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49 Signs Of A Cheating Partner You Should Look Out For

49 Signs Of A Cheating Partner You Should Look Out For

The fact is, many people cheat, but it’s also true that, unfortunately, most of them never get caught. And why is that? Because their partner is blinded by love and can’t see the telltale signs of their partner’s betrayal.

If you have any doubts at all, or if you’ve found some good signs of your partner’s infidelity, here is something that may help you find out the truth: 49 signs of a cheating partner.

A healthy relationship is a partnership between two people who agree to be loyal to each other in the first place. If one of them decides to break that agreement, it may leave awful consequences on their relationship.

Now, the time has come… Let’s reveal once and for all whether your partner cheats on you or not.

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49 Subtle Signs Of A Cheating Partner

These are the most common signs of a cheating spouse/partner, and if you’re wondering whether your SO is cheating on you, you should pay close attention to each and every single one of them. They’ll reveal the truth about your partner’s fidelity.

1. They have distant and withdrawing behavior

The first thing that’s got you so worried about your relationships is your partner’s distant behavior, right? You don’t spend quality time together anymore, and healthy, regular communication is no longer part of your relationship.

Well, you’re right, it’s awkward, and something is definitely going on. Withdrawing behavior is also a possible sign of a cheating partner because they’re slowly falling out of love but still aren’t sure how and when to break up with you.

2. Their body language is odd

I always say this, but it’s genuinely true. There is so much you can find out about a person from the way their body reacts around you. A person may lie to you, but their body language will almost always give them up. So, yes, that’s how the majority of affairs get discovered.

Try to talk to your partner about their behavior lately and pay close attention to their body language when you speak to them. If they get all nervous, touch their hair, or are unable to make or maintain eye contact with you, it’s because they know you’ve caught them.

3. Breaking their routine

Have you noticed any sudden changes in your partner’s everyday routine? Do they do things they didn’t do before?

Maybe you haven’t made a big deal out of it because you thought it was irrelevant, but it may actually be a sign of unfaithfulness.

4. They also exhibit signs of low self-esteem

Do you know why many people cheat on their partners? Because they struggle with their self-esteem and need that other person to boost their ego.

It’s like cheating fulfills their confidence. Maybe you’re somehow the reason they have self-esteem issues, and they’ve found someone else to help them feel better about themselves.

5. Spending quality time together is long forgotten

Before, you had date nights, you spent all of your free time together, and you always planned super fun activities for your dates.

Now, has all of that changed, and you can’t even remember the last time you spent some quality time together?

They’re always busy, and even if you make plans, they bail on you last minute. Unfortunately, it’s obvious that your partner is spending their free time with another person.

6. Flaking on you has become their favorite thing

It’s not that they cancel on you sometimes, but they do it all the time, and it seems like they don’t care about how that makes you feel at all… Well, unfortunately, they probably don’t.

They have more important things to do. I know it frustrates you and makes you sad at the same time, and you definitely shouldn’t put up with it for long.

7. They lie to you – ALL THE TIME

Have you started catching them in a lie often? It’s probably because everything they say to you is a lie, and they get caught up in a web of their own lies.

They can no longer remember what they’ve told you and what they told the other person. Sooner or later, they’ll understand that they need to pick a side and stop stringing you both along.

8. You know for sure they’re keeping secrets from you

You’ve also found out about some of their secrets and things they were carefully keeping from you. There’s a fine reason they didn’t want you to find out about those things, and I’m pretty sure they have more secrets.

However, even if they’re masters at cheating, they won’t be able to keep going about their affair behind your back for long. You’ll find out one way or another, and the truth will finally come into the light.

9. They get caught up in their stories or excuses

I’ve already mentioned this in the part about lying. They’re probably full of excuses every time you want to see them or plan something with them.

But, the truth is, they won’t be able to keep on offering you some lame excuses and sitting on two chairs at the same time.

10. Your sex life has become boring

Did you have a wildly passionate sex life before, but lately, things have changed behind closed doors? Of course, there are many possible reasons for it, but one of them may be your partner’s infidelity.

They’re getting physical pleasure somewhere else and in someone else’s bed, and that’s why your bed doesn’t interest them too much anymore.

You can, and you should try to spice things up in bed, but if all of your attempts remain unsuccessful, you should consider it a major red flag.

11. They avoid physical intimacy

Physical intimacy definitely isn’t the most important foundation of a healthy relationship, but it’s a very important part of it. Without it, the bond between partners would be very weak, and they would never be able to function as a happy, healthy couple.

You should be worried if your partner has started avoiding being intimate with you all of a sudden. They have a good reason for it, and that reason is probably the fact they’re being intimate with someone else.

12. They’re also emotionally detached

How do they behave when you tell them you love them or share your feelings with them? And what is their answer when you ask them if they love you?

If they avoid talking about it, you have every right to suspect that their feelings towards you have changed. You should give them time because they may have other issues, but it’s most likely they have stopped loving you.

13. They demand too much space

I know this is difficult to understand and process. Before, you spent all of your free time together, and now, they’re asking you to give them space.

Maybe they really need time and space to think about their own problems and things that bother them, but if they sincerely love you, they would never push you away in such an ugly way.

14. They’ve needed to work a lot of overtime lately

I think them staying late has nothing to do with their job. Unfortunately, this is a possible sign your partner is cheating on you and spending time with their lover while offering you some lame work excuse.

You should surprise them one night and go to their workplace. If you don’t find them there, then it’s completely clear what is going on.

15. You can’t reach them for hours or even days sometimes

Is this normal? Has this ever happened before? If it’s a new thing, you should see it as a huge red flag that they don’t care about you enough.

They’re probably busy with someone else, and that’s why they can’t reply to your calls and texts.

16. Their kissing style changes

How do you feel when your partner kisses you now? Is it the same as it was at the beginning of your relationship, or can you sense that something is different?

If they don’t want to kiss you in public and avoid passionate, romantic kisses, it’s a bad sign they’re seeing (and kissing) someone else.

17. There are red flags all over their social media

Your significant other’s social media can also reveal a lot about how they think and feel about you. For example, if you had pics together and they’ve deleted them all of a sudden, it’s obvious they’re trying to hide you from someone.

Also, if they’ve asked you to stop sharing pics of you two together, it’s a possible sign of their infidelity. Pay attention to the posts, songs, and quotes they share and their tagged pictures.

18. You’ve found out they have profiles on some dating apps

If this really happened, if you’ve run onto your partner’s profile on a dating app, then it’s clear they’re at least thinking about cheating on you.

You can even create a trap for them and try to catch them that way. Just make a fake profile and reach out to them. If they reply, chat with them and see whether they’re really able to cheat on you.

19. You’ve also found traces of infidelity on their cellphone

I’m usually against going through your partner’s phone, but if you’ve noticed too many of these possible signs of their infidelity, then you have the green light to check their cellphone.

If they’re really cheating on you, you’ll probably find some evidence on their phone.

Check their calls, messages, pics, and social media if you have access to them. IF and when you find proof they’re being unfaithful, you should immediately confront them about it.

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20. Or, they delete absolutely everything from their phone

Also, if you find their phone completely empty, and by that I mean if they’ve deleted their history, their texts, and everything else, it could also be a good sign they’re having an affair.

It means they’re being very careful, though. Maybe they’ve caught you snooping on their phone once already, and they don’t want to risk getting caught.

21. They get nervous when you start questioning them about their whereabouts

It’s normal that you want to know about your partner’s whereabouts when you’re in a serious relationship. Of course, it shouldn’t mean that you need to know every step they take. However, it would be nice if you’re in touch regularly.

If you doubt your partner’s fidelity, you should pay attention to how and with whom they spend their time. If there are some suspicious movements or they go out a lot, and you don’t know where, you should simply ask them.

You probably won’t get an honest answer from their side, but it’s irrelevant because their reaction will say it all. If they get all nervous and anxious, they’re hiding something from you, and they’re probably afraid you’ve caught them in a lie.

22. They start going out on a regular basis

Have your partner’s frequent nights out really started to bother you? You should definitely talk about it with them, but also be careful about it because it’s a good sign they’re being unfaithful to you.

You can ask to go out with them one night and see what their response is. If they allow you to go with them, you probably don’t have anything to worry about.

However, if they refuse immediately and get nervous, then it’s a potential red flag that something bad is going on.

23. Also, they start buying and wearing new clothes often

Does your boyfriend/girlfriend care more about their physical appearance all of a sudden? Are they buying new clothes, doing wellness or spa treatments, trying new hairstyles, and so on?

Unfortunately, it’s not a proven fact, but almost every time a partner starts caring about their looks more than they care about you, they’re probably cheating on you. They want to look good for that other person, their lover.

24. They also display signs of regret

Have you noticed your SO showing subtle signs of regret? You haven’t caught them doing anything, so why are they behaving that way?

Well, there are two possible explanations.

Either they’ve cheated on you and regretted it instantly because they love you and know it could destroy your relationship, or they just feel sorry for you and for betraying you in that way after everything you’ve been through together.

25. They have many new hobbies

Isn’t it weird? How come someone can find so many new interests or hobbies all of a sudden? And how do they have so much free time to do all of it?

Perhaps the reason they have so many new hobbies is that they met someone new and are trying to show an interest in their interests. Of course, your partner may also be trying to find a hobby that suits them best, but that’s, unfortunately, less likely than the first option.

26. There are unexplained expenses on their credit card statements

Unexplained expenses on their credit card statements may explain it all. Either they’re cheating on you, or they’ve become passionate gambling addicts all of a sudden. ?

Anyways, you should take a better look at those statements, and maybe you’ll be able to figure out a few things there. Also, ask your partner to explain because open communication means everything for a healthy relationship.

27. They don’t want to have a shared bank account anymore

If you are in a long-term relationship, it’s normal to agree to have a shared bank account. And if your partner has decided they don’t want to share their finances with you all of a sudden and for no reason, it’s clear they’re planning to break up with you.

You should accept their decision, but you should also definitely find out the real reason they want to unlink your bank accounts.

28. They start sneaking out like teenagers

If you’re married or live together, you’ve probably also noticed they’re sneaking out of the house late at night. I don’t need to say that it’s obvious they’re hiding something from you.

If they weren’t hiding something, they wouldn’t be sneaking behind your back. No matter how much you love them, you need to admit it’s very suspicious behavior.

29. They spend too much time with that one friend of the opposite sex

Have you noticed that your partner has become overly close with a coworker or friend of the opposite sex? Do they spend too much time together and text each other all the time?

It’s not definite, but it’s a very good sign your SO is cheating on you with that person.

Maybe they haven’t done anything yet, but I think it’s clear they like each other and that sooner or later they’ll be together. It’s still emotional cheating, and in my opinion, it’s the worst type of cheating.

30. They want to go on vacation with their friends, not with you

Did you always spend your vacations and holidays together? Has that also changed? I’m assuming it is because it’s actually a huge sign you’re dealing with a cheater.

They say they want to spend these vacays with their friends, but it’s probably just another one of their lies. They’ll most likely be spending those vacations with their lover while using their friends as just a front.

31. From an early bird, they transform into a night owl

This is a very interesting sign of a cheating partner and probably one of the most obvious. If you have been dating an early bird who has transformed into a night owl all of a sudden, you’re probably dating a cheater.

There is a reason that keeps them up at night. And unfortunately, that reason is probably another human being.

32. They make a big deal out of everything

And why do you think that is so? Of course, it’s only because they want to initiate fights on purpose.

They want to drive you crazy by making a big deal out of everything. With time, it’ll make your relationship toxic, and you won’t have any other choice but to break up with them.

33. They’re either overly jealous or not jealous at all

Something every relationship expert will tell you is that a normal dose of jealousy may actually benefit your relationship. It’s a sign a person cares for their partner and is afraid of losing them.

However, if your SO has become overly jealous lately, or if they don’t show jealousy at all, it’s a sign something is off between you.

They’re aware of what they’ve done and know you would leave them if you find out, and that fear of losing you makes them jealous of everyone around you.

On the flip side, the reason they don’t show they’re jealous at all may be because they don’t care about you anymore and have another person in their life.

34. Name-calling is a normal thing all of a sudden

Has your partner ever insulted you or called you names before? No? But they’re doing it now, right?

Unfortunately, that verbal abuse is also one of the 49 signs of a cheating partner. Their feelings have probably shifted onto another person, and that’s why they don’t care about how their behavior will affect you anymore.

Also, it may be their way of trying to make you break up with them. And whether they do it because they’re cheating on you or not, you shouldn’t put up with their toxic behavior.

Don’t ever allow anyone to abuse you in any way, regardless of the feelings you have for that person.

35. They have never been more affectionate and attentive

Of course, there is nothing bad about a partner being affectionate towards their significant other.

However, if you notice most of these signs, and if your partner has become more attentive all of a sudden, you should see it as a red flag that they’re having regrets about something.

Unfortunately, even sudden affectionate behavior may be a sign of a cheating husband/wife.

36. Someone else has warned you about their infidelity

Has another person ever tried to warn you about your significant other’s infidelity? Maybe you didn’t believe them back then because you didn’t notice the signs of your partner’s betrayal, but now you’ve actually started to think about what that person told you.

It would be a good idea to talk about it with that person again. Try to find out what they know, and maybe they’ll lead you to the evidence of your partner’s infidelity.

37. When you accuse them of being unfaithful, they remain silent

Have you ever confronted them with your doubts? What was their reaction when you told them you thought they were being unfaithful?

If they didn’t say a thing, if they didn’t even try to defend themself or deny your accusations, it’s probably because they didn’t have the guts to admit the truth but also didn’t want to lie to you.

In other words, their silence means only one thing: your partner is cheating on you.

38. Or, they accuse you of the same thing

On the other hand, if your partner tried to shift the blame onto you and accuse you of being unfaithful, it may also be a sign they’re indeed cheating on you.

That blame shifting is simply their way of trying to defend themself. It’s also a form of manipulation – they want to make you feel bad and make you think that you’re the one to blame for all the problems and issues in your relationship.

39. Everything you do or say is wrong

Have you gotten to the point where you don’t know how to behave anymore because it seems like everything you say or do bothers your partner?

I’m sorry to break it out to you, but it’s a bad sign there is something off about your relationship. I agree that it doesn’t have to mean they’re cheating on you, but they definitely don’t care about you the way they did before.

40. They criticize you and your relationship all the time

Have they ever been overly critical like they are right now? Did they tend to judge every step you took at the beginning of your relationship?

I’m sure they didn’t, and if they have started doing it now, it’s obvious something has changed when it comes to their feelings about you.

They probably want to get rid of you and your relationship and get on with their life, and they want to make you end it by criticizing you constantly.

41. They don’t respect or ask for your opinion anymore

It’s probably because they have another person whose opinion they care about more. They know you won’t be part of their life anymore pretty soon, and that’s why they don’t care about your opinion.

They’ll probably make some decisions that might shock you, but you shouldn’t allow them to disturb your peace of mind.

42. They refuse to visit a family therapist with you

You’re aware that your relationship is going in the wrong direction, and you want to move it back in the right direction. You suggest couples counseling, but your partner immediately refuses.

Unfortunately, many people don’t believe that therapy can help them or their relationships. However, you need to be persistent, and if your partner keeps refusing, it’s a sign of how much (little) they care for you and your relationship.

43. You feel like you don’t recognize them at all anymore

If you’ve been dating for a long time, you probably thought you knew your partner. However, judging by their behavior lately, you get the feeling that you don’t know them at all.

When a partner hides something from their other half, it’s normal for their behavior to change. You just can’t hide something from a person you’ve spent so much time with for so long. It’s simply impossible.

44. It’s obvious they don’t care for you like they used to

You’re aware that your relationship has changed a lot lately. In the beginning, they tried really hard to prove they cared for you, but now, all of that has disappeared.

You’re no longer their priority, and you feel like they don’t care for you at all anymore. I know it makes you sad, but you should also be aware that it may be because of so many other reasons. It doesn’t have to mean they’re definitely cheating on you.

45. They cheated on their ex-partners too

This is also a warning sign your partner may be cheating on you. When a person cheats once, there’s a good chance they’ll do it again.

It would be nice if you could find out something more about their past relationship with infidelity.

If they’re repeating some of those patterns again, then things are pretty clear… They’re cheating on you just like they did their exes.

46. They’ve suggested taking a relationship break

They don’t want an actual breakup but a relationship break. Meaning that they need time to figure out what is happening in their heart and mind and to choose a side.

It’s up to you whether you’ll accept that relationship break or not. But, my advice to you is that whenever a person feels the need to choose between you and another person, you should let them pick that other person.

If they loved you, they wouldn’t feel the need to choose in the first place!

47. The truth is, neither one of you is happy in your relationship anymore

Maybe you’re trying to suppress it deep down, or you’re ignoring it, but the truth is, you aren’t happy with your partner anymore. And it’s clear you don’t make them happy either.

It may be because you’ve noticed these possible signs of their infidelity. Unfortunately, that isn’t important anymore.

The only important thing is that you no longer make one another happy, and whatever the reason behind it is, you should only think about fixing it or ending your relationship.

48. They use the good old ‘it’s not you, it’s me’ excuse

I swear this is the most wrong, lamest way to break up with someone. It’s like you’re trying to comfort them by blaming yourself even though it’s obvious that you’re the one to blame.

However, it’s possible that your partner regrets the way they betrayed you, and they’re aware of how much they hurt you.

This breakup excuse definitely reveals that they feel bad about something they have done to you, and they feel bad about ending your relationship too.

49. Deep down, you know for sure they’re cheating on you

If your gut is telling you that something wrong is going on in your relationship, it’s a bad sign that your partner is really doing something bad behind your back.

Unfortunately, many people decide to ignore their inner voice and gut feeling because they think it can’t be true.

However, the fact is, if you don’t have a reason to doubt them, your gut feeling wouldn’t be so loud, and it wouldn’t be so desperately trying to warn you about your SO’s betrayal.

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What Do You Do If You Suspect Your Partner Is Cheating?

The next logical step would be catching the cheater. You can’t just break up with someone because your doubts aren’t backed up with legit proof.

Of course, these signs of infidelity can help you figure out whether your partner is cheating on you. However, even if you’ve recognized most of these signs, you still need to find real shreds of evidence.

If you find out that your significant other is being unfaithful to you, the last thing you should do is stay quiet and do nothing about it.

You need to confront them, listen to what they have to say in their defense, and decide whether you’ll forgive them or move on from that relationship.

You should be aware of one thing: moving on with a relationship after an emotional affair is anything but easy. However, breaking up with someone you sincerely love and leaving them in your past is definitely even more difficult.

Anyway, the decision is up to you, and you should be very careful while bringing it up!

On A Final Note

Have you recognized most of these 49 signs of a cheating partner in your relationship? If you have, then, unfortunately, I have bad news for you… Your significant other is most likely being unfaithful to you.

This isn’t the end of the world for you, and it most definitely doesn’t have to be the end of your relationship. If you love your partner and think you can forgive them, do it and try to fix and save your relationship.

There definitely isn’t a reasonable explanation for their betrayal, but you should give them a chance to tell you what made them do it. If you want to move on with your relationship, you need to move past it and leave it behind you.

Focus on your future and work on your relationship so something like this never happens again. And if you just can’t forgive your partner, then focus on yourself… Heal and move on by yourself.