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What Marriage Really Is (Because It’s So Much More Than A Big Fancy Wedding)

What Marriage Really Is (Because It’s So Much More Than A Big Fancy Wedding)

Everything that leads up to your wedding day is very romantic: planning a big reception, a beautiful dress, and of course, your Prince Charming.

Deeper into marriage, though, life can seem less romantic. Less exciting. Less interesting.

Taking care of your home and organizing your life after the wedding might even make you wonder if you did the right thing.

Wonder why it is so much less than you had hoped for.

smiling couple sitting at home and looking at laptop screen

You need to trust me on this one. Marriage is in no way less. It’s so, so much more.

Marriage isn’t always rainbows and butterflies but it beautifully deepens the bond you’ve created with your soulmate.

Marriage is letting go of the expectations of what you thought marriage should be and realizing that it is way more than you could ever dream.

Marriage is cuddling up on the sofa and realizing there’s no one else in the whole wide world you’d rather be with.

Marriage is being able to imagine a future together, whatever it may bring.

young couple cuddling at home

Feeling ready to deal with anything that comes your way because knowing you get to do it with your soulmate makes you fearless.

Marriage is learning that one fight doesn’t mean the end. A fight is just one of the ways you grow better and stronger together.

It is saying something intentionally hurtful and regretting it the moment it leaves your mouth, hoping they will forgive you.

Marriage means having someone to support you even when you are at your worst. It means having someone to laugh at your silliest jokes.

happy couple sitting on bed in bedroom

It means always being around. Forever. For better or for worse. It means he has your back and you have his, even when you screw things up.

In marriage you share everything.

Your home, your bed, your secrets, and your most intimate thoughts – the ones you thought you could never share with anyone.

Marriage is feeling secure, loved, and taken care of and making sure the other person feels that exact same way because of what you do for them.

Marriage is spending a huge portion of the night uncovered but refusing to get separate duvets anyway because you want him as close to you as possible for as long as possible.

It is singing and dancing to the same tune – one that only you two can hear.

happy couple dancing at home

Marriage is wanting to prove that you’re right so badly but choosing not to because it’s less important than creating a healthy atmosphere between you and your partner.

It means having a best friend who can read any face you make and know just what you’re up to simply by the way you look at them.

Marriage is showing each other that you care in your own unique way.

It doesn’t have to be roses, chocolates, and gifts.

It can be a home-cooked meal, a fixed sink, or calling in the middle of the day to check on your loved one.

Marriage is rarely grand gestures.

happy couple spending nice time at home

More often than not it’s a messy web of short moments, memories, and beautiful things you say and do to each other.

Marriage is realizing that beauty, perfection, and social approval have nothing on your little community.

It is making a secret pact that guarantees it will always be the two of you against the world.

Marriage is disagreeing over many things but always being certain about one: making sure you never, ever give up on each other and your love.

It means enjoying each other’s differences and loving your partner for their flaws, not despite them.

happy couple looking at each other and smiling

Marriage is falling in love over and over again, each time with the same person but in a different way.

It is not only loving each other, but also liking and respecting each other as people. It means working together towards the same goal.

Marriage isn’t a necessity in life but it is an amazing luxury, bringing the promise of friendship, love, and support forever.

It is not something you simply get. It takes hard work.

Marriage is something you do – learning to love and care for your partner each day of your life.

Marriage does indeed begin when you marry the one you love, but it is built by loving the one you marry.

What Marriage Really Is (Because It’s So Much More Than A Big Fancy Wedding)