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Neck Kiss: All You Need To Know About This Sensual Gesture

Neck Kiss: All You Need To Know About This Sensual Gesture

Getting kissed for the first time by a person you’re head over heels for is such an intoxicating and thrilling experience. But when that first kiss is a neck kiss… all common sense is out the door.

The neck is an extremely sensitive area on your body and getting kissed there is a very intimate experience that most people simply cannot resist.

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Let’s be real. How many times have you tried staying mad at bae for doing something annoying, but then they proceeded to give you a neck kiss and as much as you wanted to stay angry, you just couldn’t?

I don’t know what it is, but damn, it sure does get you weak in your knees and makes it impossible to resist, so you just let go and get lost in all of its magical beauty…

What Is A Kiss On The Neck Called?

Neck kisses are usually called hickeys. To be exact, hickeys are those kisses on the neck that leave you with a bruise. It’s not the kiss but the sucking that leaves this kind of mark.

Remember how back in high school it was practically impossible to hook up with someone unless they gave you a hickey? It was like a stamp- marking of the territory.

Well, even though you’ve probably outgrown this, wouldn’t it be cute to get a hickey nowadays?

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What Does A Neck Kiss Symbolize?

When someone kisses you on the neck, it’s a clear sign of attraction and passion they feel for you. Usually, a french kiss is a big deal but trust me- a neck kiss can be much more intimate.

The neck is one of the most sensitive parts of your body and getting kissed there evokes the type of feeling that is so hard to describe, yet so electrifying to experience.

Could it be a hidden fantasy on your partner’s part or do they think that’s the spot you love the most?

Every kiss has a different meaning behind it, and sometimes it’s difficult to decipher what means what, so here are some potential hidden meanings behind the kiss on the neck:

Neck kissing is deeply connected with lust

No matter what you’re doing and no matter where you are, as soon as you feel a person slowly getting close to your neck, then starting to touch you while gently kissing it from one side to the other, something takes over you and your whole body is in a universe of its own.

And you freaking love it. If there is a line between knowing when a guy is into you in a friendly manner as opposed to being sexually attracted to you, we can safely say that neck kissing is that line.

Neck kissing does not necessarily have to mean that a guy is into you in a relationship type of way.

It can also mean that he simply wants you as he is very physically attracted to you. Sexual tension is a powerful thing that is sometimes really hard to resist.

It can be a sweet, romantic gesture in long-term relationships

On the other hand, neck kissing can be most often seen among couples in long-term relationships.

It is a very intimate act that requires a certain closeness and trust that only people who have been together for a while possess.

When bae comes up from behind you, slowly and surprisingly putting their hands gently on your waist, all the while kissing your neck very tenderly, it means that their intentions are of a romantic nature.

They are using the element of surprise in order to do something they believe you will find very pleasing.

It is a very intimate feeling that long-term couples are familiar with, and it allows them to simply connect with each other, without any sexual intentions at that particular moment.

It can also lead to a steamy sexual encounter

Every once in a while, your partner can do other things with your neck that don’t involve kissing it directly.

It can happen while you two are making out at your place or when you’re just enjoying some quality time together.

Now you’re probably wondering what else there is that can be done with your neck that can be as thrilling and intoxicating as kissing it…

They can slowly but surely get closer to you from behind you, and breathe down the nape of your neck, while trying to arouse you and initiate steamy sexy lovemaking.

Now, this is not the most romantic gesture, but it certainly gets the job done. Not every move is supposed to be romantic, anyway.

Sometimes, all you need is a wild, hot, steamy session in bed with your partner, initiated by them doing everything from touching to kissing your neck until you’ve completely surrendered to them.

Sucking motions as a way to get you there

Sometimes, they may surprise you (hopefully in a good way) by the following: in between kissing you passionately on your neck, they perform sucking motions on the skin of your neck and then gently proceed to breathe all over it, then kiss it again.

This is a very clear indication that they are extremely sexually attracted to you and they’re doing everything in their power to show you how badly they want you.

By doing that, they are trying to get more intimate with you at that moment, and I don’t see a reason why you shouldn’t let them.

You may also return the favor at some point, which will make your partner gasp for air from excitement and desire. Give in to the night, and let your passion take over.

Let go, and enjoy the moment. You deserve some hot loving.

  • It is important to note that there is one tiny (but kind of hot) consequence of letting your man suck on your neck.

Don’t worry, it’s nothing too worrisome. I’m talking about so-called hickeysyes, the ones we’ve already talked about.

If you forgot about it back from high school, I reminded you of those little bruises that form on the skin of your neck after your partner sucks on it, leaving a mark of their passion.

If you have plans for later or simply don’t like having it so visible on your neck, just tell your partner to be mindful of that, and they’ll make sure not to leave a mark.

One can try, at least… There’s no telling how far lust can take you sometimes.

Although, when it comes to necks, there are really no guarantees. One touch is all it takes to let go of all reason and just let bae do whatever the fuck they want to your body. And sometimes, that is precisely what you need.

Neck kiss meaning explained

In short, here is everything a kiss on the neck means:

  • Your partner is very sexually attracted to you and is trying to show you just how badly they want you.
  • They are trying to arouse you, knowing that you can never resist it when you get kissed on the neck.
  • It could be a sign that you’re well past the point of friendship and that you’re ready for a more intimate relationship.

It really depends on the person doing the kissing. Is it your partner who knows your entire body by heart?

Or is it a virtual stranger who is trying to get you excited and aroused? Whoever it is, it will sure as hell get the job done.

Neck kiss: A romantic notion or a gesture of lust?

Unlike a forehead kiss or a kiss on the cheek, a kiss on the neck is an act most definitely not done by friends. It is a much more intimate affair, and when a person pleases you in that way, it undeniably means they’re into you physically.

Besides, let’s not forget that there are dozens of sex positions that give you a chance to kiss your partner on the neck. In that case, a neck kiss is definitely a gesture of lust.

But lust doesn’t exclude romance, does it? At the bottom line, neck kissing can be both romantic and passionate- it all depends on the way you do it.

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How Do Neck Kisses Feel?

Knowing the fact that your neck is super-sensitive, it’s no wonder that you’ll feel this kiss more intense than any other. Having someone you like to kiss you on the neck feels amazing and it awakens all the butterflies in your tummy.

It gives you chills and you start to shudder. When the other person’s set of lips come near your warm skin, you feel like you’re in seventh heaven.

Goosebumps run all over your excited body, and the hairs on your arms stand up from the sensationally exciting feeling that takes over.

It’s like you’re riding a rollercoaster at the top of the world. You feel the passion flowing through your veins and you can’t help but notice the tickles in your bones.

In short, you want this sensation to last forever!

Why Do Neck Kisses Feel So Good?

A kiss on the neck feels so damn great due to the fact that the neck is an erogenous zone, which makes it extremely sensitive to touch. Therefore, our entire body feels it. This is also why it can drive both men and women equally wild when touched.

The neck is a fundamental part of your body, and it contains some of the most vital arteries under its skin. Getting kissed on the neck also stimulates the nerve endings in it that cause you to develop goosebumps all over your body.

So when you get kissed there, no feeling can quite measure. You also feel great when you kiss a girl or a guy in the neck- knowing what kind of a reaction you provoked.

There are many different types of kisses. There are those that are platonic and kind of uninspiring, that just don’t make anything inside you tingle.

But there are also those salacious ones that exceed any platonic aspect and go much further than a kiss from a friend. One of those kisses is most definitely neck kisses.

Now you know why your partner is always kissing you on the neck. It’s because they know it’s the best way to arouse you. They know that the subtle, gentle brush of their lips on your sensitive neck can turn you on faster than you can take their shirt off.

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Kissing tips: Make The Most Out Of A Simple Neck Kiss

Let’s discover all the ways in which a neck kiss can get you to that raw place of serene fulfillment.

Gently touch your partner as you’re caressing their neck

As you’re getting closer to bae, move your fingers around their body, and slowly stop at your guy’s or girl’s neck. You don’t have to say anything. Instead, let your body language speak on your behalf.

Move your lips closer so that they can feel your breath on their skin, and start stroking that area.

  • Make the anticipation that much hotter by kissing every part of their body but your partner’s neck. In the beginning, kiss them with a closed mouth. But as the tension goes up, start opening them a bit.
  • Once you finally get to the neck, take your time and move slowly from one side of the neck to the other.
  • Once you’re done teasing, go all in and show your wild side by going faster and slightly more aggressive. But remember- it’s still not time for some real action. Instead, enjoy your foreplay a bit more!

Use an open mouth for maximum pleasure

If you want to give your partner the perfect kiss, use your mouth to provide them with more than just a simple kiss. Here’s what you can do:
  • Breathe on their neck slowly and seductively. Start with the collarbone or their shoulder and then proceed to the neck.
  • You can playfully nibble them on the neck and then suck on their skin (if that’s what they’re into).
  • Lick them all over with your tongue.

You’ll never know what will do the trick until you try some new things!

My advice is to ask your partner what they’re comfortable with and go for it. Who knows, you may be setting yourself off on a sexy adventure you never knew you needed!

Use your entire body to make the experience unforgettable

Remember: you can use your entire body as one big sex toy to help your partner reach maximum pleasure- you’re not limited just to your lips.

Here are some ideas that might come in handy:

  • Use your hands by placing them on bae’s shoulders before you start to make out. Then proceed to move to their head where you can slowly run your hands through their hair.
  • Press your body against your partner’s and let them feel the pressure. If you’re standing against the wall, it’s going to be so hot that you’ll almost have to call the fire department… just saying.
  • Place your hands on their waist and firmly hold them there, building anticipation before you decide to move a bit south of the border.

Nibble on their neck

Last, but not least, there’s nibbling. When your partner nibbles your neck or the nape of the neck, what they’re really doing is gently biting it, but without digging in with their teeth, so there are no worries about leaving a mark or anything.

It’s just a very playful way of expressing their passion, and it can be a real turn-on, too.

Pay attention to your partner’s verbal cues and make sure to do what makes them feel good. Don’t go overboard and cause them pain by accident.

Some people are into it and some simply aren’t. See what works for you two, and get cracking!

What To Do When A Guy Is Kissing Your Neck?

A guy kissing your neck is one of the best feelings in the world. But if this is the first time you experience it, you might be nervous about what to do with your mouth, hands, and the rest of your body.

Here are some ideas:

What To Do When A Girl Is Kissing Your Neck?

Kissing any part of her neck rocks but how should you behave when she does it to you? What to do while a girl is all over your neck? Try some of these moves:

  • Make sure she knows you enjoy it
  • Play with her hair
  • Grab her waist
  • Touch her butt


Any type of interaction with a guy’s or a girl’s neck is a sign that a person is interested in a certain type of relationship with you.

Be that a casual, playful one, or one more intimate and personal. It all depends on the type of neck caressing.

This is especially important for guys: if a girl lets you kiss any part of her neck– it’s likely that she’ll let you take off her T-shirt soon enough.

Trust me: this is definitely a green light to keep on with the good work! What more sign do you need that she likes you back?

But, what’s important to take from all this is to just have fun with it and explore all the magic behind a neck kiss in order to see what works for you and your partner.

Not everyone is into the same things, but that’s okay! There are different stages in every relationship, so just move at a pace that you’re both comfortable with and let your lust take you as far as each is willing to go.

Now that you’re familiar with all the tips and tricks on neck kissing, all there is to do is put them to test and not overthink it.

It’s totally normal to feel nervous at first, but with a little bit of practice, you’re going to learn to love all that it has to offer, and you and your partner will enjoy the perks of it for a long, long time!