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Party Hookup: 15 Bulletproof Tips For Guys & Girls

Party Hookup: 15 Bulletproof Tips For Guys & Girls

Hooking up at parties can be so much FUN. I especially like how party hookups are depicted in movies.

Usually, it’s a guy who approaches a girl first (girls, don’t feel discouraged by this fact), and they have an epic, fun conversation.

After that, they either start dancing together, or one of them says this famous sentence, “It’s too noisy here. Do you want to go somewhere quieter?

YES, PLEASE! (Sorry, I imagined that I was in a movie with someone I really like.)

But let’s not fool ourselves. Real-life party hookups don’t always go as smoothly as in the movies. Awkward silences, failed banter, more awkward silences, disinterest, you name it.

These are some of the things we have to deal with during party hookups in the real world. But guess what? You can still rock it because I certainly do! (Being humble is not my strongest personality trait.)

The following party hookup tips will turn you into a party god/goddess with minimal effort. The only thing you need to bring to the table is your confidence and willingness to have fun. So, let’s see! ?

5 Basic Party Hookup Tips For Guys & Girls

These general party hookup tips are reserved for both guys and girls. Their purpose is to accentuate the most important things when it comes to hookups. Right below that, you’ll find some extra tips specifically reserved for guys and girls separately.

1. The main ingredient of party hookups: CONFIDENCE.

Who would say that confidence plays a big role when it comes to hookups? Just kidding! We all know that the chances of attracting someone without being (or at least appearing) confident aren’t high.

Why, you may wonder? The answer is simple. Because confidence is hot, and it screams the following things: “I love being me. Look at me, I’m awesome. You can be awesome, too, if you hang out or hook up with me.”

Who wouldn’t want to hook up with someone like that? We are drawn to people who value themselves and know what they offer.

We want to hook up with them, we want to be in a relationship with them, we want to marry them. Okay, maybe I went too far ? but you get the idea.

Be confident regardless of your appearance and personality, and you’ll never have problems hooking up with anyone. I can guarantee you that my close friends can confirm this.

2. Your appearance is also important.

Whether it’s high school, college, or at a party with your coworkers, appearance plays a huge role in the world of real-life hookups and dating apps like Tinder or Bumble.

Hookup culture is all about one-night stands, summer flings, casual sexual encounters, and other casual activities (if you catch my drift). In other words, physical appearance and sexual tension are the main things when it comes to hooking up with someone.

What does this mean? It means you should ‘dress to impress’ and pay special attention to accentuating your best body parts. Your hairstyle, beard (talking to guys), and makeup (talking to girls) shouldn’t be neglected either.

Your fragrance selection is also an important factor when it comes to party hookups (and hookups in general). Smell good, and they’ll become glued to your fragrance for the rest of the night (and the following day).

Extra advice for girls: Check these non-sexual physical features men find most attractive in women.

3. But it’s not more important than your personality (or is it?).

You’re a human being. Just because you’re in the middle of a party hookup doesn’t mean you should focus solely on presenting your physical features.

Your personality is also (if not) even more important than your appearance. Look at it this way: Your appearance captures the attention, but your personality holds it.

Don’t forget that your personality traits also have the power to attract people. No one enjoys the company of someone who is incapable of having a decent and preferably fun conversation.

Just standing there and waiting for others to do all the work is a recipe for disaster. If you want to hook up with someone, then be a man or woman of action!

4. Displaying your trademarks will get you very far.

The average college student is perfectly capable of hooking up with anyone if they’re smart at presenting themselves. By this, I’m referring to their trademarks and those little things that make you stand out from the crowd.

The truth is, we all want to hook up with someone who is good-looking, interesting, and has “that something.” If you ask me, I would always pick an interesting person over someone who is only good-looking (the sapiosexual in me is speaking on my behalf).

I remember this one cute guy who had a distinct laugh and cool bushy, curly hair. He also had an excellent Viking-style beard. His trademarks made me attracted to him within seconds.

With that said, I suggest that displaying your trademarks will get you really far, so make sure to accentuate them.

Also, here’s my personal hookup rule of thumb: Don’t hook up with someone you wouldn’t want to talk to the next day (because you might regret it).

5. Having fun = being fun.

Learning how to hook up at a party is all about owning it, aka having fun. If you’re one of those party freaks, then you know what I’m talking about.

But don’t be discouraged because you don’t have to be a party freak to have fun and hook up with someone. Just don’t be someone who has zero life force inside them and doesn’t even try to enjoy time spent at a party.

Do you think anyone would want to hook up with someone like that? Perhaps only the drunk ones who aren’t really picky.

College parties are all about meeting new people, having fun, and doing silly stuff that you’ll laugh at in the future.

Holiday party hookups such as Christmas parties can also be fun. All you need to do is awaken that party beast inside you, and the rest will follow.

5 Extra Party Hookup Tips For Guys

WARNING: These tips are straightforward, honest, and effective. If you aren’t ready to roll up your sleeves and do some work, then go back to your man cave. Just kidding! ? Here are the things you need to pay attention to when it comes to hooking up with girls at parties:

1. COOL and MATURE are the main keywords.

Have you noticed that hookups are less stressful than first dates? I’m sure you have. This means that being cool and mature shouldn’t be a problem when it comes to hooking up with a girl at a party.

You won’t overthink breaking the ice too much, but you’ll take a more casual approach. Honestly, making a move on a girl at a party is not that complicated. All you need to do is show her how cool and mature you are, and seducing girls like a boss is guaranteed.

So, don’t shy away from displaying your hot dance moves, telling jokes, being relaxed, and not drinking too much. I doubt a girl would be enticed to hook up with a guy who can barely stand up because he’s had too much alcohol. (Not hot and not mature.)

2. Listening and paying attention is totally HOT.

Regardless of whether you’re in the middle of a party hookup, casual dating, or in a relationship, LISTENING and PAYING ATTENTION is always hot and cool.

This will also help greatly when it comes to keeping a conversation going. If you don’t listen to her, you won’t be able to know what to say next, so the conversation might be forced and dull.

Pay attention to not only her words but also her body language and appearance. Compliment her because we all like compliments, right? If she seems reserved (e.g., crossed arms), then try to get her to relax a bit by cracking some jokes.

If she’s biting her lip or playing with her hair, know that she’s totally flirting with you, and you’re doing great.

3. Forget desperation and practice the art of being patient.

Your goal here is to catch her attention and avoid acting desperate. This means you shouldn’t immediately ask her: Hey, wanna go to my place?

Okay, I’ll be realistic. In SOME cases, this bold approach totally works, but in MOST cases, girls prefer to exchange a few more sentences with you before hooking up.

That is where the art of patience comes into play! You don’t want her to think that you’re desperate and just looking for a random girl for a hookup.

Even if you do, don’t show her that! Don’t be pushy but have some decency and self-worth (you definitely don’t want to risk sexual assault charges.) Think of party hookups as a game where you need to first earn the attention of a girl you want to hookup with.

If you can do that and make her laugh, there you have it: a recipe for hooking up like a boss.

4. Winning over her friends will get you brownie points.

I’m sure you haven’t thought of this one, but I can assure you it will get you very far. We girls like to consult with our female friends before making any decisions.

Hooking up is no exception. So, in a nutshell, you don’t only have to seduce the girl you like but also win over her friends. I mean, you don’t have to, but it’s recommended.

If her friends approve of you, the chances of her hooking up with you are really HIGH. In a way, she will feel pressured by her ladies because they will not let her lose out on such a fun and awesome guy. Catch my drift?

5. “If you can make a girl laugh, you can make her do anything.” – Marilyn Monroe

Do you know what the one thing online dating, office holiday parties, being on a date, or being in a relationship have in common? It’s the fact that making a girl laugh, in any case, will make her like you.

Well, a great sense of humor is responsible for boosting sexual tension as well. Approaching a woman shouldn’t be a boring experience. To make it more fun, remember to tease her, make her laugh, and just have fun together.

A great rule of thumb: If you enjoy spending time with her, she probably enjoys it too. Another great tip: Being a gentleman never goes out of style.

Impress her with your manners, how you express yourself, and how you make her laugh. I’m sure Marilyn Monroe would agree with this.

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5 Extra Party Hookup Tips For Girls

Ready for some extra party hookup tips for ladies? I’m sure you are. Truth be told, you won’t need to bother following all these tips if you have a killer wingwoman.

If you don’t, here are the rules to becoming a killer wingwoman to show your girls. I’m sure these rules will take your hookups to the next level:

1. Enter party mode (smeared lipstick is not a reason to worry).

OMG does my hair look good? What about my lipstick? Is my skirt too short?

Many girls think that being irresistibly attractive is about looking perfect (e.g., having flawless makeup and a perfect outfit). I agree that appearance plays a role when it comes to seducing men, but your vibe is more important.

If you barely ever laugh at a party and seem disinterested in hanging out with others, every guy will be afraid to approach you. Why? Because they would fear being rejected.

Excessive worrying about your hairstyle, nail polish, lipstick, and other female beauty artillery won’t get you far. You’ll miss all the fun and chances for hooking up.

One of the main traits of a girl who can seduce any man is, undoubtedly, self-confidence and the ability to not take things too seriously.

2. Interesting conversations will certainly capture his attention.

In most cases, guys are the ones who approach girls first. But this doesn’t have to be the norm. After all, we are bold and smart, and we know what we want!

So, if you see a guy at a party that you would like to hook up with, follow your instincts, girl! Don’t wait for him to make a move. Instead, do it yourself because I know you can.

I’ve done it, and guys loved it every single time. Worried about how to start a conversation with a guy?

You can start a convo by saying something interesting about the party, such as This party totally rocks! It cured me of the grandma lifestyle

I’ve been living over the past few days.

Every guy praises a girl who can be funny without much effort. So, when it comes to approaching a guy for the first time, focus on getting his attention.

You’ll do it either by saying something funny or remarkable or teasing him playfully. You choose!

3. Use the power of body language.

We women often forget that the real power of seduction is not about what we say but do (and how we do it). Your body language says more about you than your words ever will.

If you want to display a hot body language that will attract him, then smile, pay attention to the tone of your voice (a husky voice is preferred), and lock eyes.

Show him that you’re confident, flirty, and that you definitely know what you want. You want to have fun, right? Let me rephrase. You want to have fun with him.

Then have it!

The fun doesn’t start when you decide to go to his or your place. The fun starts right from the first encounter.

Enjoy when a guy looks down at your body. Say something flirty to him, tease him. Seduce him by looking him deeply in the eyes.

Don’t let him do all the work. Let your body language help you too.

4. Making out on the dance floor is the way to go.

The best hookups are when sexual tension and attraction are at their peak. You can make this happen by acting flirty and getting closer to him.

Is there a better way to drive a guy crazy than by making out on the dance floor with him? Learning subtle places to touch a man and drive him crazy is also helpful.

Show off your hot moves while dancing, whisper something seductively into his ear, and look him in the eyes while dancing.

My advice is to do all these things subtly. Surprise him with your action, and then retreat. After a few seconds, surprise him with another hot gesture. That way, you’ll bring attraction and tension to their peak.

5. If he isn’t responsive, don’t force it.

Remember that memorizing this list of seduction techniques won’t work if, for some reason, a man is not interested in hooking up with you at the moment.

Not everyone is going to like you, and that’s more than okay. This doesn’t have to be the only reason he’s not interested in hooking up.

Perhaps he’s not in the mood, or he agreed to spend the whole night with his guy friends. Worry not. If he isn’t that responsive, don’t force it but also don’t take it too personally.

I’m sure other guys would be more than happy to hook up with you, so choose wisely.

The same applies when we catch feelings for them and start initiating something more, but they don’t. If he wants to stay casual, don’t force anything.

What Does Hooking Up At A Party Mean?

Hooking up at a party basically means meeting someone at a party with whom you’ll have some type of physical closeness later on. This can but doesn’t have to solely refer to a sexual encounter. It could also just be making out.

We’re talking about being sexually intimate in an uncommitted way. However, sometimes hookups can turn into romances (short-term or long-term).

If you’re still indecisive regarding hookups, here’s what the American Psychological Association (APA) says about sexual hook-up culture:

“On average, both men and women appear to have higher positive affect than negative affect after a hookup. In one study, among participants who were asked to characterize the morning after a hookup, 82 percent of men and 57 percent of women were generally glad they had done it (Garcia & Reiber, 2008).”

Perhaps the info provided by these male and female respondents will be crucial when it comes to your hookup decisions. Still, the best is to follow your gut. If you don’t feel comfortable doing something, then don’t do it. Period.

Let’s Get The Party Started!

Are you ready for a party hookup? If you are, my final piece of advice for you would be: relax and have fun. If you aren’t, that’s also okay.

We’re not all into the same things.

You’re allowed to overthink a little bit (if you really have to) but don’t overdo it. From my personal experience, I can confirm that the best things happen when we’re being spontaneous.

Rock that party and show the other girls and guys how cool and hot you are. ? And for God’s sake, don’t forget to use contraception to prevent STDs and unwanted babies.