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Tired Of Being Single? 10 Tips To Embracing Your Single Life

Tired Of Being Single? 10 Tips To Embracing Your Single Life

Cute pics of happy couples on social media, romantic movies and the pressure of your close friends and relatives regarding your solo status all contribute to making you feel tired of being single.

No matter what you do or where you go, every little thing starts reminding you of your single status. And you get tired of it!

You get tired of all those shitty reminders that the only people who are truly happy are the ones in romantic relationships.

And even though you know that’s not true, you still get irritated about your single life and you wish things were different.

woman holding plastic cup while sitting on chair

But I’ll tell you one thing: A relationship status is not a measure of happiness!

Just because you’re not in a relationship (yet), it doesn’t mean you should feel tired or lonely or excluded from society.

The only reason why you’re still single at the moment is that you’re ought to be. Each person has their own unique path and being single is a part of your journey!

Whenever you’re feeling tired of being single, here are 10 things to help you understand and embrace your single life:

1. Don’t lose hope

woman holding cup of coffee with ice cream on table

Tons of ice cream, imaginary jealousy sessions toward couples, feeling lonely and tired of your single status. This is probably how you’ve been feeling lately, right?

And that’s more than okay! It’s totally fine to feel shitty from time to time, even when you have no valid reason for that.

It’s totally okay to lose hope from time to time because you’re surrounded by all those happy couples and worried that you’ll never find the One.

man and woman standing on the street while hugging each other

However, it’s not okay to feel like that every single day of your life. You shouldn’t lose hope no matter how shitty you feel about being single.

Instead, you should open your eyes and realize that this is not a curse and you’re not missing anything in your life. Everything that happens in our life is in tune with time.

Every single one of us has our own unique timeline and you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be at the moment!

2. There’s probably a reason why you’re single at the moment

woman sitting on hammock beside calm water

We’re often unaware of this one but you know what they say: Everything happens for a reason. You can deny it, ignore it and not believe in it but it will still be true.

There’s probably a reason why you’re single at the moment and those reasons vary from working on yourself to focusing on your career.

Perhaps you’ve neglected your passions, which made you feel like you’re missing something in your life.

All these things can make you feel unfulfilled to the extent of thinking that the only reason why you’re feeling the way you’re feeling is because you’re still single.

woman in white sweater leaning across car window

You get convinced that once you meet your significant other, you will finally feel free and complete.

Yes, you will but only when you yourself are already complete without them.

Being single is the right time to address all your issues and work on yourself because the only time you’ll be able to love others and be in a happy relationship is when you learn to love yourself first!

3. It’s better to be single than with the wrong person

laughing woman with hair covering half of her face

One of my good friends recently complained to me that she’ll never meet a nice guy because all the good guys are probably already taken.

Because of that, she is convinced that she will eventually end up being in a relationship with a shitty person.

And my reply to her was: Why do you even worry about that? Remember that it’s better to be single than with the wrong person!

People who are tired of being single often forget the fact that being single is ten times better than being with the wrong person.

woman raising her hands while looking at the sky

So what if everyone around you has someone? So what if all your friends and family members are in a happy relationship or married?

This doesn’t mean that you won’t meet your special one someday and this doesn’t mean you should enter a relationship with just anyone just for the title of being in a relationship.

It’s better to be single and happy than miserable in a relationship.

4. Instead of stressing about dating others, start dating yourself

woman in red bikini top holding champagne glass

If you’re tired of being single but also tired of dating, you shouldn’t force yourself. Instead, you should start dating yourself!

Now, you’re probably wondering how one can date themselves when dating is a concept that includes two people. Well, it’s not (I mean, not necessarily).

You can date yourself the same way you date others but you do it alone.

This is an important aspect of your mental health as well because dating yourself means learning to love spending time with yourself.

woman in white top sitting in front of mountain

You can go to a restaurant, to the cinema, for a drink, for a walk or on a picnic with yourself. Instead of stressing about dating others, you should do things with yourself.

Spending time alone and doing things alone are also important parts of self-care.

Once you learn to enjoy spending time with yourself, you’ll never even think about dating others (at least, for the time being).

5. Don’t lower your standards when meeting new people

friends having lunch outdoor

Even if you’re not feeling stressed out about dating, you still need to remember one thing and that is: Never, ever lower your standards, no matter what.

If you think that the only way to meet people who are relationship material is by lowering your standards, then think again.

Maybe this will help you to enter a relationship but will you be truly happy once you lower your standards? I don’t think so.

You’re probably familiar with the existing and new dating apps like Tinder that have made online dating a must if you’re single (but have also increased the chances of meeting toxic people).

woman and man walking by the beach during daytime

When going on a date for the first time with someone you just met, keep in mind to preserve your standard levels. Don’t find excuses for their shitty behavior or personality.

No matter how annoying the first dates are, lowering your standards is a sure recipe for disaster. Some of the best dating advice for all the single people is the following:

Stay consistent with yourself and maintain your standards because that’s the only sure path to true happiness!

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6. Learning to enjoy your own company is a recipe for not feeling lonely

woman sitting on black soil during daytime

Being alone and feeling lonely have become two interconnected terms lately but they don’t really have to be. Being alone has nothing to do with feeling lonely and everything is in your head!

Just because you’re a single woman or man, this doesn’t mean you should feel lonely.

As a matter of fact, the reason why you’re feeling lonely is that you haven’t learned to enjoy spending time with yourself.

That’s why you’re convinced that the only way to not feel lonely is to be with someone in a relationship. But the truth is otherwise.

Self-love is the most powerful force in the universe and a killer of loneliness!

woman standing in front of cyclone fence while touching her hair

Once you learn to love yourself and enjoy your own company, you’ll see that all this time, the key to happiness was buried within you.

You will no longer feel this void in your soul and you’ll understand that it is possible to be alone and not to feel lonely. After all, every single one of us came into the world alone.

This doesn’t mean that we don’t need any other human being but it means that we’re perfectly capable of doing things on our own and enjoying our own company.

It means we have the capacity to be happy while waiting for the right thing!

7. Express your passions and spend time with the right people

group of people standing beside body of water while looking at tablet

Another killer of loneliness is passion. Learning to express your passions will help you get in tune with yourself and forget about your single status.

Instead of only watching Netflix, now is the time to work on expressing yourself. It’s time to ask yourself what it is that makes you feel alive and happy.

What are the activities that fill your heart with warmth and inspiration? Do you enjoy drawing, singing, cooking, dancing or creating art?

woman sitting on brown stool while painting

Whatever it is, if it’s something that makes you happy while doing it, then it’s your passion and you should focus on doing it as much as you can.

Also, you should spend time with the right people; with those who love you and understand you.

Instead of only focusing on what’s missing in your life, focus on embracing what you already have!

8. Find the silver lining within yourself

woman sitting on fence while playing guitar

Whenever I think of positivism, I immediately remember this powerful quote in The Silver Linings Playbook by Matthew Quick:

“You know what? EXCELSIOR, EXCELSIOR! It means you know what I’m gonna do, I’m gonna take all this negativity and use it as fuel and I’m gonna find a silver lining, that’s what I’m gonna do. And that’s no bullshit. That’s no bullshit. That takes work and that’s the truth.”

Finding a silver lining means finding a positive aspect in every situation. So, use all that tiredness of being single as fuel to find a silver lining!

I also suggest watching this amazing movie or reading the book (if you haven’t yet).

9. Instead of focusing on finding the One, focus on living in the moment

smiling woman in red dress inside green house

Living in the moment is one of the most inspiring things you could do for yourself and others.

Instead of focusing on chasing what you don’t have (yet), focus on living in the moment and appreciating what’s in front of you.

Life is a miracle. Just because you’re still single, this doesn’t mean you should feel less worthy or you should be persistent in finding the One at any cost.

woman standing on the cliff near the body of water

Life is a true miracle and living in the moment is the only way to live life to the fullest.

After a year or more, you’ll laugh to yourself at all the things that bothered you now.

You’ll realize that being single and enjoying life is one of the greatest gifts, if you only accept it as such!

10. Stay patient

woman holding holding a bouquet of flowers while standing beside the wall

And the most important tip: Stay patient! Remember what we said about the timeline and that everything happens for a reason? Keep that one in mind because it’s the only truth.

No matter how much you’re tired of being single, you need to stay patient!

If you do things on impulse, you’ll risk being unhappy. But if you stay patient, time will reward you.

Remember that good things come to those who wait!

woman sitting on black chair in front of glass-panel window

No matter how clichéd it sounds, your love life will flourish and you’ll find your loved one when you least expect it.

You cannot know when it will happen or how but you know that it will. And when it does, you’ll be happy that you waited. So, wait and believe!

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Tired Of Being Single? 10 Tips To Embracing Your Single Life