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What Does It Mean When A Guy Smells Your Neck? (7 Things)

<strong>What Does It Mean When A Guy Smells Your Neck</strong>? (7 Things)

If you’ve ever been out with a guy and he smelled your neck once or several times that night, you’ve probably wondered: ‘‘What does it mean when a guy smells your neck?’’

Guys do it for several reasons, but don’t worry: none of them are wrong or with bad intentions. Actually, smelling someone’s neck has a great influence on the immune system.

For some men, smelling the neck is a fetish; for others, it has a deeper meaning. Either way, we will discuss every reason one by one, so stick with this article to learn the details!

What Does It Mean When A Guy Smells Your Neck? 7 Things

Sometimes, men love body language more than words: smelling your neck, prolonged eye contact, or hugging you from behind – these are some ways he’s trying to tell you something.

Let’s find out what he’s trying to say when he smells your neck.

1. He’s marking his territory

This reason has a lot to do with human evolution. As you know, animals mark their territory by releasing scents on different areas and objects.

This way, they ensure that no other animals come into their territory. Of course, men aren’t animals, but from an evolutionary point of view, they may subconsciously smell your neck to mark their territory.

They are leaving their scent on you, so when other guys approach you, they’ll know you’re already taken. This is pretty common for competitive boys who aren’t entirely yours.

2. He wants to know how you smell

This is the most common reason why guys smell your neck. Usually, this act has no deep meaning; they just want to know how you smell.

Speaking from a biological standpoint, our sense of smell is linked to our emotions and memories.

If you think about it, a certain smell can instantly teleport you to a distant memory. The same is happening here.

Besides, knowing your natural aroma will trigger a flood of emotions, from fascination to love.

3. He’s trying to relax

When a man leans his head on a girl’s neck, it’s probably because he’s had a difficult day and wants to relax.

A man in love will use your natural scent as a form of relaxation because he associates it with ‘‘something his’’ or ‘‘where home is.’’

He feels safe around you, and for the brain, your smell is the most obvious sign you’re around them. That’s why sniffing your neck has a calming effect on him.

Again, this is strongly related to biology because our bodies produce pheromones that can have this calming effect.

4. He wants to see if you trust him

If you’ve wondered, ‘‘What does it mean when a guy smells your neck?’’ the answer could be that a guy wants to know if you trust him, and smelling your neck is a good way to achieve this. How come?

Your neck is a very intimate and sensitive area; if you let him get close to this area, it immediately shows that you trust him.

You aren’t afraid of him being around you and entering your comfort zone. Trust is also seen through other, more obvious signs, but this might also help.

5. He wants to be intimate with you

passionate blonde woman and shirtless man embracing with shadows on bodies

Smelling your neck gives your partner the perfect opportunity for a neck kiss, and any kiss increases sexual interest.

Such effects work both on males and females because the neck is a very intimate region. Sometimes, the ‘‘let’s have sex’’ sentence is too direct and only decreases sexual desire.

Smelling your neck and kissing you allows your partner to initiate any further sexual activity without being too direct and making it as spontaneous as possible.

6. He loves you

Everybody shows their affection differently; maybe your partner uses neck kisses to show you how much he likes you.

Your love life is probably good even without the smell and the kisses, but he likely loves this type of intimacy.

7. It’s a fetish

Believe it or not, many guys out there have a fetish for smelling necks. They actually love everything about the neck.

A neck fetish is a thing, and many people become sexually excited because of this part of the body.

It’s a delicate and sensual area, so if you usually use perfume with lovely base notes like musk or smelling soaps, it’s normal to expect your partner to smell your neck and kiss it.

What To Do When A Guy Smells Your Neck

Well, this depends on the situation you’re in. If he sniffs you and kisses your neck, let him know you’re into what he’s doing.

Enjoy the moment, and if you like it, proceed by getting a little more physical. However, if you’re not into this, it’s okay to back off and say you don’t like it.

If he continues doing this, try to ask him why he’s doing it or any other related question that will give you a good answer. Try to have an open talk about this to avoid unpleasant situations.


What does it mean if he likes your smell?

Most of the time, this means he’s attracted to you. In terms of physical attraction, smell plays a large role. The more you’re ‘‘odor compatible,’’ the more you’re attracted to each other.

Also, smelling can give a guy the feeling of being home and safe, especially if he really likes you. By sniffing your natural scent, his aware you’re around, so he can finally relax.

How does your scent affect a man?

From a biological perspective, men love the smell of women’s reproductive hormones. When a man loves you, he’ll be even more drawn to your scent: not just your natural one but to any other.

Several studies have shown that body odor is strongly connected to attraction. Also, some studies suggest that it’s possible to be ‘‘chemically compatible’’ with someone, which is called body-odor attraction.

Final thoughts

So, to get full closure: what does it mean when a guy smells your neck? Most of the time, your partner will sniff your neck for a good reason.

He either loves you, is attracted to you, or wants to mark his territory or just relax. The neck is an erogenous zone; I’m sure you won’t mind if he does so.

Because if this is common, you’re making him feel like the heart-eye emoji, and they won’t love you for an entire year but a lifetime.

But if you aren’t into this, it’s okay. Try to communicate honestly and say why you aren’t into it.