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To Every Girl Who Needs To Hear This: You Did The Right Thing When You Left Him

To Every Girl Who Needs To Hear This: You Did The Right Thing When You Left Him

Have you ever been in a situation where you knew that walking away from someone you loved was the only choice you had, even though that was the last thing your heart wanted?

In a situation where you had to leave behind someone you cared for because staying would hurt even more?

In a situation where you ended a relationship with a man you knew you had no future with, even though it was the most painful thing you had to do in your life?

Where you were forced to break your own heart for good because it was the only way to make someone else stop breaking it piece by piece with every day that went by?

If you have, then this one’s for you.

This is for every girl who wonders if she did the right thing when she listened to her brain and walked away from someone who was making her unhappy.

Trust me—you did make the right decision. Even if you don’t see it now, with time, you’ll understand that this decision was the best one of your life.

In fact, it was the only thing you could do and the only chance you had to break free from all that toxicity you were surrounded by.

For once, you chose to save yourself instead of saving that man who didn’t want to be saved. For the first time ever, you chose to love yourself over that man.

I know you might question your decision now but trust me—you did the right thing.

So, every time you question yourself, just remember all the pain that guy put you through.

Remember all the tears, all the disappointments and humiliations and all the times he crushed you to pieces.

Every time you start doubting if you made the right choice, just remember all the sleepless nights you spent praying to God to change him and to help him become the man you needed him to be.

Remember all the years you wasted waiting for him to get his shit together and to finally grow up.

Every time you start blaming yourself for leaving this man hanging, remember all the effort you’ve put into your relationship while he couldn’t care less about it.

All the times you tried your best to fix his ungrateful ass while he was taking you for granted, as if he was entitled to that special treatment he was getting.

Every time you start missing your toxic ex, try not to think about only the good stuff.

Try not to think about the beautiful memories and about the times he managed to make you happy.

Instead, look at things realistically and see him for who he really is and always has been—a manipulative selfish asshole who never deserved you, nor the love you were giving him.

Remember that he will forever stay the same jerk he’s always been and that there is nothing you could do to make him better.

Every time you wonder if you did the right thing, remind yourself of the fact that you know very well deep down that this man never loved you and never would.

That he never treated you right and that you deserve much more.

Remember that you made it without him so far and that you will survive his absence.

That he didn’t manage to break you just because he broke your heart and that all of this is nothing more than a lesson which will help you grow stronger.

Remind yourself that this was the only way for you to open up the path to your happiness and to the man who will give you everything you are searching for.

That letting him go was the only way for you to move on with your life and to jump into the bright future that awaits you.

Most importantly, every time you think of going back to this man who has done you this much harm—don’t.

So please, see that this, what you are going through, as nothing more than a temptation and instead of looking on it as a curse, see it as a blessing.

Trust me, there will come a time when you’ll be thankful to God for giving you the strength you needed to get through this challenge.

A time when you’ll be thankful for making the right choice in time.