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To A Friend Who Stood By Me Through Thick And Thin

To A Friend Who Stood By Me Through Thick And Thin

I thought that best friends only existed in books and movies but that changed after I met you.

Friends come and go and it’s the ones who stay with you through thick and thin who matter. And you do matter.

You are one of the most important people in my life. This is my way of thanking you for everything you’ve done for me all these years.

This is my way of celebrating our friendship, this honest and wonderful bond. Being in a friendship with you means happiness to me every day.

We’ve been through a lot together and our friendship has stood the test of time.

I understand now, without a shadow of a doubt, how valuable it is.

I would never do anything to betray it or to betray you. A true friendship, like ours, is priceless. It’s rare and precious.

It is a gift to be treasured and cherished. A bond like ours is difficult to forge but friendships like these are worth investing in.

We changed. We moved. We grew. We have whole different lives now.

But our longstanding friendship is strong enough to resist these challenges.

We proved it. We know how valuable it is and we fought to keep it alive for all these years.

I know that I am hard to deal with sometimes and that’s why I am so thankful to God for you.

He sent me the most understanding and compassionate bestie ever. 

Thank you for tolerating me even when I make a bunch of mistakes. 

Thank you for accepting me for exactly who I am.

I know that sometimes I can be stubborn, difficult and confusing but you are still always there for me.

Thank you for loving me in my unpleasant and difficult moments.

I am sure that if anyone else saw me in those moments, they would probably walk away from me, without ever even calling me again.

Thank you for understanding me like no one else does. That’s probably why you are the only person who knows all my secrets.

I have a problem with opening up to people but with you, everything is easier because I feel safe that everything I say will stay between us.

Thank you for not being angry when I treat you the way you don’t deserve.

Sometimes I’m angry but you always find the right word to comfort me.

Thank you for making me laugh in every situation.

Even on the days when I feel like giving up, your great sense of humor somehow always finds a way to cheer me up.

I don’t know how but you always make me laugh even when I have nothing to laugh about.

I appreciate that you care for me and I will always try to return this debt.

Thank you for always believing in me, even when I don’t believe in myself. I didn’t give up only because you made sure I didn’t.

You did whatever it took to make sure I was okay. I am thankful for that. Because of you, I am where I am today.

Thank you for encouraging me to know that I can do anything, even when I convince myself that I cannot.

That helped me a lot and made me the woman I am today, a fierce and independent woman.

Thank you for all the nights you spent by my side and the countless tears that you helped me through.

You helped me to open my eyes and understand that my ex was not the right man for me.

Remember all those nights you spent convincing me that was not the love I deserved?

I do and I am very thankful for each and every one of those days you spent with me.

Thank you for always making time for me when I need you.

I really notice that you make time for me when I need you, even in the midst of your busy schedule.

I believe a person’s most precious gift that they can give to anyone is his/her time because you can never take it back.

Thank you for understanding me in every situation. Thank you for all your heartwarming birthday wishes

You accept whatever I do and you never judge me.

No matter what kind of immature stupidity I manage to do, you are always there to help me clean it up and laugh afterward.

Thank you for always following me in my plans, no matter how awkward or crazy they are. That’s why we have the best adventures ever.

We argue and fight sometimes but at the end of the day, we do a way to forgive each other.

We remind ourselves that nothing is more important than our friendship.  And that’s how I know our friendship is solid as a rock.

You never take me for granted and I promise you that our friendship will never be taken for granted either.

Thank you for being my partner in crime forever.