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The Steamier The Sex, The Deeper Your Connection With Him

The Steamier The Sex, The Deeper Your Connection With Him

Strong chemistry between two people is something that can’t be reasonably explained; it can only be felt.

It’s the very thing that sets the whole relationship in motion.

Let’s face it – a relationship without sex is friendship.

There has to be something more there… there has to be lust and mutual craving. It’s the invisible rope bonding two people.

Without a doubt, emotional intimacy is more important than the sexual one.

On the other hand, sexual intimacy can increase the emotional one and bond you to your partner. One can’t truly exist one without the other.

Great sex triggers emotional bonds between you and your partner.

Locked eyes, hand in hand, lips pressed together, bodies against each other, and all the other aspects of actual physical closeness evoke your deepest feelings.

The sole sexual act adds to the feeling of being in love.

Your mind starts drifting and you can’t help but think about everything that happened a few nights before.

You zone out at work because your mind leads you to him and everything he means to you emotionally and physically. He is your constant thought.

You can’t and you don’t want to get him out of your mind. And you wait eagerly for the next time you’ll be physically intimate again.

Desires grow with every next encounter.

The important words here are NEXT ENCOUNTER because you can’t really connect through one or two casual hookups.

There simply isn’t enough time to bond at any level.

They won’t fall in love with you after one night stand nor you with them.

Sure, you might think you are in love, but it’s just hormones playing tricks on you.

You also may like each other a lot and the attraction might be strong, but after one night, that’s about it.

There is nothing more and nothing deeper than a plain raw sex act.

Although casual sex is necessary sometimes, especially after longer droughts, it won’t make you connected to some random man you barely know.

To form a connection with somebody, there has to be some substance.

Nights you spend texting, conversations that were supposed to be short but went on for hours on end, opening up, etc.

You see…

Sex won’t get you the guy, but once he is already yours, it will connect you with him on a deeper emotional level.

The safety you feel when you are in an exclusive relationship, the trust, feelings, and communication intertwined, make your sexual experience out of this world.

It’s invaluable to have someone who understands you in and out of the bed.

Someone who accepts you for who you are as a person and falls madly in love with every inch of your body.

Being completely comfortable with another person is what a fulfilled relationship is all about.  

You feel confident enough to say what you want and expect from your partner, which makes you both more satisfied with all the aspects of your relationship.

As you continue to further build your relationship, your lovemaking skills are going to get better and better.

You will take that initial chemistry to the next level.

You will feel something pulling you to him – some invisible magnetic force – even when everything isn’t as perfect as you hoped it would be.

Then, when things go downhill and you stumble on some roadblocks, the sexual attraction you share will make things a bit easier to handle.

For instance, some fights you might have will be resolved between the sheets.

Well maybe not resolved, but it will definitely be easier to discuss things after make-up sex.

Sometimes a touch says “I love you” more than words do.

Sometimes physical intimacy reminds you just how much you care for your partner, even though they pissed you off.

In the end, it’s important to note that steamy sex and undeniable attraction alone won’t make your relationship; they are just going to be integral parts of it that will make you more connected to your partner when the emotional and mental basis is already there.