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To All The Women Healing: Just A Little While Longer

To All The Women Healing: Just A Little While Longer

Healing is such a painful process, isn’t it? You go through days on end and you never know what to expect because your mind and heart keep surprising you.

You keep on telling yourself that you will be healed soon, that it will all be over, that you won’t be stuck in this circle that always leads you back to him but you can’t see an end to it.

But please, believe me when I tell you that one day none of these things will matter anymore.

The things that are haunting you now, the things that keep you awake at nightthey won’t matter anymore.

You will get to the point where you will be able to look in the mirror and all you will see is a woman stronger than ever.

Now you see someone broken by life. Broken by him. In general, broken.

Of course, days feel like years when you’re in pain and when you’re suffering from everything that happened but let me tell you that: YOU WILL GET THROUGH THIS! Hold on. Just a little while longer.

Just a little while longer and you will be done. Done with the affirmations that you keep on repeating to yourself to never forget how important it is to not think of your past.

You will be done with the voices in your head telling you to go back to him. You will be done with all of those things that keep you bound to your past, so for that feeling, hold on!

Just a little while longer and you will be safe. Safe in your own skin and in your own mind.

How many of you out there feel like you could fall apart any moment now? Sometimes there is this nagging feeling telling you that you are simply not safe, because you are everything that’s keeping you from moving forward.

Just a little while longer and you will be fine. Even if you don’t believe it right now, know that you will be fine.

Not today, not tomorrow and you will be having tough days in the future but you will be fine. When the days of desperation are over, when your mind stops playing games with you, everything will seem so distant in the past and you will be fine.

Just a little while longer and you won’t even feel his touch on your skin. I know that you’re waking up at night, covered in sweat because you dreamed about him touching you.

Even when you’re awake you can recall the way his fingers felt on your skin and the way his grip would make your mind go blank.

But hold on, for in the future you won’t even remember what his hands looked like, nor will you remember him.

Just a little while longer and it will all be in the past. All your insecurities, all your memories, all your brokenness.

Everything that makes you feel sad and lonely will be in the past where it belongs and you won’t feel anxious because of it, ever again.

Just a little while longer and you will be free. Just imagine that liberating feeling when you wake up one morning and you realize that it’s over.

All that misery and suffering are over because you made it! You’re happy and you’re freed from all those things that made your life hard and made your chest hurt.

Just a little while longer and you will be proud of yourself. Like never before, you will be proud of yourself.

When you look back at all the healing you have already done and your progress on the road to a new life, you should see every little temptation and every little thing that made it harder for you but you made it! So be proud.

You should be your biggest support so don’t forget to be proud of yourself for everything that you have been able to conquer until now.

When you heal, don’t forget to thank yourself for enduring all that pain for such a long time. Just hold on, for your life will be transformed into something wonderful. But you have to be able to get to that point.

To all the women out there healing: hold on for a little while longer. You should be the ones everyone looks up to.

But hold on and don’t give up. All this hard work will pay off.

I’m writing these reminders because I am indeed one of you.

  1. Dana says:

    Thank you for this. Just what I needed. Something positive. I’m beginning to feel more and more positive. When the tears come (and they have been, lately) it is brief, like a bodily function to release old pain that I don’t need to feel anymore. xo