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What Should I Do Right Now? 33 Fantastic Ideas To Try ASAP

What Should I Do Right Now? 33 Fantastic Ideas To Try ASAP

What should I do with my life? is such a deeply intricate question that it can’t possibly be properly answered without some soul searching.

So today, let’s start with something a bit different.

Here’s a question I want you to ask yourself: What should I do today that will make me feel happier and more fulfilled?

We spend our entire lives focused on following a certain career path (if you’re lucky enough to get a job you love) and spending large quantities of time pleasing those above us.

Instead of using the little free time we do have to just be happy and chase our passions, we always put others first.

There is always a family member who needs your help, a co-worker who pleads with you to cover for them, or a bunch of never-ending errands for the day.

But, here’s a really simple life hack. You can say no.

You can prioritize yourself and your own happiness. If you keep putting everyone else’s needs first, eventually, you’ll burn out.

You’re not Batman. You don’t need to save everybody. Your life matters and your needs are important.

With that in mind, I’ve prepared an awesome bucket list of things to do for YOURSELF. No excuses, and no regrets. Just do it.

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What Should I Do Today? Check Out These 33 Ideas For A Happier Life

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Be a tourist in your own city and start exploring its hidden gems

woman standing on a ledge raising her hands overlooking the city

Come on, I BET you have never gone on an expedition in your own beautiful city. Do you even know all it has to offer? No? Find out!

Don’t you want to find out every little hidden gem it has to offer?

Plus, it’ll be a great chance to take your out-of-town friends on awesome tourist adventures and brag about your city.

But also, seriously, get up off your booty and start exploring. You can’t live in a city and not know anything about it!

Take photos and capture special moments of the day

woman taking a selfie enjoying in the beach during the day

You probably find yourself thinking: I’m bored, what should I do? Well, here’s an idea. Take your camera (or your phone) and start taking some photos!

Those memories will last a lifetime. Plus, I always enjoy posting special moments on my social media platforms. It makes me really happy.

Moments come and go too fast, but photos will always be there to remind you of how content you were at that moment.

Make arrangements for a solo trip of a lifetime

woman travelling alone in Monaco raising her hands holding her hat

Hard work pays off. If you’re able to, treat yourself to a solo trip and enjoy a new place, new people, and re-acquaint yourself with yourself!

Right this moment, go Google some top destinations that are within your budget and start making arrangements!

This is probably much needed, plus, it’ll give you something to look forward to every single day! Imagine your productivity rates going off the charts, knowing what awaits.

A Netflix rom-com marathon and video games

woman watching television in the living room while lying on the couch

You can spend a copious amount of time watching endless shows, movies, and playing video games, without feeling guilty.

The world won’t end just because you’ve decided to be lazy for the day.

If you keep pushing yourself to work constantly, your mind will go crazy sooner or later.

Don’t be afraid to say no

young woman showing her denial with her hand in focus

It’s not wrong to say no. Quite the contrary, it’s necessary sometimes! If you don’t, people start taking advantage of your generosity.

So next time you are asked to do something that you’re not okay with, what’s your answer going to be? No! (And no apologizing!)

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Watch the sunrise tomorrow

woman watching sunrise/sunset holding on the railings

I’ve always claimed that the simple things in life are the most gratifying. Watching a sunrise is one of those things.

We often take for granted some of the most beautiful experiences, so, set your alarm for a little earlier than usual tomorrow and witness true beauty.

Write down three things you are grateful for

smiling woman writing down on her journal while lying down on her bed

This is how I like to start my day. It helps me stay grounded, grateful, and productive. I cannot recommend it enough.

Try it and see how it’ll help you change your perspective and make you more thankful that you’re simply alive and healthy.

Take yourself on a date to a library or a bookstore

woman reading at the library standing in the middle of the book shelves

There are a million books I want to read. Every time I think to myself, I’m bored, what should I do? I decide to read a book.

Why not make a day of it? Go on a date with yourself to your favorite bookstore or library, and knock yourself out!

Experiment with new recipes in the kitchen

woman in the kitchen preparing food on the caserole

We all get tired of eating the same stuff every day. At least, I do! So lately, I’ve been trying to be more creative in the kitchen.

It’s fun; it passes the time; oh, and it’s pretty darn delicious! Find some cool recipes online, blast some music, and cook away.

Before you know it, a few hours will have gone by, and it’ll feel like it was literally minutes.

Try yoga or meditation

woman in yoga pose meditating outdoors with a mat on top of the green grasses

Learn how to quiet your mind, embrace the silence, and listen to what your body needs. Slow down on all fronts and just be present in the moment.

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Buy yourself flowers

young woman buying flowers at the market holding the bouquet of flowers in sideview image

Why not? You don’t need a guy (or a girl) to get you flowers; you can buy it your own damn self! You know what you like better than anyone anyway.

Go get yourself some gorgeous roses or tulips and make your place look radiant and smell like a garden.

Enjoy a little mid-afternoon catnap

woman taking a nap with enjoying the soft pillow

When all else fails, take a nap! All jokes aside, taking a nap is seriously underrated. Whenever things get too overwhelming, sleep it off.

The rest will help your mind and body relax and you’ll be able to think much better after a fantastic catnap.

Get inspired by watching a TED Talk

ted talks logo shown on the smartphone held by a woman cropped

This will make your life easier in so many ways. Have you ever watched a TED Talk before? If you haven’t, get on it.

It’s inspirational, sometimes jaw-dropping and it can really paint a clear picture of goals, ambition, and what your mind can achieve.

Go for a hike with a friend

two bestfriends walking in the snow holding hands playfully

You probably spend entire days cooped up in an office, and when you get home, watching Robert Pattinson’s latest flicks.

Let’s change that! Fewer TV shows and more nature and fresh air! Go for a hike with friends and make it a habit.

THEN, you can treat yourself to sumo wrestling shows, High-School Musical, or whatever your heart desires.

Earn those lazy days and see how good it feels knowing you’ve put your body through some work beforehand.

Organize a group picnic at your local park

group of friends on picnic at the park under a tree with food and wine on the mat

Let’s try something that’s really simple but so fun! All you need is good weather, a few close friends, a blanket, and snacks!

Oh, and you can totally bring wine or any drinks of your choice. Nobody’s judging. The point is to get away from your home, spend time with friends, and unwind.

Nature, friends, and food are the perfect combo for ultimate relaxation.

Sing your heart out to your favorite jams

woman singing karaoke alone during a self quarantine

The home version of karaoke is my favorite thing ever. Are you wondering: What should I do right now? Well, why not sing your heart out?

Nobody is there so it’s not embarrassing, plus, you might find that you actually have a decent singing voice.

I just hope your walls aren’t too thin otherwise your neighbors will be in for a real treat.

Write a beautiful letter to a close friend and send it over

young woman writing letter in her office table

Tweets and Instagram posts are cool, but what ever happened to hand-written notes? To me, they can convey a message to a T!

If there’s a friend in your life who you truly appreciate, write them a letter and thank them for being such a great confidante.

The sentiment will be that much more appreciated precisely because it’s hand-written.

Re-read your all-time favorite book

woman reading a book in bed covering with a blanket in bed

What’s your favorite book of all time? And no, Quora articles don’t count. But seriously, if it’s been a long time, re-read it.

Chances are, you’re going to notice some magnificent details you missed the first time around and fall in love with it even more!

…and organize an exclusive book club with your fellow book lovers

book club meeting with friends organized inside the home

Gather your fellow book lovers and meet on a weekly basis to discuss your favorite literary works of art.

Engaging in quality discussions regarding things you’re passionate about will work wonders for your psyche.

Learn a new skill or a language

woman leaning a new language online listening thru headphone watching the smartphone a wine on the side

There are so many skills you could learn that I don’t even know where to begin. But, if you’re not into that, consider learning a new language.

Life’s a lot more interesting when you understand foreigners who think you have no idea what they’re talking about.

Plus, it might help you land a dream job. You never know.

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Make a keepsake album of your favorite trip ever

woman holding polaroid picture of an amusing park cropped

Instead of wondering, What should I do with my life? start actively working on making it more memorable.
One way to do this is by organizing all of the photos from your most favorite trip with your favorite people.

Having them all neatly put in one place will be a keepsake you’ll always cherish.

Support your community by attending a local event

hug in group as a teambuilding event in the community participants wearing yellow shirt

It’s always a great idea to support your community in any way that you can.

Most communities often organize meaningful events for important causes so why not go and support them?

Donate a few bucks if you can and be a proud community member.

It never hurts to develop relationships and have strong ties to your community.

Roadtrip with friends somewhere off-grid

group of people road tripping inside a small van taking a group picture by the doorway

Oh, what I wouldn’t give to be able to just disappear somewhere for a week with no consequences.

While it might be a pipe dream for me right now, it doesn’t have to be for you.

Instead of looking for a better price for a trip to New York, San Diego, or Chicago, go somewhere more inconspicuous and off-grid!

Trust me, there’s nothing quite like being incognito in a place for a few days where no one knows you. It really resets your mind.

Enjoy a competitive family board game

family playing jenga block inside the living room

Who doesn’t love board games? I bet you have at least two or three members of your family who’d jump at the chance to kick your ass!

So don’t give them the satisfaction, do your best, and see who ends up the ultimate winner. A little family competition never hurt anybody.

Afternoon BBQ with your best friends

friends having barbecue party outdoors the man grilling let a woman taste

If you can’t remember the last time you gathered with your friends, it’s a dead giveaway that you’re in need of some crew time!

So, invite your closest buddies, discuss who will bring what, and make a whole day of it.

Good food, good music, and the right people are just what you need for a perfect day.

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Make a birthday present for a friend from scratch

authentic game homemade with shells and stones as gift

Instead of ordering a foolproof gift from Amazon, try making it yourself.

Why? Well, firstly, it’ll mean much more if it’s made from scratch.

And, your friend will love the fact that you went to so much trouble just to make their day with something so special.

Smile at strangers as you take a walk down the block

stranger smiling at another stanger sitting on the park

I’m bored, what should I do today? How about going for a walk down the block and smiling at strangers. Or better yet, start up a convo!

People appreciate these things more than you know.

Ask an elderly lady on your block if she needs some help and smile at your neighbor who might be struggling.

It won’t change their reality, but it does help them see that there are still kind people in this world.

Start a journal and write all of your innermost thoughts in it

journal beside a cup of coffee in a table

I always had a journal when I was younger, but as I grew up, I kind of stopped writing in it, until recently!

What a game-changer! When you carry a lot of stuff on the inside, it helps to have somewhere to channel it.

As you’re writing it down, it’s like a weight being lifted off your shoulders.

It’s difficult to explain, but definitely worth giving a shot. It will help you cope with everyday life in numerous ways.

Plant some flowers or get a potted plant

woman taking care of the plants in the porch putting soil on pot

Have you ever tried gardening? It’s so therapeutic for the soul! But if you don’t really have a garden, a potted plant will do.

It’ll give you something to take care of, and it’ll add a sprinkle of life to your home.

Go to an art gallery and check out an exhibition

woman looking at the art on the wall at an art gallery

If you’ve never been to an art gallery, here’s your chance! Invite a friend along and see what the fuss is all about.

You don’t have to actually purchase any of the works. It’s about expanding your horizons and elevating yourself culturally.

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Why not go surfing and catch some waves?

girl surfer riding on a surf over great waves of the ocean

That is if you live anywhere near the beach. If you’re lucky enough, go catch a wave! Sun, fresh air, the ocean, and life is good.

My suggestion is to go as early as possible and have the entire ocean for yourself, at least for an hour.

Sometimes, that’s all you need for a good day.

Consider getting a cute tattoo

woman getting a tattoo with a woman putting ink on the arm of another woman

I have one, and I love it. If you’re bored and you’ve tried the aforementioned ideas, give a tattoo a shot.

It can be something simple, small, and close to your heart.

Something like your parents’ anniversary date, your dog’s paw print, or a matching tattoo with your BFF. The choices are truly endless.

Organize a game of paintball and escape your everyday life

woman playing paintball with complete geared overall leaning and hiding ready to shoot

And finally, to get away from your everyday life, errands, chores, people, and God knows what else, paintball to the rescue!

This is a social game, and its benefits are numerous. It’s fun, gets your blood pumping, it’s full of adrenaline and it’s all about teamwork and strategic thinking. Need I continue?

No more wondering: What should I do?

Paintball is a competitive game where you constantly have to think on your feet and show off your abilities, all while spending time with great friends.

Not too shabby, right?