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This Is For The All The Fabulous Single 30-Somethings

This Is For The All The Fabulous Single 30-Somethings

You are in your mid-30s and haven’t yet found the love of your life? You think it’s time to start worrying about the fact that you’re still single?

No, no, NO! It’s time to start appreciating life even more and enjoy being happily single.

Just because the right one hasn’t found you yet, it doesn’t mean that you’ll never cross paths. Trust me, he is right there somewhere and all he needs is just a little bit more time to find you.

I know that sometimes those negative thoughts prevail and it becomes difficult to struggle with them but you must be strong and patient.

Keep those negative thoughts at bay. Don’t let them mess with your happiness and kill your vibes.

Trust me, patience is your best ally now. But hey, I’m not saying that you should just sit there and wait for true love to come.

Enjoy every single second of your life because you’ll never be younger than you are at this very moment.

Don’t think that God has forgotten you. He has His ways and maybe sometimes those ways are a little bit strange to us, but He is always there and He has something planned for you.

Something more beautiful than you could ever even imagine. Someone with such a pure heart and the most honest emotions.

Have faith and don’t give up. Love will be knocking on your door very soon but you must be there, to open the door to the most beautiful guest ever.

I know that most of your friends are already married or in relationships, while you’re still single, and it’s what worries you the most. Well, it shouldn’t.

That was their choice and their destiny. Just because they’re all already paired up, it doesn’t mean they’re happy.

This kind of thinking can only make you settle for someone or something less than you deserve and I don’t have to tell you how wrong that would be, right?

Indeed, the worst thing a woman can do is settle for someone who doesn’t treat her the right way just because she is lonely or just so she can have somebody.

If you’re constantly being reminded of your biological clock and you’re worried about its ticking, just take out its batteries and continue to enjoy life.

This is not a time for regrets, nor for being depressed or worried about your future. This is the time to embrace your life just the way it is and to try to make the most of it.

This is the time to focus on yourself more. To give yourself the kind of love you deserve. To work on your self-esteem and to start treating yourself like you would like other people to treat you.

Focus on your family, friends and all other people who love you and mean something to you. Be thankful for those people and appreciate the place you have in their lives.

Focus on your career and your professional life. Grow yourself every single day and become the best version of yourself.

Before becoming someone else’s woman, you must first become your own woman.

Of course, it’ll make you more difficult to win over but it’ll also immediately eliminate all the candidates who aren’t worthy of you and your love.

Travel anywhere you want. Experience new cultures and meet new people. Start treating yourself with more love.

Go out and hang out with your friends. But also, don’t be afraid of your alone time. Embrace your loneliness too. It can make you understand so many things about your life.

Stop trying so hard to find love. You didn’t lose it, nor is it hidden somewhere that you must look for it. True love will find you. It will go through many obstacles along the way and it’ll need some time to get to you but it’ll come.

Don’t give up on love because that would definitely be your biggest mistake.

Trust me, God is with you and He’s saving you for someone special, someone who’ll make you feel like you truly deserve, as the happiest woman in the entire world.