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Stop Putting Your Life On Hold For A Guy Who Can Live Without You

Stop Putting Your Life On Hold For A Guy Who Can Live Without You

I’m sure we’ve all been there. You fall in love, you live with your head in the clouds for the first few months, everything is so idyllic and you have never felt more radiant.

All of a sudden, your entire sense of self revolves around this guy who has only been in your life for a few months. You have embraced the role of his girlfriend so well that all you want to do is please his every need and be at his service. You really don’t mind and he is most definitely not complaining.

You are slowly, but surely, starting to lose yourself in the comfort of your new, booming relationship and you are putting his needs above yours. You don’t even realize how much of yourself you are sacrificing for the sake of the relationship, so it’s probably wise to stop for a second and ask yourself whether what you are doing is serving you happiness or if you’re only doing it to make him happy.

If you’re the type of person who needs to be in a relationship tofeel whole, stop and take a minute and think about this. You barely know yourself outside of your relationship and it’s time to find out what it is that makes YOU happy and what floats your boat. Stop putting the guy first and get to know yourself, Then you will be much more secure in choosing the right man for you and not settle for just anyone who merely needs attention from you.

Don’t allow yourself to become just a pretty accessory on his arm. You are not a thing and you are not something to be paraded around.

You are a self-sufficient, capable and intelligent woman who knows her worth and no guy can take that away from you by only liking you for your looks. You are more than your physical appearance and make sure your guy knows that. And if he doesn’t, he knows where the door is.

Don’t forget about all the things you still want to achieve and all the fun you still want to experience. Don’t let him diminish your eagerness for more by putting you down and limiting your dreams. Never let him tell you what you can or cannot do. And if he does, prove to him how capable and willful you are. You are a badass woman who is not to be messed with. Don’t pause your dreams for a guy who only sees you as something pretty to pass time with.

Never give up your power for anyone, especially if he makes you feel like you have to. Do not let him make your decisions and under no circumstances should you make him see he can do as he pleases. No. You are an equal part of the relationship and completely able and happy to make decisions. Never succumb to what is expected of you and always strive for more. Be smart now, in order not to hate yourself later.

Make sure to rediscover the parts of yourself you may have suppressed in order for his big ego to flourish. Take some alone time and think long and hard about your hopes and dreams and if there is anything you may have sacrificed for the guy who doesn’t seem to appreciate you for the unapologetically fierce woman you are.

If you feel your worth is not being appreciated and your voice is not being heard, by all means, point yourself to the door. I know you know better than this.

Being with someone just for the sake of not being alone is ten times worse than being by yourself but at least not surrounded by toxicity. Remember that a relationship should add to your life and in no way take away from it.

So if you feel your guy is slowly draining you and not letting you express your uniqueness fully, you know what to do. Show him the door and go find your equal!