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Thank You For Walking Away Because I Couldn’t Have Let You Go Otherwise

Thank You For Walking Away Because I Couldn’t Have Let You Go Otherwise

When you first left me, I was devastated. My biggest fear came true—I lost the man I loved the most and I was convinced my world had come to an end.

The truth is that I loved you wholeheartedly and unconditionally and I was convinced I would love you as long as I breathed, no matter what happened.

I loved you even when you were hurting me, even when you were the cause of my tears, even when you were emotionally abusing me.

I loved you even when you were neglecting me and even when I felt like your last choice.

Even when there were all those other girls around you, even when you made me feel like crap and even when you were making me want to disappear.

The truth is that I loved you even when you didn’t love me back.

I was ready to do whatever it took to keep you by my side, even if that meant losing myself in the process.

Yes, I did threaten to leave thousands of times. I kept promising myself that one of those

days, I would finally get the courage to put my mind in front of my heart and do the right thing.

That a day would come when I would stop giving you endless second chances, when I would stop justifying you and when I would finally dump your sorry ass.

A day in which I would finally choose myself over you and when I would finally accept that my love would never change you.

A day when I would finally accept the harsh reality—that you could never make me happy and that moving on from you was the only logical choice I had.

However, the day of my final goodbye wasn’t anywhere near in sight.

Instead of doing what was right for me, I kept dragging myself into this endless circle of false hope and despair and I kept hoping that things between us would somehow work out for the better.

Nevertheless, that wasn’t happening. And at the same time, I wasn’t leaving you either.

Looking at everything from this point of view, I guess I would have never been the one to cut the final tie. So thank you for doing it instead of me.

Thank you for being an asshole who broke my heart for the last time when you abandoned me, without giving a damn about me.

For kicking me out of your life, without ever turning around.

Yes, you heard it well. I’m not here to curse you or to tell you how much I hate you. I’m here to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you for disappearing from my life.

You probably don’t know this but when you walked away from me, you actually saved me.

You didn’t just save me from yourself.

You also saved me from all the pain I had been going through, from having no future next to you and from all the love I felt for you, which was spiritually killing me.

You saved me from wasting more years on some jerk who did nothing except play with me and take me for granted.

From spending a miserable life begging you to love me and begging you to become the man I wanted you to be.

So, thank you. First and foremost, thank you for showing me that I can live without you, despite all odds.

For showing me that I never needed you and that I am perfectly OK on my own.

Thank you for making me believe in myself and for giving me faith that I could survive anything life throws at me, if I survived you.

For making me see how strong and powerful I am.

Thank you for teaching me that I shouldn’t allow myself to settle for less ever again.

For showing me what love is not and what the things are that I don’t deserve.

For teaching me what I should never look for in a man and what kind of treatment I should never again put up with.

Thank you for showing me what a jerk you actually were all along.

For helping me take my rose-tinted glasses off and helping me realize that all of that time, you were the one who wasn’t enough.

Thank you for making room for a new man in my life.

For a man who will think I am worthy, a man who will give me all the love I deserve, need and want.

For a man who will be everything you were never capable of being.

So, I guess that losing you wasn’t that bad after all. In fact, it was the best damn thing that could have ever happened to me.