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You Were Stupid For Letting Her Go

You Were Stupid For Letting Her Go

I know that you are probably sitting alone in your room, thinking about the most precious thing in your life that you let go. And I know that you feel remorse.

For being stupid, for not telling her how much she means to you. For not treating her like she deserved. Unfortunately, it is too late now.

The second you let her go, she burned the bridges between the two of you. She realized that you were never man enough to fight for her.

She realized that you were just one more coward who escapes when things get tough. And you don’t need to put the blame on her.

Because everything she says is true. Maybe you thought it wasn’t the right moment for the two of you. You know what? Screw that!

Perfect people don’t come in our lives when we wait for them. They come without an invitation, when we least expect them.

And that happened with her. She was the right girl at the wrong time. At least, you thought like that.

Now, after all these years you spent without her, you can finally realize that she was the best of the best.

I know you had many relationships just like her but you didn’t find your soulmate in any of them. Because a soulmate is only one person.

That’s why it is called that. Too bad you couldn’t recognize her in time. All she ever wanted from you was to fight for her, not with her.

She wanted to be important to you. She wanted you to look at her like you were looking at a God. She wanted to be your wife, the mother of your children.

You can’t even imagine how many sleepless nights she spent thinking about your future life.

She dreamed that you will marry and have kids. She dreamed that you will come home with a bouquet of flowers after work while she would cook a delicious meal for the two of you.

And you would live happily ever after. In all that mess, she would fall asleep and continued dreaming about you.

You were the last thing she was thinking of at night and the first one she thought of when she would wake up.

She was a woman to love but you were too blind to see that.

You were occupied with your own stuff and didn’t care about her feelings. If I were her, I wouldn’t even have tried to save the relationship like she did.

Even if her heart was broken to pieces, she always gave you another shot. But like always, you blew it. So screw you for making her the unlovable one.

I know she is everything that you will never be: strong, independent, successful, beautiful and above all a good person.

And good girls never wait too long for the perfect guy. Now, there is another man hugging her instead of you. Tell me what does it feel like?

It hurts right? I know, but you were the one who put a full stop to your relationship, so stop crying over spilled milk. She will never be yours again!

You will never have her hands in yours. You will never make love with her again. You will never be able to touch her again.

Now, it is your turn to dream about her like she has used to dream about you. And just like her dream never came true, yours will have the same destiny.

Karma is a bitch, right?

And when you take out your old photos after many years, I know you will cry because you will be aware of the fact that you let go an angel God sent to you.

And that, my friend, is something that you will never forgive yourself!