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23 Facts To Know About A Soul Contract

23 Facts To Know About A Soul Contract

If you’re into spirituality, I’m sure you’ve at least heard of the concept of a soul contract and know how important it is for your soul’s journey. But if you read on, I’ll dig a little deeper into it.

You’ll find out what this type of agreement actually is, how long it lasts, the signs that you have signed with another soul, and numerous other interesting facts.

What Is My Soul Contract?

Before anything else, it’s crucial to talk about the meaning of a soul contract. Simply put, a soul contract is a powerful agreement your soul has signed with another soul before you reached human form.

15 Facts About A Soul Contract

soulmate concept illustration

Here are the most important facts to help you understand the concept of soul contracts.

1. You can sign a soul contract with anyone

There is a common misconception that a soul contract is connected only with your love interests. The reason behind this is that a lot of people confuse the concept of soul contracts with the concept of soulmates.

The truth is quite different. I bet you didn’t know, but it’s quite possible to sign a soul contract with literally anyone you encounter in the physical world.

Who can it be?

First of all, you’ve signed these contracts with your family members (yes, that includes your difficult siblings as well). It means that, in a certain way, you chose your future parents before you were born.

However, the surprising fact is that you didn’t just sign them with people who play an important role in your life.

You signed a bunch of these contracts with different people, including those you forgot you ever met. They don’t have to be kindred spirits at all.

Nevertheless, each of these positive souls played a special role in your life on a higher level. Each person you signed a spiritual contract with was there to teach you a specific life lesson

Remember that homeless man you helped a few years ago? Or that nice hairdresser who helped you with some advice when you needed it the most?

Well, these specific souls made a positive contribution to your life at some point, and meeting them was no coincidence.

Of course, that includes negative souls and people who brought you negative experiences as well.

2. Including your soulmates

However, you do sign soul agreements with your soulmates as well. But before we tackle this issue, let me remind you that there are more types of soulmates you meet on planet Earth.

So, I’m not only talking about your romantic interest here, even though they’re also someone who impacts your spiritual growth.

Your soulmate is your kindred spirit – someone whose soul shares almost the same qualities as yours. However, that doesn’t have to only be your lover, even though you do sign contracts with them as well.

I’m talking about platonic soulmates, twin flames, karmic soulmates, and the best friend soulmate.

3. You make soul contracts before you reach human form

You must be wondering when these soul arrangements were signed. Well, it all happened long ago before you reached human form, i.e., long ago before your human soul entered your body.

4. You just have no memory of it

However, you have no memory of this part of your journey. Everything that happened before you were born was erased from your mind.

Nevertheless, just because your consciousness doesn’t recall these events doesn’t mean your higher self is the same. At some deep levels of subconsciousness, there is a memory of you signing these contracts.

5. But it’s part of your free will

woman looking at a sunset

However, it’s important to note that each contract with a specific soul is in no way directed by the Universe. On the contrary, it’s all part of your free will.

How could I have had free will concerning something I don’t even remember, you must ask? Well, the trick is that it’s actually your soul’s free will.

Nevertheless, destiny will bring these souls into your path. But it’s your free will to choose and sign a contract with them.

To be exact, these contracts are the result of both factors: your own will and your destiny sent to you by the Universe.

6. Spiritual enlightenment

What is the ultimate goal of a soul contract? Well, it’s for you to reach spiritual enlightenment.

You see, this lifetime is only one stop along the way. Your physical body doesn’t matter, and the current reality you exist in isn’t of that much importance either.

What matters is your soul’s journey. What matters is reaching your higher self, and for that to happen, you have to go through a spiritual awakening.

I’m not saying that you’ll end this journey in this lifetime. Either way, you need allies along the way.

You need people to inspire your soul to awaken from the darkness and people who will clear your path.

Or maybe they need you? Well, these are the people you’ve signed soul contracts with – your partners on this important voyage.

7. A soul contract determines your entire life path

How do soul contracts affect your life?

This can’t be emphasized enough: nothing in this life happens by accident. There is a deeper reason for every little thing you’ve experienced on your path.

Well, I’m sure you don’t know that your entire life voyage is actually determined by these contracts.

Let’s see some examples. Did you accidentally go to the school you did? Or did you sign a soul agreement with a teacher you were meant to encounter?

The examples are endless, but I bet you get the point. Your life doesn’t determine your contracts – it happens the other way around!

8. It lasts longer than one lifetime

Your soul contract doesn’t necessarily end the moment your (or your person’s) life ends. Keep in mind that these contracts are greater than this reality.

If you and your person don’t fulfill your goal in this lifetime, your contract continues into your next human form.

9. Strong connection with the energy of love

These soul arrangements are strongly connected with the energy of love. Once again, I’m not only talking about romantic love here. I’m also talking about the kind of love you get from your parents, siblings, teachers, friends, relatives…

Basically, it opens your heart to love, compassion, and kindness. Strong contracts with positive souls chase negative souls away from you.

How does this happen? Well, let’s not forget that good always defeats evil. Therefore, positivity always defeats negativity.

That’s exactly how your love energy chases away all the hatred, fears, doubts, pessimism, and other negativities away from you.

10. Appearing in your dreams

woman sleeping and dreaming

One of the ways to figure out with whom you have signed a soul contract is through your dreams. Even if you don’t encounter your tied soul in the physical reality, they will appear in your dreams.

So if you assume that you keep on dreaming of someone who seems to be completely irrelevant in your life for no specific reason, think again.

Remember: everything happens for a reason!

11. Breaking a soul contract is possible

Here’s more proof that signing a soul agreement is a part of your free will – it’s possible to break a soul contract. You can break it, and the other person can too.

How can this be done, you must be asking yourself? Do you need to physically be next to this soul’s human body and tell them that you want out?

Well, it’s actually much easier than that. First of all, you must be aware of the type of contract you have with this person and why you want to break it.

Once you take your time to figure all of this out, it will be enough to pick a physical object, for example, a wire or something like that. From that moment on, that object represents your contract.

The next step is to emotionally detach yourself from your soul tie. Break all connections with them, and as the final step, break or cut the object mentioned above.

Once you’ve followed all these steps, your contract is finally broken.

12. Connected with your personal divine mission

We all have personal divine missions. Your divine mission is equal to your divine purpose. It’s why you’ve been put on planet Earth at this exact time. Don’t worry – everything you do has a purpose, and nobody’s role in this world is irrelevant.

The best example of this divine mission is, without a doubt, Jesus Christ. His purpose was to save humankind, and he even sacrificed himself in the process of doing so.

You must wonder what your mission on planet Earth might be. Well, I can’t tell you that. You will discover it once you reach a certain level of self-awareness.

13. It has a powerful mission in your life

Soul contracts are here to teach you valuable lessons. Basically, for your soul agreement to end in natural terms (I’m not talking about when you break it voluntarily), you have to fulfill it.

First and foremost, you have to reach a certain level of self-awareness. And, of course, let’s not forget the importance of self-love.

The sooner you accept and learn how to love your true self, even through difficult times, the sooner your contract will be over.

There are other things necessary for this mission to be fulfilled, including getting in touch with your spiritual side, having more faith in your destiny, believing in your intuition, cherishing your psychic abilities, and learning how to decode the messages you keep on getting from you guardian angels.

When all of this happens, you’ve reached the spiritual enlightenment we’ve talked about. That is when your contract’s mission will be done.

14. A soul contract reading

I bet you didn’t know this, but you can actually get a soul contract reading. Of course, not everyone can give you this reading – it has to be a skilled psychic.

Basically, this reading will tell you everything there is to know about your contract. Who do you have it with? What is the purpose of each of your contracts? Do you have any broken contracts, and how do you achieve them

15. Made out of energies

What is a soul contract made of? Did your souls sign some papers, like you do when you sign legal contracts? Absolutely not!

In fact, soul contracts are made of similar energies. You sign them with souls whose positive energy goes hand in hand with yours.

8 Signs You’ve Signed A Soul Contract With Someone

hands holding puzzle pieces

If you experience some of these signs relating to another person, this is someone you’ve signed a soul agreement with.

1. Unexplainable connection

The first sign that you’ve made a soul agreement with another person is your emotional connection with this person. The thing about this connection is that you can’t seem to explain it to anyone.

It’s not that you necessarily have common interests with this person. Maybe your paths don’t even cross that much.

However, you feel like they understand you better than anyone. You feel drawn to them, and you can’t fight your emotions when they’re around.

2. Deep bond

Nevertheless, I’m not talking about a physical connection here. This is more of a spiritual bond that takes place on a deeper level.

Why is that so? Well, isn’t it obvious? What is a soul contract made of? That’s right, it’s made of energy.

So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that your connection has little to do with your physical body. Instead, it comes from the spiritual world.

Your souls are tied to each other. That’s why you two share spiritual ideas. You have an incredibly high intimate connection with this person.

3. Sense of completeness

The truth is that you should be enough by yourself. However, you can’t help but notice that this person can satisfy certain specific needs you can’t meet by yourself. Once again, I’m not talking about physical needs here – I’m talking about your spiritual needs.

The point is that this person knows you from your past lives. They’re the only one familiar with the older versions of you.

That is exactly why they complete you like no one else. When you hear the term “other half,” they’re the one you should think of.

This is someone who gives you exactly what you want at a certain moment. Sometimes, they even provide you with things you didn’t even know you needed.

4. Perfect timing

You know what the best part about running into these people you’ve signed a soul agreement with is? It’s that they have perfect timing.

Remember I told you that this person could be someone seemingly irrelevant. It can be someone you run into once in a lifetime.

Nevertheless, even that one time is no accident.

They come when you need their guidance most. Or maybe it’s the other way around?

Maybe you appeared in their life at the exact moment they needed something from you. After all, let’s not forget that these contracts are a two-way street.

Either way, the bottom line is that nothing happens by accident. It’s no coincidence that you met them when you did.

But just because they’re out of your life at this moment doesn’t mean that you don’t have a chance of encountering them once again. But even if that happens, it will be at the perfect time as well.

5. Sense of recognition

We’ve already established that you’ve signed this contract before your soul entered this new body you’re currently in. That means that you know this person you’ve signed a contract with from your past lives.

That is exactly why you feel this sense of familiarity even though you’re seeing them for the first time. To be exact, your physical bodies are meeting one another for the first time in this lifetime.

However, your souls have gone through numerous past events together, and they recognize each other.

You feel like you’ve known this person your entire life. You feel more connected to them than someone you’ve spent a large amount of time with.

You have the same types of energies and something beyond this physical world that connects you.

6. High influence

Consequently, this person has an incredibly strong influence on you without even putting much effort into impacting you. To put it simply, sometimes it feels like you are actually two souls in one body.

Their positive energy has the ability to lighten your mood, but at the same time, their negative soul energy can put you down in a matter of seconds.

You understand each other by just exchanging eye contact. You know they always mean well, and that’s why you take their advice gladly.

7. Sense of security

Another sign that you’ve made a soul agreement with someone is the sense of security this person provides you with. I don’t care if you’re seeing them for the first time – their presence alone makes them feel like home, and you know they come with good intentions.

You’re safe near them, and you’re certain that nothing bad could happen to you while they’re around.

You’re not the type of person who trusts just about anyone. However, all of your trust issues magically disappear the moment you meet this person.

You know you can rely on them, no matter what. And at the same time, you know you would help them and protect them, even if it were the last thing you’d do.

8. Making you a better person

Finally, this is someone who has the ability to make you better. No, they’re not here to change you or play with your free will.

Nevertheless, they will definitely inspire you to become a better person. They will push you towards the fulfilling life you deserve.

After all, the ultimate goal of soul contracts is to teach you important lessons

What Are The Types Of Soul Contracts?

couple holding hands

Besides a soulmate soul contract, there is also a karmic soul contract and a twin flame soul contract. In each of these contracts, your soul is tied to another person – just in different ways.

What Is A Karmic Soul Contract?

A karmic contract is there to teach you a lesson. It’s usually connected with romantic relationships. It’s frequently a toxic relationship you can’t seem to get rid of.

What you don’t know is that you failed to learn a valuable lesson in one of your past lives. Now you have two choices: you’ll either learn a given lesson and get rid of this contract.

Or you’ll spend the rest of your life trapped in this endless cycle. And if you don’t learn it before your soul abandons your human body, your karmic contract will follow you to the next life.

What Is A Twin Flame Soul Contract?

A twin flame contract is the highest type of contract. You sign it only with one person: the other half of your soul.

However, it’s not always sunshine and roses between you and your mirror soul.

You go through a lot of unpleasant experiences, including twin flame separation, until you reach your twin flame reunion. That happens only when you both reach your higher selves and go through spiritual awakening.

This person is meant to be forever, and your bond surpasses this lifetime.

What Is A Soul Contract In Love?

Loving young couple standing in each other's arms and kissing on a sandy beach at dusk

A soul contract in love is exclusively related to your romantic relationships. You sign it with your love interest.

However, this doesn’t have to be the person you end up with. Maybe it’s just someone whose presence you need for a certain period in your life until your contract fulfills its purpose.

Can You Rewrite A Soul Contract?

In the same way you can break a soul contract, you can also rewrite it if you wish. However, this is impossible without the help of a skilled psychic.

You can change the person you’ve signed a contract with or the purpose of your agreement. But don’t forget that you’re not the only one in charge here – they can do the same.

Do Soul Contracts Work?

You don’t have to believe in them – it’s completely up to your free will, like everything else. However, I assure you that soul contracts do work and are very much real. Besides, you’ll see for yourself sooner or later.

To Wrap Up:

Nobody said that this journey would be easy. You’ll probably go through numerous unpleasant experiences until your soul contract ends and fulfills its final mission.

However, I promise you one thing: it will be worth it because it will bring you to the spiritual depths you didn’t know existed.