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A Letter To The Girl Who Used To Be My “Best Friend”

A Letter To The Girl Who Used To Be My “Best Friend”

We all have that one friend who we used to call our “Best Friend.” Things change and people do as well. Here’s to all the girls out there who lost a person that they were once so close to.

Dear ex-best friend,

I highly doubt you remember me. You don’t respond to my texts; you don’t have a Facebook or Insta. You have a Snapchat but I barely notice you use it. When you view my stories, do you recognize me? Do you know that it’s your ex best friend?

Anyway, I’m writing to you to see how your life is going. How are things? How is your boyfriend? How is he treating you?

After my abusive relationship ended with that one guy you despised, I met a guy who treats me like I always wanted to be treated.

You were right about my ex, I should have listened to you. It took awhile for me to realize the mess I was in, but I did, and I know you would have been so proud.

a woman sits by the window and writes

So, I heard you moved to North Carolina not too long ago. What’s it like there? Anything is better than Maryland, haha. Do you remember when you lived 3 minutes away from my house?

How we used to take walks together in the summer? How we had sleepovers and talked shit about my first boyfriend? All the pictures we have together on Facebook-do you remember any of that? I hope you do.

We haven’t talked in well over a year. So much different than what it used to be. I wish you still were my best friend; you would be so proud of everything I have accomplished.

You would absolutely love my new boyfriend. I’m sure you would approve. Anyway, I know you’ll never receive this but I want you to know that I miss you and I think about you all the time.

Wishing we could hang out like we used to. Remember at lunch in high school, we used to just sit and talk non-stop.

You came over my house on Halloween—I was a cat, you were a ladybug. And most importantly, when my high school first love broke up with me, you came over and talked me through everything. We took funny pictures together and dressed up really sexy to try to make him jealous he ever left.

the woman sits at the table and writes

Sadly, those are just memories now. I need you to know that I’ll never forget the time we shared together as best friends. All the inside jokes, nicknames, and good times.

You’re someone else’s best friend now, and I hope they realize what an amazing person you are. They deserve a friend like you and I hope they don’t ever ruin it. Anyway, I should get going now. I hope you’re in good hands and you take care of yourself

Sincerely, your ex-best friend.

For anyone who has ever had a best friend, who is no longer their “best friend”, this is for you. We all have people come and go in our lives, this is especially for that one person who you really miss.

by Courtney Lynn

A Letter To The Girl Who Used To Be My “Best Friend”