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When He Puts His Hand On Your Thigh While Driving (13 Reasons Why)

When He Puts His Hand On Your Thigh While Driving (13 Reasons Why)

You’re feeling comfy, your favorite music is playing, and you’re sitting right beside him while he’s driving. Do you know at what moment things become really EXCITING? When he puts his hand on your thigh while driving.

I’m pretty sure every single lady out there has experienced this, either with her partner or with someone she’s started dating. And I bet you’ve tried to find the hidden meaning behind this cute and simple gesture.

Dear ladies, physical touch is a language that men use when words are superfluous. So, instead of saying how much they want you, they will let physical contact speak on their behalf.

When he puts his hand on your thigh while driving, a man is trying to tell you lots of things that you might not be aware of. Well, it’s high time we change that! Keep on reading to find out all the possible reasons why a guy touches your thigh while driving!

When He Puts His Hand On Your Thigh While Driving: 13 Secret Meanings

Every single action a man does can be interpreted in multiple ways. Here’s what’s going through his mind when he touches your thigh while driving:

1. “I want you.”

If you ask a man to say how much he wants a woman without actually saying it while in a car, he will put his hand on her thigh. When driving, men are actually limited when it comes to touching. He cannot kiss or hug you because safety is the number one priority, right?

What he can do is touch your thigh because that’s one of the safest things he can do in a car. Not only that. It’s one of the hottest things he can do in a car while driving because it says: “Woman, I want you, and I’m so crazy about you.”

As a woman, I can confirm this. The last time a man touched my thigh while driving, I got so excited, and I just knew how much he wanted me. Well, he also made sure to show it later on when he wasn’t driving. (I’d prefer to keep the juicy details to myself if you don’t mind, dear reader.) 😄

2. “You’re mine.”

Possessiveness and dominance are two words that almost every man has in his dictionary. When a man puts his hand on a woman’s thighs, he’s secretly telling the rest of the world that you’re HIS.

He’s proud of being with such a beautiful, smart, and amazing woman, and he wants you to know that. He might not tell you directly, but he’ll choose a more subtle way of doing so by putting his hand on your thigh while driving.

He’s also proud of the fact that out of all these men, you chose HIM. By touching your thigh while driving, he’s reminding you that he’s yours and you’re his. I agree that this is one of the odd ways to tell someone you love them.

3. “Everything will be okay. I’m here for you.”

When he puts his hand on your thigh while driving, it can sometimes mean that he’s trying to comfort you. This greatly depends on the context of your conversation and what exactly is going on in your life right now.

If you’ve been dealing with some hardships, then this is his way of telling you that you shouldn’t worry because everything will be okay. He’s there for you, and you can fully rely on him.

If you’re in a romantic relationship with this guy, then you know he’s marriage material. He’s a good friend and an awesome boyfriend, which means he would also be an amazing husband.

4. “I want to be more than friends.”

Is your relationship with this guy labeled “just friends”? Then perhaps he’s trying to tell you that he would like to be more than friends. Why, you may wonder?

Because he has developed romantic feelings for you and no longer sees you only as a friend. He wishes to be your partner and a special person in your life.

He wants to be the person you come to when you feel bad or extremely happy. He wants to be more than friends with you, and all he needs is for you to give him the green light that says: “Yes, I want to be more than friends too.”

5. “I’m impressed by your strength.”

When he touches your thigh while driving, this is also a strong signal that he admires your personality and strength. He’s impressed by how you treat other people and how inspiring your personality is. He sees you as a strong woman, and he’s so proud to be with you.

If you’re in a public place and he puts his hand on your thigh while driving, this means he wants to take your connection to the next level. He wants everyone to know that you are his woman and how beautiful you truly are inside and out.

6. “I want to see your reaction.”

Guys can sometimes play mind games with you. Now, I’m not referring to any of those toxic mind games, but the games where they test you. So, when he puts his hand on your thigh while driving, it could mean that he just wants to see your reaction.

Wait, why would he want to see your reaction?

Because he likes you, of course! He sees you long-term, and he wants to see whether you’re on the same page. He’s probably scared of making the first move because he isn’t sure whether you would approve.

7. “I think you have great legs.”

One of the most common reasons why guys touch your thighs is that they are attracted to that part of your body. If you have thick thighs, then I can totally understand him being tempted to put his hand on your thigh while driving.

We all know that men are visual creatures, which means they find it hard to control themselves when they’re next to someone they’re attracted to. So, if a man thinks you have great legs, he will want to touch them as often as he can (or as often as you let him).

He uses every opportunity to let you know how hot you are, and that is why he puts his hand on your thigh while driving. I have to admit that this gesture is definitely one of the hottest because it can be both caring and sexual.

8. “I can’t resist touching you.”

When a guy touches your thigh, it means he’s strongly attracted to you. He can’t resist touching your attractive body even when he’s driving.

His mind literally can’t focus on the road when you’re sitting next to him. He feels this strong urge to put his hand on your thigh and show you how much he wants you.

However, keep in mind that touching your inner thigh can be considered sexual assault if he’s doing it against your will. If you’re okay with him touching your inner thigh, then consider touching his inner thigh as well. This will make the whole situation even hotter.

9. “You’re safe with me.”

Men are protective of their women by nature. When they care about you deeply, they want you to feel comfortable and loved. If a man puts his hand on your thigh while driving, he wants you to know that you’re safe with him no matter what.

Learning how to trigger his hero instinct can make your man feel even more protective of you.

Also, don’t forget to pay attention to his body language as well. If he smiles and looks you deeply in the eye while touching your thigh, he wants you to feel comfortable, safe, and loved at that moment and always.

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10. “I’m thinking about making love to you right now.”

Apart from being a romantic gesture, touching a girl’s thigh can also be done in a sexual way. All you need to do is pay attention to the intensity of his touch and the powerful signs of male attraction.

Is his touch so intense and provoking that you feel it in every fiber of your being when he touches you? Then you can be sure he’s trying to show you how much he wants you.

He wants to undress you, kiss you, hug you, and make love to you. He’s deeply attracted to you sexually and romantically. Or it could be that he’s only attracted to you in a sexual way. This greatly depends on your relationship with that guy.

11. “I’m showing you my gentle side.”

If a guy doesn’t have a problem showing you his sensitive side, then you can only imagine how much he likes you. When he shows you his gentle side, it’s because he feels comfortable enough to do so. Also, it’s because he feels emotional closeness with you.

New York-based psychologist Guy Winch supports this argument in the following way: “Touch is something we associate with emotional closeness, and we associate the absence of it with emotional distance…”

Your man feels relaxed in your company, and he doesn’t care about all that masculinity drama society imposes on men. As a matter of fact, when you win a man’s heart, he finally feels safe enough to show you his vulnerable and gentle side. That’s how you know he truly loves you.

12. “I would really like to kiss you, but I’m kind of scared.”

Often, men WANT to do something (read: kiss you), but they don’t know HOW to do it. So, they try to drop hints by doing random things, such as touching your thigh while driving.

So, touching a woman’s thighs while driving can also indicate that he wants to kiss you but, for some reason, is scared of letting you know that.

His desire to kiss you may force him to randomly touch you until he finds the courage to do what he actually intended to do in the first place. If you see that a man is confused or kind of lost while touching you, then touch him back so that he sees this as the green light to kiss you.

I recommend a quick kiss while driving due to safety measures. However, if you’re waiting at a traffic light or in the middle of a traffic jam, then your kiss can last a little bit longer.

13. “Oops, I did it accidentally.”

Sometimes, a man will touch your thigh not because he actually wanted to but because he did it accidentally. If that happens, he will most surely apologize and say that famous “oops…” to indicate he did it involuntarily.

But keep in mind that sometimes men pretend to do something accidentally only to see your reaction. If a guy touches your thigh by accident, this doesn’t mean he’s not attracted to you.

Again, it depends on what kind of relationship you have with this guy. Random, accidental touches can happen even if the person is strongly attracted to you. It just means they didn’t intend to touch you there at that time.

How To Respond When He Touches Your Thigh While Driving

First of all, consider the reasons behind this gesture and how you feel about it. Are you okay with him touching your thigh? Does him touching your thigh while driving excite you? If you’re not okay with him touching your thigh while driving or in general, then let him know that. If you enjoy his thigh touches while he’s driving, then do the following:

Put your hand on top of his.

This is one of the most sentimental car scenes ever. When a man touches your thigh, you can put your hand on top of his, which indicates strong affection and admiration.

If you do that, you’ll make your man truly happy because he will know how much you care about him and your bond. By putting your hand on top of his, you’re telling him the following things:

• I’m happy that you put your hand on my thigh while driving.

I love you.

• I enjoy your company.

• I’m here for you.

• I trust you.

• I want you.

As you can see, a simple act of thigh touching can mean so many things, and that is why it’s one of the most powerful actions.

Make quick eye contact and smile.

When a man touches your thigh while driving, one of the hottest things you can do is maintain eye contact with him. However, keep in mind that this shouldn’t be longer than a few seconds because you don’t want to compromise your safety.

Put your hand on top of his, make quick eye contact, and smile. When your man sees you smiling, he will know he’s done the right thing by touching your thigh while driving.

He will be so happy knowing you’re enjoying every second with him. Yes, that’s how much one smile can tell him about your state of mind.

Tell him something hot or sweet.

There are many reasons behind him touching your thigh while driving. It could be a romantic or sexual gesture, or it could be both. So, the first thing you need to do is decode his intention behind this gesture (the above reasons will certainly help you with that).

Knowing the intention behind this gesture will help you choose the right words and undertone. You will know whether you should tell him something hot or cute. Actually, you can do both. Here are a few examples:

• I want you, too. (hot)

• I enjoy your company so much. (cute)

• I’m so happy to be here with you, and I can’t wait to show you how much I want you. (hot and cute)

What Does It Mean When A Man Holds Your Hand While Driving?

When a man holds your hand while driving, it’s one of the loving touches that indicates his affection and his undying love for you. A man holds your hand while driving to make sure that you feel comfortable. Also, he wants to be as close to you as possible, which is a little bit difficult to achieve when you’re driving, right?

When a man holds your hand while driving, one thing is for sure: He’s crazy about you, and you have his heart. You’re his woman, and he’s proud to be with you. If you’re not officially together yet, then you can be sure he sees you as a girlfriend/wife material. Otherwise, he wouldn’t hold your hand while driving.

Closing Thoughts

When he puts his hand on your thigh while driving, make sure not to overthink it but listen to what your intuition and heart say about this gesture. You certainly don’t want to ruin the moment by deeply analyzing his thigh touch.

Generally, if a man puts his hand on your thigh while driving, this is a good thing and a strong sign of his affection and attraction toward you.Now, the question is: Do you feel the same about him? If yes, then make sure to let him know by putting your hand on top of his.