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This Is Why You Should Thank The Ones Who Have Hurt You The Most

This Is Why You Should Thank The Ones Who Have Hurt You The Most

When someone breaks your heart, it’s only natural that you despise them.

What else could you feel toward the ones who hurt you and tried to destroy you?

This especially goes for the people closest to you.

After all, they are the ones who can approach you the nearest and the ones whose moves affect you the most.

When someone you thought you could trust your life with backstabs you, you can’t help but feel betrayed.

This is the person you made sacrifices for and gave your best to, so this is a completely normal reaction of yours.

I don’t care whether we’re talking about your ex-boyfriend who left you, about your best friend who used you or about a family member who should have been there but never was.

The bottom line is that this person hurt you.

They hurt you badly and left unerasable consequences on your mental and emotional health.

That is actually what triggers you the most—these scars they left behind, after they walked away, without thinking about the consequences of their actions.

The painful truth is that whoever hurt you also changed you in a way.

You fought against it and you tried stopping it but some things were simply out of your control.

With each heartbreak, the innocent girl you used to be was vanishing more and more.

She was disappearing with every tear you cried.

One day, she got replaced by the new you.

She was gone for good and there came along this overly careful woman who decided that the only way to protect her heart was to act as if she didn’t have one.

So, who can judge you for hating the ones who did this to you? Who can blame you for not being able to forgive them? I know I can’t.

However, even though you have the full right to feel this way, let me tell you one thing: you should also be grateful to each one of your spiritual killers.

You heard it right—you don’t have to love them, nor do you have to forgive them but if you’re smart enough, you’ll be thankful for everything they did.

Yes, you might have changed. Maybe you’ve become a pessimistic person.

Maybe you lost faith in love and kindness. Maybe you don’t see the good in people anymore.

The hell with it, you might even think you lost your sparkle. However, all of that is temporary.

Nevertheless, the lessons you got are there to stay.

Each one of them was painful and tough but trust me—they’re all worth it.

Every single person who has done you harm was actually your teacher.

They were there to help you learn some new things about life and most importantly about yourself.

All those evil people had a deeper purpose in your life.

They were there to help you differentiate between the ones who deserve a place in your life and the ones who don’t.

They were there to help you recognize evil and to make you realize that not everyone means you well.

Most importantly—thank them for building you into the woman you are today.

Let’s be real—if it weren’t for them, you wouldn’t have had the experience you do now.

If it weren’t for them, you wouldn’t have had the strength or the inner power you possess now. You wouldn’t have known how much you can take.

You would have never realized how much of a survivor you are.

You wouldn’t have known that you can defeat whatever life throws at you.

If you were never hurt, you would still think that you need all those toxic people.

You would be convinced that you can’t make it without them and that you are not capable enough to go through life on your own.

Most importantly—you should thank the ones who hurt you because they taught you the importance of prioritizing yourself.

They showed you that no relationship can be more important than the one you have with yourself.

So, the next time you think about all these people, don’t resent them.

Instead, know that without the intention of doing so, they’ve actually done you a favor. Be grateful, for they’ve helped you blossom.