainly’ when texting her, and you know that she seldom uses it. So, if she suddenly starts using it more frequently, then she’s copying your texting style because she LIKES you.

She’s doing it on a subconscious level, meaning she’s not really aware of it. The more you text, the more you’ll copy each other’s texting style, which is really cute if you ask me!

She finds time to text you even if she’s busy 

I know for a fact that when I’m writing (read: working), I don’t respond to any messages or calls (unless it’s something urgent). Well, I’ve noticed that this rule is regularly broken when a guy I like texts or calls me.

I just can’t help myself but share a few words with him because he really makes my day, and no matter how busy I am at the moment, I will always find time to, at least, tell him that I’m busy. 

So, if you aren’t sure whether this girl likes you, pay attention to this. Does she text you when she’s busy, and does she also tell you that she’s busy, but you are a ‘wonderful distraction’?

She becomes a pro at teasing you

Teasing is my favorite aspect of texting. Why? Because it takes effort, a good sense of humor, and a willingness to tease each other.

If her teasing efforts are really strong, then you know she’s totally into you. She will tease you both with pictures, texts, emojis; you name it.

So, if you’re wondering how to attract her through texting, just do what she’s doing. Reciprocate! Tease her back, be fun, and make her laugh

But make sure not to overdo it. Always pay attention to her mood; how she’s feeling at the moment. There’s no point in teasing her when she’s feeling off. This would only make things worse, so remember this piece of golden advice. 

She compliments you A LOT 

Wondering how to tell if a girl likes you over text ? Wonder no more. If she compliments you frequently, this is a huge indicator that she’s attracted to you. 

At some point, you might feel like you couldn ‘t be that handsome, cute, and adorable in her eyes, but trust me, you are. If she compliments you, it means that she wants you to feel appreciated, noticed, and wanted (by her).

This also includes giving you compliments on pictures that you post on social media. When a girl likes you, she will compliment both your personality and physical appearance. 

If you’re a regular at the gym, prepare to receive a deluge of compliments because she will be amazed by your strong will and effort to work on yourself. 

She lets you know how special you are to her

Do you know how hard it is for a girl to open herself up to you and tell you how much you mean to her? In times of players, commitment-phobes, and other challenging male individuals, every girl is cautious when it comes to meeting someone new.

Don’t expect her to tell you how special you are to her after a few texting sessions because it’s too early for that. She’s still testing you. Give her some time, and if she expresses her feelings for you, then you know she thinks you’re special and enjoys texting you.

If you notice all other signs except this one, this is an indicator that a shy girl likes you. If she’s shy, don’t force her to open up to you. 

Just give her some space and time, and she will do it on her own. Keep making her laugh and making her feel special, and everything else will fall into place.

She shares her favorite quotes, memes, movies, or songs with you

I don’t know about you, but when I like someone, I enter this I-want-to-share-everything-with-you mode, and I often overdo it because I obviously can’t help myself.

When I like someone, I want them to know my likes, dislikes, favorite movies, songs; you name it. If you notice that she feels the same way (she shares all those things with you), then you know she likes you.

She might also propose watching some movies together, which is another great sign of her affection for you. Once she starts sharing all these things, keep in mind to reciprocate and introduce her to your likes and dislikes. That’s how you’ll get a girlfriend for sure!

She showers you with attention

You’re probably thinking to yourself: How does one shower another person with attention in a texting environment? Simple.

Showering you with attention means paying you compliments, always finding time to text you back no matter how busy she is at that moment, etc. 

But there’s one thing you need to pay attention to. If she showers you with attention and then pulls away (stops doing it for some time), it probably means that she likes you but is playing hard to get.

Yup. Most girls like playing hard to get because they want you to compete for them, step up your game, and make an effort with your courting endeavors. 

Don’t worry. This ‘playing hard-to-get game won’t last forever. After some time, she will stop doing it and start showering you with her undivided attention 24/7. Maybe we like doing this to help you appreciate our attention more than you usually would.

She keeps you updated on what she is doing

Oh, yes. If a girl likes you, trust me, you will know about almost everything that’s going on in her life. 

You will know what time she wakes up, when she comes home from work, what she’s up to in her free time, what her dog/cat is doing, etc. Maybe I overdid it with the last one, but you get the idea.

If you want to know why we like doing this, it’s because it helps us stay connected with you. It’s our way of allowing you to be a part of our lives.

When you know her schedule, it’s easier for you to understand her type of personality and the way her mind operates. So, embrace it!

She’s interested in your future plans

Honestly, if I don’t care about the guy I’m texting, I certainly won’t ask him about his future plans or anything of the sort. 

So, if the girl you’re texting asks you about your future intentions, plans, and so on, it means she genuinely wants to know what is and will be going on in your life.

Maybe she wants to be a part of your future, and she wants to know if she stands a chance. For example, if you were to move to another city, it wouldn’t be easy for you to stay in touch.

When they like a guy, girls think of everything in advance. We even go so far that we start imagining how our future kids would look (if we decide to have them), and we haven’t even been on a first date yet. 

Yes, a female’s brain is incredibly complex, and don’t even try to understand it. I’ve tried and failed. (Note the sarcastic intention behind the last statement because I’m female.)

She laughs at almost everything you say

I know this will probably sound stupid, but when a girl likes you, she can’t help but laugh at almost everything you say or text her. I’ll try to explain this phenomenon in the simplest way possible.

So, when we’re talking or texting a guy we like, the positive energy spreads through our bodies, and it feels like you’re high on what you’re doing at that moment. 

Evidently, feel-good chemicals like dopamine play a part in this, so don’t think that you’re a stand-up comedian.

Joking aside, if she keeps sending you  ‘ LOL,’ ‘ROFL,’ ‘ LMAO,’ ‘ haha, ’ and other laughing variations, then you know she’s having a good time texting you. 

But if the only thing she ever does is send you one-word replies such as ‘ LOL,’ ‘yes,’ or ‘no,’ you should ask yourself the following: Is she ‘bad at texting’ or just not that into me?

You have textual chemistry

Textual chemistry is one of the biggest signs a girl truly likes you! Do you know why? Because chemistry simply cannot exist if both parties aren ‘t on the same page. 

If she doesn’t like you and you’re into her, you won’t be able to establish textual chemistry. It’s as simple as that. 

But if she’s easy to talk to, open, reciprocating, compliments you, shares things with you, etc., it means she’s initiating a connection with you on a deeper level. If you’re doing the same thing, then textual chemistry is inevitable.

Deep conversations are a thing

If you two have strong textual chemistry, you’ll never run out of deep and interesting topics to talk about. From alien invasion to the meaning of life, deep conversations will become your favorite activity.

Also, you won’t shy away from talking about real life issues. You will enjoy learning each other’s perspectives, contradicting each other and compromising, and so on.

Now is your time to shine, men! The easiest way to get a girl’s attention is by creatively expressing yourself. That means you shouldn’t be generic when it comes to both texting and real life conversations.

Don’t text or say the first thing that comes to your mind. Think about the topic and thoughtfully express yourself. If you’re able to do that, I can guarantee you that she will be more than impressed with your texting performance.

She sends flirty texts 

Wondering how to tell if a girl likes you over text ? Well, one surefire way to know that a girl is into you is if she becomes flirty.

Does she send you seductive and flirty texts where she teases you in a flirtatious way and displays her sense of humor like a true goddess? If she does, she’s doing it for a reason.

She wants to catch and keep your attention as you’re texting, and she knows that the easiest way to do so is by being flirty, witty, and fun. 

A flirtatious girl is a girl who is genuinely interested in you, so there’s no need to overthink it. You can trust me on this one.

She sends you photos of herself

When girls like someone, they can’t help themselves but want to share everything with that person. This includes photos of themselves as well.

If this girl digs you, you will receive plenty of Snapchat photos, selfies, and so on. She will also send you lots of hilarious screenshots because she wants to make your day!

Suddenly, she won’t really care about posting photos on social media for other people to see. She will be more concerned with sending her best photos to YOU. 

Why? Because she will be preoccupied with impressing you and not others. She will want you to be her man, and she won’t care about the others.

She asks you lots of personal questions

What is your biggest fear? Do you work to live or live to work? What do you think about long-distance relationships? Have you ever cheated on a girl before?

A girl who is into you will ask you these and similar questions because she’s interested in your personal life more than anything else. 

She will memorize every single answer, so be sure to impress her. As funny as it may seem, we have this secret compartment in our heads where we collect data about someone we like.

Actually, this applies to every single person on earth and not only girls. So, if this girl asks you lots of personal questions, maybe it’s high time you make a move on her.

She shares lots of personal details about her life

Apart from asking you lots of personal questions, she will also make sure to share plenty of personal details about her life as well. She will talk about her childhood, friends, job, family, things she likes, hobbies, and so on.

She will do all that because she wants you to see her, feel her, and understand her lifestyle and personality. If each time you text her, you learn something new about her, there you go!

She has probably developed a plan to give you info about herself bit by bit (so that she doesn’t overwhelm you and so you are left thirsty for more). Yup, that’s what we do when we really like a guy.

We REALLY want to share everything with you, but at the same time, we’re also scared of overdoing it. So, if she seems to be reserved from time to time, know that this is the reason behind it. 

She’s interested in your love life

Does she ask you about your past romances or current ones (if there are any)? If a girl is interested in your love life, this is the surest sign that she hasn’t put you in the friend zone and that she probably genuinely likes you, yay!

This is pretty much self-explanatory. Why would she be interested in your life if she didn’t like you, right?

She wants to know if you’re single or dating anyone at the moment. She wants to know what went wrong in your past romances so that she can prepare herself (just kidding), but still, this is not far from the truth.

If she asks you any of these questions, be prepared. Accentuate and highlight, if needed, that you’re single and totally ready to mingle! (God, I love that phrase so much.)

Sending you good morning and good night texts have become part of her routine

If a girl sends you good morning texts and good night texts regularly, she wants you to know that you’re the first person she thinks of when she wakes up and the last thing she thinks of when she goes to sleep. 

How cute, right? Recently a guy I text told me: I really love when you send me good night texts because it means I’m on your mind before you go to sleep. 

And, damn, he was right! I’m ashamed to admit that I think about him almost all the time. I’m even thinking about him when writing this because if I didn’t, I wouldn’t be mentioning him, right?

The point is, when girls like someone, they will think about that person A LOT (just like all human beings), and it will be hard for them to resist wishing you good morning or good night.

She sends you a photo of herself without makeup on

Here’s the thing with photos: A girl would NEVER, EVER send you a picture of herself without makeup on if she doesn’t feel totally comfortable around you. 

If she sends you a photo with no makeup on, this is a great sign that she trusts you, feels comfortable sharing her true self with you, and being who she is.

Sending a photo without makeup on is a courageous act in itself, especially when you have those annoying bags under your eyes (I have them, and I hate them). 

If I’m willing to send such a photo to a guy, it means I like him more than he could ever imagine. 

I mean, we live in times when the majority of girls literally sleep with makeup on in case of an emergency ( LOL ), so appreciate the fact that this girl is not afraid to contradict society’s imposed standards. 

She sends ‘thinking of you’ texts

How do you know if a girl likes you over text? If she sends you those sentimental ‘thinking of you’ texts, then you shouldn’t question her affection for you!

The same thing goes for those random texts where she’s in a store and sees something that reminds her of you. It could be the most trivial thing in the world, but she still sends it to you because this trivial thing means the world to her.

Remember when I said that when we really like someone, we think about that one person 24/7? Well, that’s exactly how we end up connecting the object of our affection with random things around us.

The more we think about them, the more they become a part of our everyday life and everything we do, from grocery shopping to going for a walk.

She wants to call/video call you

If this is not the ultimate sign of her genuine affection for you, then I don’t know what is. If this girl wants to talk to you over phone or video call, it means she wants to hear your voice, see you and connect with you on a deeper level.

In that case, learning how to keep a conversation going with a girl is a must if you want to avoid awkward silences. If you’re a shy guy, video calls might be too much for you, but don’t worry. You can always tell her that, and I’m sure she will understand. 

Then make sure to compensate in face-to-face conversations for the lack of video calls, and she’ll be more than satisfied.

She sends naughty texts

Do you think a girl would ever send a naughty text to someone she wasn’t interested in? I thought so. If she really likes you, naughty texts will also be a part of her texting style.

No, she will not send you these types of texts all the time, but she will surprise you occasionally. She will do that because she wants to trigger your desire and lust. 

Every How to tell if a girl likes you over text quiz will ask you this one question: Does she ever flirt with you? Naughty texts are also a way of flirting, so if your answer is yes, you know she likes you.

She initiates a date 

Does she want to FaceTime you in real life ? Has she said something like: I think we should meet up and have a face-to-face conversation.

If a girl initiates a date (which is rare), then you’re a lucky guy! Prepare for plenty of deep eye-contact sessions and other magical moments of hanging out with someone you like.

If she doesn’t do it, don’t worry. There are plenty of brilliant ways to ask a girl out over text.

This one is my favorite: “I’ve been gathering the courage for some time to ask you on a date, so I’d be grateful if you could be so kind as to put me out of my misery.”

Seriously, don’t mess it up!

I hope the question of how to tell if a girl likes you over text no longer bothers you because you finally know the truth. If this girl likes you, don’t mess it up.

Don’t let her think: He only texts me when he’s bored or lonely. Don’t let her wait too long for your reply. Don’t play games with her.

If you experience texting discomforts, take a break and try texting her again the next day. Be smart, be creative, and have fun!