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What Are Karmic Contracts And How To Recognize The Signs

What Are Karmic Contracts And How To Recognize The Signs

A karmic contract is a contract our Higher Self commits to during or before entering this current lifetime. It’s meant to teach us lessons that will help our soul grow.

Karmic contracts are the conditions, or soul agreements, in which we’re born in this life and they’re often subconsciously understood as fate, even though our higher Self agreed to it.

Not every contract is the same. Some are non-negotiable, some are present through more than one lifetime and some can be broken; it all depends on the experience of your soul.

Karmic soul contracts dictate the people you will meet, all the good and the bad things that affect your life, your spiritual progress and opportunities and the places you travel to.

Your parents, siblings and partners are the product of the same contracts and there’s a high chance that some of them you knew in past lifetimes

Why do we need karmic contracts?

Karmic contracts are a part of the reincarnation and spiritual enlightenment process.

Almost every ancient civilization, from all over the world, believed that when our soul leaves this life, it returns again in a different body.

The meaning behind reincarnation is soul development and attaining enlightenment. 

However, that usually means thousands of lifetimes and learnings until we’re done with it.

When that happens, the soul stays in something that’s best described as heaven or a heavenly state and there will be no need to reincarnate in another body again.

Until then, we’re bound to karmic contracts , relationships, negative karma , good karma and lessons to purify our consciousness till our soul completes its journey.

What is karma and how does it work?

Karma has become a very popular word and spiritual concept everywhere in the world but it’s most frequently used in a sense of something that’s fated, something that’s inescapable. 

In its original meaning, it is the principle of cause and effect.

It’s well described in the saying ‘what goes around comes around’, which came into existence as a way to describe the dynamics of human relations.

It’s obvious that people around us react to our behavior and our activity. If we’re good to other people, it’s likely they’re going to be good to us and if we’re not, we should expect the same.

However, when we talk about the spiritual concept of karma, we think about spiritual law, which suggests that all of the consequences of our thoughts, words and deeds are going to come back to us or the person who has done them.

The thing is, the effect doesn’t have to be immediate, it can be postponed.

Consequences can gather and manifest themselves after we have forgotten about our actions; for example, in another lifetime.

That’s why many of us ask ourself why we deserve something bad that happened to us when we have never done anything wrong.

That’s why the law of karma is seen as surprising, unexpected and unexplainable.

It’s best to understand karma as something natural. When you think about it, physical, psychological and sociological laws work the same way; every action has an equal reaction.

It’s the same with spirituality.

How to overcome karmic contracts

Overcoming karmic contracts is different for every person but there are some universal rules that help you decrease your karmic debt, such as doing good deeds whenever you can.

Every well-intentioned action will eventually result in something positive. The only thing is, we don’t know when. However, the positive energy you give to another will get back to you when you need it the most.

The other important thing is to become aware of your thought patterns and causes of your problematic behavior. The more you’re aware of yourself, the less of a chance you’ll do something questionable.

The key to understanding karma is to understand ourself and work on our self-improvement and spiritual growth.

Most of the karmic soul contracts relate to relationships in our lives and that’s why we always hear about karmic relationships , since they’re the main channel through which we learn.

If you’re wondering if your relationship with a specific person is the result of a karmic pattern, here are the 8 most recognizable signs that can tell you if your relationship is indeed karmic:

8 signs you’re in a karmic relationship

1. It feels like it’s meant to be

A karmic relationship often comes in unusual ways or at unusual timings in life. If it doesn’t, then you still have that feeling like you can’t stay away from a certain person, even though you don’t know why.

The moment you meet the person, you have a feeling like something just clicked

I’m not saying that the fact something clicked means that relationship is necessarily good but rather that something that needed to happen just happened. It’s like attaining some kind of goal you didn’t know about.

Karmic relationships are fated and we can internally feel it even when we don’t understand it consciously.

We helplessly gravitate and fall into those relationships and only later on start to understand that it was fate. 

Of course, not everything that’s in a way forced or looks forced upon us (because we’re not aware of our pre-lifetime agreements) is going to be the most comfortable experience of life.

It can be good but it will always be challenging and in order for our soul to grow, we need to embrace the tough lessons.

2. It’s full of repeating patterns

Karmic relationships are here to teach us lessons our soul needs to learn in order to grow.

That’s why they’re intense and more often than not consist of repeating patterns that show us what the lesson is that we have to learn.

Did you ever notice how you encounter people who trigger the same problems in your life? Those problems are not a coincidence; that’s what you need to learn.

Moreover, have you noticed how with people who are close to you, like your partner or maybe even family members , you have the same problems that keep repeating again and again?

If your relationship looks like a never-ending, repetitive problem that can’t be solved, it’s probably karmic . That only means solving it will be challenging but not impossible. 

Furthermore, it means that’s exactly what you have to change to grow and attain well-being in this lifetime.

3. The boundaries are blurred

Unfortunately, more often than not, karmic bonds include a lot of toxic behavior and people in karmic relationships often experience mental or physical abuse .

If you’re in a relationship with a person who doesn’t show you respect or takes advantage of you, that means your boundaries are not set and you need to learn to set them.

Sometimes, that’s the lesson you have to learn—to stand up for yourself. You’ll notice that as soon as you set the boundaries, relationships in your life will change and even possibly cease.

4. You behave selfishly

On the flip side, maybe you’re the one who behaves harshly toward another person or maybe you’re not emotionally invested enough but something keeps you close to the person you’re involved with.

This kind of relationship is clearly karmic and sometimes our unexplainable feelings can be connected to our past life experiences. 

5. It’s full of highs and lows

The laws of karma are unpredictable and so are karmic relationships . One day, they’re very passionate and full of love and the next, they’re cold and bitter.

The best thing you can do is observe the patterns and triggers that lead you to a certain mental state, where you’ll find many unhealed aspects of you that need work. 

In order to free yourself from bad karma , you need to become conscious of your weaknesses and assert your free will in accordance with your soul.

6. You get to know your shadow side

Every light is followed by a shadow. Every person has a shadow side that controls a part of their unconsciousness. It’s not always easy to spot but karmic relationships are one of the ways to highlight it.

Our shadow side perpetuates negative actions based on fear and a lack of understanding of our innermost needs and desires.

However, we shouldn’t see our shadow side as something negative, even though it’s the part of us we don’t like to admit we have.

Our shadow side has its purpose in our life and the first step to understanding it is to accept it.

7. You have a hard time letting go

Karmic lessons mostly come with great pain and one of the most painful experiences is letting go of something you feel attached to.

Sometimes, letting go and separation are incredibly hard and feel like one part of our soul is being taken away.

With almost every relationship that’s a karmic lesson , you’ll experience great pain and loss and an inability to fully comprehend the connection you had with that someone or something.

8. You lose yourself

This might be the most traumatic and life-changing experience of them all.

Soul contracts are not bound to our current personality or life, they go way beyond that; that’s why sometimes when we experience this kind of relationship , our soul doesn’t resonate only with our current personality but merges into more or elevates to our h igher Self .

It’s like your subconscious remembering something that’s happened before but you can’t really explain it. It’s not necessarily bad or good, it just is.

However, the idea of losing ourself is scary when we observe it from a practical point of view and that’s why it’s important to practice things that induce higher levels of consciousness, where our ego and personality are dissolved, primarily with meditation.

With these practices, we get used to alternate states of being that are inevitable on a real spiritual journey.

What’s the difference between a karmic partner, a twin flame and a soulmate?

Many people are confused by the different kinds of soul connections we can have in life but depending on our karmic contracts , we can experience all or just some of them.

Here are brief explanations of the terms but keep in mind that not everything that has to do with the soul is really possible to label.

Karmic partner

Karmic relationships are often exciting and passionate at first but burn down quickly.

However, they change our life forever and often bring a great amount of pain and suffering. They’re like redirections that are meant to happen in order to change us for the better.

Usually, a karmic partner is not the one we’re going to spend our entire life with.


Soulmate relationships are full of unconditional love . This kind of relationship is kind, understanding and something we long for at the deepest level.

It’s the person we feel like we knew before the first meeting. It’s the person we want to spend our life with, someone who triggers our innermost feelings and makes us become a better person.

Twin flame

Your twin flame is the person who is your mirror. If you look up the definition of a twin flame , it will tell you that twin flames are one soul separated into two bodies.

It’s everything we want but also fear and therefore has qualities of both a soulmate and a karmic relationship .

Twin flames usually don’t happen more than once in a lifetime and sometimes not even once.

Karmic contracts are tools our soul uses on its path to final completion. That’s why we have to understand that all the bad things that happen in our life have meaning. 

They happen for a reason we don’t know yet but they’re crucial for our spiritual journey.