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To My Best Friend Who Loves Me For Who I Am

To My Best Friend Who Loves Me For Who I Am

I am not much of a writer and I am even worse at expressing my emotions but nevertheless, I’ll try writing a few words to you—the person I owe a lot to.

To you, my best friend and my soulmate.

I just want to tell you how thankful I am for having you.

Thank you for everything you’ve been doing for me all these years; for being my best friend, the sister I never had, my biggest support and my person.

Besides my immediate family, you’re the only person who never gave up on me and I want to thank you for that.

The only one who never turned her back on me, even when I might have deserved it and the only one who never left me hanging.

For all the sleepless nights you spent next to me, convincing me that some douchebag wasn’t worthy of me crying over him.

For all the times you believed in me, when no one else, including myself, didn’t.

For all the times you were there to catch me when I fell and there to help me rise when I failed.

Thank you for all the times you wiped my tears away and did your best to put a smile back on my face.

For all those times when you saw right through me and for the times when you didn’t believe me telling you I was OK, knowing that couldn’t be further from the truth.

For all those times you warned me that some guy wasn’t good enough for me and that he would eventually crush my heart, even though I never listened.

For all those times you picked up my shattered pieces and helped me put myself back together, even though I thought I was broken beyond repair.

Thank you for always pushing me forward and for inspiring me to become the best possible version of myself.

For never allowing me to settle for less, for always reminding me of my worth and for showing me how strong I actually am.

Most importantly—thank you for never trying to change me and for never expecting me to be someone I am not just so I could fit your standards.

For loving me for who I am and for accepting me together with all of my flaws, imperfections and the parts of me you don’t like.

Thank you for caring for me, no matter what.

For loving me the same at my best and at my worst and for sticking by my side through thick and thin, through sickness and health.

For not abandoning me when things get rough and for being the same when it’s time to party and laugh and when it’s time to cry together.

Thank you for holding my hand through both the happiest and the saddest moments of my life.

For sharing my most beautiful and most painful memories with me—for being the wind beneath my wings and someone I can always rely on.

For being my rock and my safe haven.

For being strong when I was too weak to handle life, for fighting my battles and for chasing away my demons.

Thank you for being the light at the end of every tunnel and the silver lining to my clouds.

Thank you for letting me be myself around you.

Thank you for every emotional happy birthday letter

For giving me the opportunity to show you my vulnerabilities and expose to you my weaknesses, without fear of being taken advantage of.

Thank you for never judging me and always accepting my choices, even when you disagree with them.

For helping me get back up even when I get knocked down by the people you warned me about and even when my own recklessness brought me to the bottom.

Thank you for helping me become the woman I am today.

For being a part of this crazy journey called life because it would never be the same without you by my side.

Thank you for being my best friend in the whole wide world because trust me when I say—you are irreplaceable and nobody would’ve done a better job than you.

To My Best Friend Who Loves Me For Who I Am