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What Boys Want: 10 Attractive Qualities They All Secretly Crave

What Boys Want: 10 Attractive Qualities They All Secretly Crave

There are lots of love life questions still unanswered, but the biggest one of all is what boys want in a girl.

What is it that makes a girl attractive? Is it her appearance or there is more to it?

Is your perfect outfit and lavish hair enough to catch their attention and make them want you badly?

Well, it is. I would be a liar if I told you otherwise. Boys are visual creatures and your appearance is definitely one of the first things they notice about you.

But, what makes them want to court you, fight for you, and die for you is your personality!

A killer outfit and gorgeous hair is nothing without an attitude that screams: I know what I want, I know what I like, and I know what I need. I know how to have fun and enjoy life to the fullest.

What boys really want in a girl

Here is the ultimate list of attractive qualities boys secretly crave (and it’s more than just good looks):

1. A girl with a positive outlook

One of the most important things guys want in a girl is her positive outlook! Let’s be honest. No one wants to be with a girl or anyone else who is totally pessimistic about life.

A positive outlook is the most powerful weapon of every girl and it would be a shame not to use it to your advantage. Being able to see things in a different, inspiring light is a huge turn on!

Boys want a girl who is capable of finding a silver lining in every negative situation. That is how you’ll win his heart

For example, when something shitty happens, instead of yelling and losing your mind, girls with a positive outlook use sarcastic jokes and laugh at the whole situation.

And there’s nothing more powerful than that. A girl who is able to brighten up every room she enters is every guy’s dream!

2. A girl who can hold meaningful conversations

For a long time, I thought that what boys want is a pretty girl who automatically nods at their every word. I thought they were only interested in playing video games 24/7, fast cars, and hot girls.

Truth be told, there are still guys who are only into all that, but real guys are interested in meaningful conversations. They want a girl who can hold an inspiring, meaningful conversation and is not afraid to express her opinion.

But, don’t get me wrong. This doesn’t mean that boys are only interested in girls whose only literary insights are based on having read a collection of young adult books.

They want a girl who is not afraid to contradict them and say what she really means on a certain matter.

There’s nothing more fun and entertaining than having an extensive conversation in the small hours (be it via phone or in person).

What a guy really wants is a girl who he can call in the middle of the night and talk about aliens, conspiracy theories, the meaning of life, and all the other interesting, unconventional things.

So, instead of nodding at their every word and waiting for them to initiate a deep conversation, surprise them with a collection of interesting topics.

Express your curiosity and don’t be afraid to give your opinion even on topics that are considered to be boyish.

The more flexible and imaginative you are, the more meaningful (and entertaining) the conversation.

3. A girl who is passionate about life

There’s nothing more boring than a couch potato who is not interested in anything except watching Netflix (this goes for both guys and girls).

And there’s nothing more exciting than a person who is passionate about life in its every aspect. And boys want that girl!

They don’t want a girl who will be texting them 24/7 or spending all of her free time with them only. They want a girl who has her own life because that’s sexy and hot as hell!

So, one of the best pieces of relationship advice in your life is definitely this one: Explore things, enjoy life!

Guys want a girl who is passionate about doing interesting things in life like drawing, singing, dancing, cooking, etc. There’s nothing more hot than seeing a girl with that sparkle in her eyes when she talks about something she enjoys doing.

That’s the kind of girl guys want to be with! They want to enter your beautiful, interesting world and they want to hear every little thing about something you’re passionate about.

Because passion is the essence of life and without it, we wouldn’t be able to differentiate ourselves. Being passionate means living a life that is filled with excitement and curiosity!

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4. A girl who is self-confident (but not bitchy)

Many girls confuse this one because of the twisted picture provided by the media. Remember all those high-school, teenage girls in the movies and TV shows?

The vast majority of them are represented as bitchy and somehow, they succeed in seducing that one hot teen boy every single time.

The media deliberately turns those girls into the epitomes of self-confidence, but all I see is bitchy behavior that shouldn’t be praised. And if you ask any guy out there, they will tell you the same thing!

Guys want a girl who is self-confident yet not bitchy. And in today’s times, there’s a thin line between the two.

Being self-confident means accepting yourself for who you really are, appreciating yourself, and working on becoming the best version of yourself.

It means respecting yourself and demanding respect from others. It means dealing with things in a polite and intelligent manner.

They want a girl who screams confidence with her every word and not just body.

Guys want a girl who knows how to leave them breathless with her thinking and not only appearance. So, be that girl – there’s nothing more beautiful than that!

5. A girl who embraces her natural beauty

In times like these, the accent is on artificial.

Media is bombarding young women (and young men) with their artificial definition of “real beauty” that consists of a perfect makeup (for girls) and a perfect body.

And, somehow, to achieve that, you always have to buy that one product that will make you look prettier and as a result feel prettier.

But, boys don’t want that. They don’t really want perfection.

What boys want more than anything in this world is a girl who appreciates her natural beauty instead of following someone else’s beauty rules.

A little bit of blush, mascara, and lipstick or lip balm are enough to accentuate every girl’s natural beauty. Guys don’t really dig all those heavy makeup facades.

They look artificial and definitely not a choice for every day.

A guy wants to see that a girl is feeling comfortable in her own body. So what if you gained some extra pounds? If you’re working on it, there’s nothing to be ashamed of.

Every body is a beautiful body, no matter its size, and that’s the most valuable message the media fails at delivering. Every face is a beautiful face, no matter its flaws.

As a matter of fact, flaws are what makes you truly unique and interesting.

And that’s exactly what guys want to see. They want to memorize something that’s special about you and a makeup mask that corrects every imperfection will definitely not help them with that.

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6. A girl who has manners

Another thing that many girls forget about is the real difference between attitude and manners. Yes, boys might be attracted to your attitude, but your manners are what keeps them hooked!

The ability to know how to behave in every situation, the way of talking, walking and doing things say a lot about us. To make it easier for you to understand, here’s a quick example:

You’re in a restaurant and the waiter brings you the wrong order. What do you say to him?

Do you express your dissatisfaction and say something insulting or condescending?

Or you tell him that you understand the situation and that it happens to everyone?

Expressing dissatisfaction will show your bold (not to say bitchy) attitude, but understanding will show that you have manners and know how to stay calm in every situation.

Showing understanding and appreciation, and dealing with things gracefully is totally hot.

The easiest thing a woman can do is show her bitchy side and demand an apology (even when she’s not right). This kind of behavior is a huge turn off and it’s just not inviting.

It took me a while, but I learned that everything can be solved with patience and understanding. If you’re not sure what to do in a certain moment, it’s better to do nothing than something really stupid and then regret it.

7. A girl who knows how to take care of herself

Just like women want a man who knows how to take care of himself, the same goes for them. They don’t want perfection, but simply a girl who prioritizes self-care.

This includes taking care of her appearance (but not overdoing it), knowing how to deal with shitty people, and not crying for help upon the first obstacle. They want a girl who will not merely cross her arms and wait for the problem to fix itself.

They want a girl who rolls up her sleeves and does something about it instead of just waiting. Girls who go through life like true soldiers are the biggest muses to all the artists around the world, and they are a true inspiration to boys as well.

The biggest fear that every guy has is being with a girl who is too needy or naggy. When you’re too needy, you’re sending a message that you’re not capable of taking care of yourself and you need constant assistance.

But, when you know how to stand up for yourself and deal with both good and shitty things in life on your own, you become a boss in every guy’s eyes. They admire you and salute your determination and bravery.

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8. A girl who knows how to express herself

This one is closely connected with being passionate about life. So, what boys want is a girl who knows how to express herself in every aspect of her life!

This includes having your own style (instead of blindly following trends), having interesting hobbies and passions, and knowing how to express yourself through them.

Expressing yourself also means knowing how to say what you really mean. All of these are like a trademark of your personality; something that makes you you.

Note the accent is on you! Knowing how to express yourself means knowing how to present your own thoughts, ideals, and dreams.

When you know how to do that, there’s not a single boy in the world who will be able to stay indifferent to it.

9. A girl who can make them laugh

Gone are the days when only boys were expected to make girls laugh. We’re living in modern times where female comedians are no longer a rarity.

But, this doesn’t mean that boys expect girls to be professional stand-ups. A guy wants a girl who can make him laugh with her unique way of thinking, funny way of retelling stories, and playful banter.

More than a blowjob (although they won’t admit it), they want a girl who understands their jokes too. They want to know that they’ve succeeded in making you laugh because it means they can make you happy.

Yes, they want to know that you’re content and happy in their company. If you’re able to make them laugh and if you laugh at their jokes, you’re able to make them develop a secret crush on your smile.

Guys don’t want a girl who will only wait on them to bring some brightness into a conversation.

There are many ways in which a girl can spice up a conversation with a little bit of humor as well, and one of them is through funny memes and jokes.

10. A girl who is open minded

Many girls think that guys are only interested in hookups, but the majority of them are interested in hanging out with a beautiful, open minded girl who is both inspiring and motivating.

They are interested in getting to know her better because her world seems to be one of the most exciting places on earth.

They want a girl who won’t discard every new idea without even giving it a chance or without even trying to understand it. What boys want is a girl who knows what she wants and who is not afraid to broaden her horizons.

They want a girl who is excited about doing interesting, fun things and not only sitting around like a human vegetable.

Joking aside, there’s nothing wrong with chill nights from time to time, but the real essence of open-mindedness lies in being willing to try new things and evolving.

Guys want you to be yourself!

And finally, what boys want is for you to be your true self! The last thing any boy wants is a girl who is ashamed of herself, her dreams, and her principles.

They want to see your unique personality, which is the only thing that can make them miss you a lot when you’re not around. So, strive to be your best self, but never perfect!

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