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8 Things A Badass Self-Respecting Woman Should Do

8 Things A Badass Self-Respecting Woman Should Do

You are a WOMAN. You have to be aware of your worth. You have to know that you’re more than good enough…For him, for everyone and everything.

You have to realize that you deserve everything you have and everything you wish for. You deserve even more than that. You deserve the world and you shouldn’t settle for any less than that.

This is not pure feminist talk. It’s a fact. Women carry so many burdens. We have to take care of so many people in our lives and we are loaded with even more responsibilities and preoccupations.

That’s precisely what makes us so brave and strong. That’s why I’m so proud that I’m a woman and you should be too.

Know your self-worth and have faith in yourself. Show the world that you’re one badass self-respecting woman! Here are some things you should do.

Never compare yourself to others

There will always be someone prettier than you or someone more intelligent or more successful. Don’t waste your time comparing yourself to others because you’ll get nothing out of that.

It won’t make you work on improving yourself. It will only make you bitter or envious. You don’t need that.

Think the other way; no one can be like you and that’s super awesome. Truly, there is so much beauty in our differences.

Feeling sorry for yourself is out of the question

Self-pity is your worst enemy, so work to overcome them. If someone close to you did something bad to you, forgive them, forgive yourself for trusting them, and let it go.

Think positively and always try to be the bigger person. Life is beautiful. There will always be some rough periods but nothing lasts forever. Everything can be changed in a minute.

Don’t try to hide your flaws and imperfections

Your flaws are also part of you. Trust me, it is what makes you strong. Embrace them. Show others that you know you have imperfections like all human beings and that you’re okay with it.

Others may try to hurt you using your flaws because they consider them your weak point. By embracing them, you won’t allow them to succeed.

Don’t apologize for being yourself

You must have your own thoughts and opinions. You’re allowed to say how you feel. You have every right to disagree with others and have a different perspective on life.

You know who you are and never be sorry for that. It’s called having self-respect. I know we all fear that other people won’t like it, but that’s their problem, not yours.

Don’t let your feelings control you

Loving someone is the most beautiful thing in the world. But, knowing that your feelings are reciprocated is even better. However, sometimes, we allow others too much simply because we love them.

Don’t put up with someone treating you badly just because you love them. Never let your feelings control you. It never ends well, believe me.

Don’t allow anyone to tell you what to do

Women make so many mistakes when they’re in love with someone. The most common mistake is giving their power when they are in a relationship.

We allow the person we love to tell us what to do. Soon, we start asking for permission for everything we do.

It’s your life only and only you have the right to make decisions about it. Sure, it’s good to hear some advice about certain things, but making the decision should be up to you alone.

Never expect too much from others

Sometimes people aren’t ready to do the same things for you as you would for them and you should just make peace with that.

If you think that only your partner can make you happy, you’re wrong. Only you can. If you don’t lower your expectations, you’ll only be disappointed in the end.

Never look back

This is probably the most important thing on the list. Good things happen, bad things happen, someone broke your heart, someone left you…It just doesn’t matter.

It happened and now it’s gone. It’s past and leave it right there, in the past. Don’t continue hurting yourself by looking back at things that mean nothing to you anymore.

Women like you are so rare nowadays. Truly, you’re like a rare diamond so continue to shine the brightest you can.