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His Attention Means Nothing If You Don’t Have His Respect

His Attention Means Nothing If You Don’t Have His Respect

You’re an attractive and highly desirable woman – there is no doubt about that.

Wherever you go, there are plenty of guys staring at you, trying to communicate with you and ask you out.

He is no different than the rest. At first glance, he seemed to be infatuated with you.

He had eyes for you only. He was all over you and did everything in his power to win you over.

So naturally, you thought he was the one. He gave you so much attention and acted like you were the woman of his dreams.

However, as soon as he got what he wanted, everything changed. No, I’m not just talking about taking you to bed.

I’m referring to the fact that this guy started treating you differently as soon as you showed him that he had captured your heart.

As soon as he became aware that you’d fallen for him, he showed you his true colors.

From that moment on, it was noticeable that this guy had absolutely no respect for you.

He never took into consideration your opinions, feelings, or desires.

So, you started doing just about anything to capture his attention.

You just wanted the man from the beginning of your relationship back – at any cost.

You were ready to do whatever it took to become more likable for this guy.

He didn’t even have to directly ask you to change – you did it by yourself.

In the beginning, you started pretending to be someone you’re not. However, you didn’t do it with the intention of deceiving him.

You just wanted him to see you as better, smarter, more attractive, and more interesting.

Nevertheless, with time, you lost yourself. The girl you used to be was suddenly nowhere to be found.

Well, let me tell you something: I know that you want this guy’s undivided attention.

I know that you’re the happiest person in the world when he texts you or when he likes your social media posts.

I know your heart jumps for joy when he finds the time to see you.

However, while you were busy chasing him and trying to get his attention, you missed something much more important: his respect – which you’ve never got.

Believe me on this one: His attention means nothing if you don’t have his respect.

In fact, this man is no different to any of the other guys checking you out in the clubs.

For someone like him, you’re nothing but a piece of meat. He sees you as a trophy – as a girl all of his friends would like to be with but can’t.

He doesn’t care about your reputation or future. Most importantly: he doesn’t care how you feel and whether you might suffer later on.

Deep down, he knows you’re a catch.

He knows that he is not enough for you, which is why he gives you breadcrumbs of his attention – so you will always come asking for more.

He uses this entire situation to maintain control over you. He plays mind games to keep you hooked because he has nothing else to offer.

So please, don’t do whatever he asks you to do.

Don’t run into his arms every time he calls you, don’t sleep with him if that’s the only thing he wants, and don’t send him nudes in the hope of getting a text back.

Trust me: this is anything but respect.

This guy doesn’t really appreciate your presence in his life, nor does he cherish the deep love you feel for him.

What exactly are you waiting for? Do you think that he’ll change? That he’ll grow to respect the real you with time?

If that is so, you’re just wasting your time. Things will remain like this forever and this guy will never start treating you right.

That’s why I’m begging you not to give him any more of your energy. Instead, be patient enough to wait for a guy who deserves you.

Instead of fighting for this immature boy’s undivided attention, wait for a real man who will give you many more valuable things, such as respect, loyalty, and appreciation.

Because this is what true love is all about.