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Stay Single Until You’re Not Scared Of Being Single

Stay Single Until You’re Not Scared Of Being Single

Being single is not just about not having someone to lie next to in bed after a long day.

It is not just about not having a partner for sex or someone to cuddle with—it is much more than that.

Being single is scary—nobody can argue with that.

Not having a life partner sometimes means being left all alone to fight with every possible challenge and difficulty.

It often means not having your person, not having someone to rely on, not having a shoulder to cry on and not having a person to stand by you, no matter what.

It is not having someone to take care of you or someone to hold your hand when you need it.

I won’t lie to you—being single is even scarier when you’re the only one going through it. 

It is even worse when all of your friends are married or in relationships and when everyone is pressuring you to settle down and find a man you’ll grow old with.

In this case scenario, being single includes not having your plus-one at important events, constantly being asked if there is someone special in your life and even being judged for not being able to find your forever person.

Yes, being single is frightening and hard and everyone who tells you otherwise is lying.

It means you have to be twice as strong and twice as capable.

It means that you have to be independent and self-sufficient because you’re walking through life all by yourself, without anyone to catch you if you fall.

However, that is exactly why you simply have to do it. 

You see, only cowards run away from things that scare them.

Only weak women go with the flow and do exactly what is expected from them.

On the other hand, brave women do completely the opposite.

They face their fears, look them straight in the eye, see that they are stronger than them, handle them with the greatest possible courage and, finally, they make them go away.

Strong women abandon their comfort zones, even though they don’t know what’s coming next.

They go straight into the fire, just to prove to themselves that they can do it and that they can defeat it.

And whether you see it now or not, trust me when I tell you that you’re one of these women.

You are a woman who doesn’t need anyone’s guidance, you’re not a child who needs a man to raise her and you can make it on your own.

So please, don’t run away from being single.

Don’t jump from one relationship to another just out of fear of being alone, don’t settle for less just because someone convinced you that you have unrealistically high standards and don’t accept the first opportunity that appears on your path just to meet other people’s expectations.

Don’t waste your time on relationships that have no future and are doomed to fail from day one just because you want to feel that you belong to someone.

Don’t devalue yourself by being with men who are only interested in your body just because you don’t like going home to a cold, empty bed.

Don’t lower your standards just because you’re embarrassed when others judge you.

Don’t give your heart out to the wrong men just because you’re desperate to be loved.

Instead, remain single until you prove to yourself that you can do it.

Remain single until you stop being scared of it!

Instead of lamenting the fact that you still haven’t found your Mr. Right, be happy about the fact that you’re dodging a bullet every time you don’t get involved with a Mr. Wrong. 

Instead of seeing your single status as a curse, see it as a blessing.

See it as a chance to improve yourself, to sort your life out and to make it worth living.

See it as a chance to figure out what and who you want, to think your priorities through, to dedicate your time and energy to your career and other interests.

See it as a chance to get to know yourself better and most importantly—to learn how to love and respect yourself properly.

Only when you manage to become the best possible version of yourself will you be fully ready and capable of starting a healthy relationship.

Only then will you start attracting real, mature men who deserve you and only then will true love enter your life.