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Soulmate vs. Life Partner: What Is The Difference?

Soulmate vs. Life Partner: What Is The Difference?

It’s easy to confuse the terms soulmate and life partner. Sometimes people even use them as synonyms even though they represent two different aspects of the love life.

The most interesting thing is that your soulmate doesn’t have to be your life partner and your life partner can be or become your soulmate. Confusing, I know.

That’s why there are differences listed here that help you distinguish between the two and guide you.

Soulmate vs. life partner:

A soulmate is someone who shakes up your life.

Soulmates come into your life for the main purpose of awakening your spirit or to move you from your comfort zone.

Soulmates are provocative so they change your reality completely. They make you test your limits and help you discover what you are made of.

Sometimes that process is painless and sometimes it’s extremely painful. Either way, this experience with them changes you completely.

A life partner is someone who brings balance to your life.

A life partner is someone who gradually makes a place for himself in your life.

He comes to sweep you off of your feet when you are already your own person.

He comes with the purpose of becoming the most important person in your life and not your entire universe. He comes to add to your bliss when you feel complete.

A soulmate is someone who comes into your life unannounced.

He comes when you least expect him. He just barges into your life like the most dangerous and most beautiful hurricane.

You don’t choose your soulmate, you recognize him. He will be the one that will turn your world upside down and change your reality.

Your souls meet on some deeper level.

Your life partner is someone you choose.

Someone who makes your heart and mind synced. So, you both feel and know that you belong together.

You keep choosing him willingly, with your heart and mind, every day for the rest of your life.

And he does the same. He keeps choosing you no matter what, regardless of anything else and everybody else.

A soulmate stirs your emotions.

When you are with your soulmate your hands get shaky, your knees go weak and you are so confused that you can’t even speak properly.

You feel like you are on this emotional roller coaster which never stops spinning.

It can be extremely thrilling and exciting, but it can also be exhausting. Soulmates are unsteady, so you never know where you stand with them.

Life partners contribute to your inner peace.

They are not the ones to play games. They say what they mean and they stay true to their words.

He will be there for you through thick and thin. He is the kind of person you can lean on when life gets too hard to handle.

He is the one who will put your happiness first. He won’t make you question his loyalty or his devotion.

A soulmate teaches you what chemistry is all about.

With a soulmate, there is this instant and undeniable chemistry. You can’t take your hands off of each other. It’s like you are drawn to each other on some deeper level.

Everything is moving so fast and you feel like your body is on fire from all that lust. The downside is that from all of that fire you can easily get burned.

A life partner shows you what attraction really looks like.

A life partner goes deeper than chemistry; what you feel when you are with him is an actual sexual attraction. He makes an art out of lovemaking.

He makes sure that you are in love before you get in bed. The thing you feel with him could be described as magnetism.

When you are together, you are drawn to each other and when your bodies finally connect, you feel that sense of belonging along with incredible passion.

Your soulmate isn’t necessarily your persona.

With a soulmate, you feel that sense of connection without using words which is great at first.

But sometimes soulmates are incompatible on the everyday level. It’s as if the feeling you already know the person stops you from having a sense of compatibility.

At first, prolonged eye contact will suffice but after a while, you will really want a person to have deep and open conversations with.

If you are able to have both spiritual and communicative connection that will be perfect, but if not, then your soulmate isn’t there to stay.

Your life partner is your best friend.

He is your go-to person for everything. You share your blessings and your sorrows with him, and no matter what is happening in your life, he is the first person you want to tell it to.

And best of all, he is always going to be there to hear it.

You are each other’s confidants and you share this sense of mutual trust, understanding, support and respect that will only keep you more connected as the years go by.

Soulmates don’t necessarily stay in your life.

They have this huge and important role in your life. They are there to teach you a lesson.

And that lesson isn’t always something you would want. Soulmates can inflict so much pain and mess up your life completely.

Not all soulmates are meant to stay forever. They leave when their role in your life is fulfilled.

A life partner is there to stay.

He is your forever person. He is there to compliment your life in a way you never thought possible.

He is synced with you because you took your time in getting to know each other. Not a lot of things came suddenly; you worked on them and built a life for the two of you.

He makes you want to put down some roots, marry and have children. All in all, he is the one who feels like home and there is no place you would rather be than by his side.

In a nutshell, a soulmate is not someone you choose but someone you are destined to meet.

He can stay in your life but he doesn’t have to. He is there to shake your world, get you out of your comfort zone and teach you a valuable lesson.

A soulmate and a life partner are not the same. A life partner is someone you keep on choosing every day. Someone with whom you feel both mentally and emotionally connected.

A life partner is a person that stays forever—the one you will ultimately share your life with in every aspect.

A soulmate can become your life partner if you develop a relationship that goes beyond instant chemistry, excitement, constant challenges and soul connection.

A soul connection is something rare and almost perfect but it isn’t always enough if you don’t have a life connection.