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Never Invest In Someone Who Isn’t Chasing You

Never Invest In Someone Who Isn’t Chasing You

That smile while you texting someone you are into, those long calls, those few dates that were amazing, those small simple efforts made you happy beyond belief. 

Where did those things go all of a sudden? 

Something that started off great is slipping through your fingers and you don’t know how to hold onto it.

Someone who invested fully at the beginning has started to pull away. You feel lost and nobody can blame you. 

He appears then disappears from your inbox and from your life. 

His texts start coming at random intervals, not every day like they used to.

He makes last-minute plans to see you. He snaps you when you think he’s already forgotten you. 

He expects you to jump into his arms when he finds it convenient.

Likewise, he believes it shouldn’t bother you when he doesn’t feel like being a part of your life and starts ignoring you all of a sudden. 

You can’t make sense out of the situation you’re in. He is and isn’t a part of your life at the same time and it’s driving you crazy. 

He’s the main topic of all of the conversations you have with your friends.

He’s on your mind 24/7 and you can’t help yourself.

You analyze his behavior and browse through his old texts, looking for clues as to why it all started going downhill. 

So you try harder. You’re always there when he calls.

You send that followup text or you always text first. You make all the effort while he does absolutely nothing.  And it’s time you stop. 

You see, him not chasing you makes you want him even more, and that’s the curse we’ve all suffered from at some point in our love lives. 

It’s like a fault in our DNA that makes us want someone that’s simply out of reach.

That’s something that needs to be fixed, ASAP.  Life is too short to allow someone to treat you as a game.

Never allow someone to give you crumbs while you are all in.  It’s time to break that curse. 

It’s time to remember what you deserve. Yes, it’s time to stop chasing him

It’s time for you to remind yourself what you’re made of and just how worthy of someone’s efforts you are. 

Love is about “give and take” and you can’t be the only one giving and giving and giving all the time.

It has to go both ways. You have to take as much as you are investing. So change your ways. 

Don’t act unavailable, actually be unavailable. 

The truth is when you bend over backward to please a man, you’re not giving him the impression that you are a high-value woman and his interest starts dropping rapidly. 

Be a woman who has a life of her own to lead.

A life full of interests and fun things to do, and never cancel them just because he calls out of the blue. 

Listen to what he says and pay attention to what he does. 

If he is more interested in how you look naked than in how you feel and what you’re about, he isn’t worth your time. 

If he says he isn’t ready for a relationship and doesn’t want a girlfriend right now, believe him and stay away. 

Follow his lead – invest as much as he is investing and not an ounce more. 

If he has genuine feelings for you, as soon as you lower your investments, he’ll start chasing because he’ll be scared to lose you. 

As soon as you tell him that you can’t see him because you have better things to do, he’ll start to plan ahead and schedule an actual date. 

As soon as you stop responding immediately to his late texts, he’ll make an effort to text back in time. 

If he doesn’t go after you, if he isn’t capable of meeting you halfway, then he’s not worth your time. 

You see, it’s not about tactics and playing mind games. 

It’s not about figuring out his mixed signals and tolerating him treating you like you aren’t important.  

You are important. You are worthy of someone who’s able to give you a chance for true love.

That’s why there is only one rule you should follow when it comes to your love life: 

Have standards and don’t invest your heart, your body, or your soul in someone who isn’t investing in you.