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The Honest Truth About Giving A Cheater A Second Chance

The Honest Truth About Giving A Cheater A Second Chance

Cheating is a choice. Nobody is forced into putting you through so much pain, hurt and shame, and yet, they did.

Cheating is a malicious act and every person involved in it should be out of your life. Even if it was with someone really close to you.

That makes it that much worse. Don’t you think if they loved you so much, they would stop and think about what they’re doing to you?

Let that sink in.

When cheating occurs, there are so many chances to stop. So many times when one or both parties are capable of just stopping the whole thing and realizing what a shitty thing they’re about to do.

And yet, it didn’t happen. So next time you consider giving your man a second chance after crushing your soul with this despising act, think twice.

He didn’t want to think about you as he was doing it, so why do hell should you give him an opportunity to do it again?

If you’ve been put through the wringer by your cheating partner, know that you’re not alone. Find solace in the fact that there are so many of us out there struggling to cope with this.

Trust someone who has been through this before, and after gave out more second chances than I can count, regretting it to the bone…

Here’s the ugly truth. They don’t change. They never take responsibility for what they did, even though they try to make it seem as if they do.

Their perspective remains the same and they don’t reform in any way. It’s a futile battle, trust me, I’ve witnessed it more times than I’d like to admit.

And let me tell you what they’re too good at.

They will easily sway you with their charming, apologetic smile, puppy dog eyes and just the right words you need to hear to feel reassured it was just a moment of weakness that will never ever happen again.

Not only will they not take any responsibility for their actions, but they will list countless ways of how they were actually forced into it by you and your behavior.

You didn’t have enough time for them. You were too busy at work to nurture their fragile egos. You’re always on their case, so they don’t really have a choice but to find a girl who’s going to be there.

It’s easier for them to go out there and find comfort in the arms of another woman, instead of being a man, having balls and talking to their girl about whatever issue that is plaguing them.

Cheaters are too good with words, keep that in mind at all times.

They are the most vile, manipulative liars you can be around, who will play with your mind after doing you wrong and break your soul by pinning the blame on you.

They are masters of victimizing themselves and making you the bad guy.

Please be smart about this and don’t let them lure you back into their world of toxic manipulation and mind games that will do you more harm than good.

They crushed you once, why let them go for round two? People who cheat don’t understand the real meaning of love.

The unconditional type of love, where there is mutual respect and where partners go through all kinds of crap together, but they don’t let it break them.

They are not afraid of a challenge, because they know for as long as they stick side by side, they’re good.

Cheaters aren’t wired this way. Their outlook on love is a warped one, at best.

Having their toxic soul around will only damage your further and invite you back into that poisonous world that you were so close to getting out of.

Take your ticket out, and never look back. If he cheated once, he may do it again. You deserve better than someone who is okay with hurting you this profoundly.

Appreciate yourself enough to say ‘No’. You’re too good for him anyway.

Show him your strength and leave him with grace. Make him see what he’s missing.