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Soulmate Vs Twin Flame Love: 8 Major Similarities & Differences

Soulmate Vs Twin Flame Love: 8 Major Similarities & Differences

I’m sure you’ve already heard about soulmates and such a thing as a twin flame love.

It is usually used to describe your other half, someone you share a lifelong connection with, a romantic partner who is meant to be yours.

Some believe in it, some think it’s bullshit. But before you reach a conclusion about this, you need to know that the concept of a person’s other half wasn’t created by modern Hollywood and that it actually dates from ancient history.

Even Plato said that people were created with two faces, four arms and four legs but that Zeus split humans in half because he was afraid of their strength.

These separated humans spend an eternity looking for their other half.

Even though many people think that the terms soulmate and twin flame have the same meaning and that these words can be interchanged, the truth is quite different.

Yes, your soulmate and your twin flame love have a lot in common but they are actually completely different terms and here are the major similarities and differences between these two concepts.


1. They are meant to be

When you meet your soulmate, you feel like this is a person who is destined to be yours. And things are quite similar with your twin flame love.

These are both the people you are predestined to be with and when they first enter your life, you feel like you’ve known them forever.

Even if you’ve known someone for a short period of time, this person feels and looks familiar to you. To put it simply, these people feel like home to you.

These are the people you feel you can be yourself around. You feel you can let them in, without any fear of getting used or taken advantage of.

You feel like you can trust them completely, even though they haven’t yet done anything to earn your trust.

And there is an explanation for something like this. The truth is that you’ve known both your soulmate and your twin flame love in a past life and that is the reason for this familiarity.

2. A strong bond

Both soulmates and twin souls share unconditional love and an incredibly strong connection at a higher, spiritual, soul level.

You are bonded with your soulmate and your twin flame love in every possible way and the two of you share a special kind of intimacy.

But I am not talking only about physical or sexual intimacy here—I am talking about the fact that you feel like this person is your missing piece of the puzzle.


1. You only have one twin flame love

One of the first and the most important characteristics of a twin flame love is that it only happens once.

This is the person who follows you through different lives and you can’t have more than one twin flame love.

This is the person you are magnetically pulled to and once the two of you encounter, your relationship becomes extremely intense, from day one.

2. You will have more soulmates throughout life

But everything is different with soulmates. Contrary to popular opinion, you can have more than one soulmate in one lifetime.

The truth is that in most cases, you’ll find yourself having different people as your soulmates in different periods of your life.

With years, you change and mature and your soul is accordingly looking for someone else to be its mate.

While your twin flame love is eternal, there is nothing strange about outgrowing your soulmate.

People usually connect soulmates with romance but what you probably didn’t know is that your soulmate doesn’t have to be only someone you are in a romantic relationship with.

Your soulmate doesn’t have to be your lover—they can also be your best friend or a family member.

It is someone who is similar to you and someone who mirrors all of your qualities and flaws, which helps you learn a lot about yourself.

It is one person who comes into your life when you need them the most and a person you have an immediate connection with.

It doesn’t have to be someone you are romantically or sexually attracted to and it doesn’t have to be someone you see or hear from all the time.

3. A soulmate is there to teach you a lesson

A soulmate is a heavenly gift God sent to you and has a purpose in your life, even though you might not see it at first.

You might spend years looking for it but the truth is that your soulmate will always come to you at the right time.

They are someone who comes to you to teach you valuable life lessons or to make a point.

Sometimes, a soulmate doesn’t give us what we expect right away but eventually, we grow to realize what their purpose in our life was.

Your soul attracts this person for a reason. Sometimes they will come to you to shake things up, to wake you up, to make you work on yourself or to prepare you for some big changes.

This person often has the task to help your soul evolve and to help you become a better version of yourself.

4. Twin flame love has a divine purpose

On the other hand, a twin flame love is a divine connection and it has a divine purpose, which is usually above your comprehension.

It means that someone is sent to be your twin flame for a reason and that the two of you united have a common mission to fulfill in this world.

It means the purpose of you and your twin flame being united is bigger than the two of you alone.

5. Soulmate relationships don’t have to last a lifetime

As it was already stated, you can have more than one true soulmate during your lifetime and they can come in different forms.

That means that not every soulmate type of relationship has to last a lifetime.

It is not rare that one of your soulmates walks away from your life the second they fulfill their purpose and the moment they teach you a lesson you needed to learn.

They can leave you when they see that you no longer need them, when their mission is done and when you can make it on your own from that moment on.

But that doesn’t mean that your journey with your soulmate is over for good.

Because this is a person you can meet in another lifetime, when you need them again.

6. You are connected to your twin flame love forever

There is only one twin flame love for you and this is someone you are connected to forever.

And when I say forever, don’t only think until death do you part because in this case, forever means much longer.

This was your twin soul in your past life and will be your twin love in your future lives.

But what you need to know is that a twin flame kind of relationship will never go easily from the start.

Instead, it is usually a chase and in the beginning, you can see this person as someone you can’t live with or without.

But you always need to remember that twin souls are two halves of one soul in two bodies—they are someone who completes you and they are someone who was created for you.

You always need to remember that you and your twin flame will always find your way back to each other, no matter the obstacles or challenges. And when you do, it will last until the end of time.