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To The Girl Who Still Wears Her Heart On Her Sleeve

To The Girl Who Still Wears Her Heart On Her Sleeve

Unlike what many people would think, wearing your heart on your sleeve is a beautiful thing you should be proud of.

What this says about you is that you are open and honest with your approach to love and have zero time to play games.

You let yourself take chances and possibly get hurt in the process because you know that is the only way you can actually find someone worthy of you and the love you are so selflessly ready to offer.

Not many girls are brave enough to put themselves out there, date a million guys and risk getting hurt in the process. It takes balls, so kudos to you.

You will say ‘yes’ to random date invites, you don’t have a problem with flirting with cute guys in bars, and you are willing to move in with your partner after just a few months of dating!

You are THAT kind of a girl and that is nothing to be ashamed of. You are brave to take chances on yourself.

Many think that wearing your heart on your sleeve is risky and leaves you vulnerable to so much heartbreak, but look at it this way: How sad would it be to not allow yourself so many chances for potentially beautiful and eye-opening experiences?

Wearing your heart on your sleeve is why flirting with you is WAY more fun.

Your guard is always down, and you are totally ready and open to give cute guys chances to win you over!

For some girls, this would be tricky, but you have no problem being your fun-loving self at a bar and give good banter to a guy who’s trying to talk you up.

You immediately make people around you feel at ease when they approach you because they can see you’re not going to be too tough of a nut to crack. (This doesn’t mean you will settle for just ANYONE, though. You still have some standards.)

When you set your mind on someone, you go for it. You are very clear when you have certain intentions with a guy, and you make sure he understands it.

A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. Ain’t no shame in that. That attitude alone attracts men toward you, so you ALWAYS have options.

You have balls to say out loud what many girls would not. If the date doesn’t exactly go to plan, you won’t feel sorry for yourself.

You will KNOW that it’s just one date, and you are aware that even the ballsiest girls sometimes fall on bad luck. That’s just life.

You don’t lose hope easily, and you don’t take rejection to heart.

You are aware that you are leaving yourself open to potential heartbreak because you know that nothing good comes easy.

You never wonder if you should text him or anxiously wait for him to text you back while worrying that you probably shouldn’t have sent that text!

These things don’t phase you.

You text whoever you want and whenever you want. If they don’t text back – their loss, and if they do – more fun for you!

Since you always have options, you never really have all of your eggs in one basket.

If one guy doesn’t work out… who cares? You already have 3 more waiting for your text back. You’re good.

BUT, when you set your mind on one particular guy – you go for it! You never worry yourself with unimportant details, and you don’t overanalyze things.

You do your BEST to land him, and more often than not, you’re successful at it.

You’re INTO him, and you want him. Not tomorrow, not in a week. Now. And you make sure he is aware of it.

Who in their right mind would say ‘no’ to you?

And when you finally get to the point when you feel yourself starting to fall in love, you just let it be.

You let your feelings take over and enjoy every aspect of it. You give him everything you have so selflessly and don’t give a sh*t what ANYONE thinks of it.

You love with your whole heart, and that is the most beautiful thing about you.

Never let anyone tell you otherwise, simply because they are not brave enough to live their lives as openly and honestly as you.

Any guy would be LUCKY to date a girl who loves the way you do.