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When A Guy Finishes Fast, What Does It Mean? (Full Insight)

When A Guy Finishes Fast, What Does It Mean? (Full Insight)

Whether you look at it as strictly physical pleasure or as a bonding experience, sex is beautiful either way.

But what happens if the physical pleasure or bonding experience ends really soon? You didn’t experience pleasure, nor did you get to experience the bonding.

To resolve the problem, you first need to know what caused it. So, when a guy finishes fast, what does it mean?

Is he being selfish? Or is he way too attracted to you? Keep reading to find out the real reason why guys come too quickly.

When A Guy Finishes Fast, What Does It Mean?

Having sex and feeling unsatisfied afterward is like going to the dentist and not getting your tooth fixed. You booked an appointment and sat there for a while, but in the end, you didn’t get what you came for.

So, why are you unsatisfied? Why doesn’t he last longer? What are the most common reasons this happens? Let’s find out!

1. He hasn’t had sex in a long time

Premature ejaculation can signify that it’s been a long time since he had sexual intercourse. If you’ve started dating a new guy, you probably already talked about your past partners.

So, if he’s mentioned that he hasn’t had a girlfriend for a while and isn’t someone who likes one-night stands, then it’s easy to guess that this is why he can’t last long.

When you think about it, this is actually a good sign – it shows that he has self-control, won’t cheat, and wants something that will last – maybe not the sex part at first, but a long-term relationship definitely!

How do you get rid of this problem? Scroll down to find the solution to every reason.

2. He’s very attracted to you

When you find someone attractive, it’s normal to think about them all the time…in various sex positions.

You imagine the sensual foreplay, oral sex, and all the different lubricants you’ll use during your bedroom antics. And although women can control themselves for the sake of a good orgasm – men are not like that.

He imagines and desires you days before you have sexual intercourse, and he comes too fast when the moment finally arrives.

But this is only because he finds you irresistible, and all those thoughts he had about you in the previous days are finally coming true. I mean…you can’t blame him for that, can you?

Being so turned on by you doesn’t make him a terrible lover – it makes you a brilliant one!

3. He has no experience

Having no sexual experience affects many things, one in particular: lasting longer. I mean, you can’t expect a virgin man to have high sexual stamina.

If the guy you’re dating is a virgin, you’re expected to have a little patience. But what if he isn’t a virgin but is still inexperienced? He probably hasn’t caught on to all the tips and tricks on improving sexual stamina through self-control and distraction.

4. He has a medical condition

If he previously had a good sex life and has a lot of experience but still comes quickly, he might have a condition that causes this problem.

One such condition is erectile dysfunction, which means he struggles to keep his erection during bedroom antics. So, if your guy comes too fast, this might be the reason behind it – he’s rushing to finish because he knows he won’t be able to maintain his erection for too long.

Issues with the prostate gland, chronic pelvic pain syndrome, or nerve damage can also cause premature ejaculation.

In some cases, men struggle with various mental health issues, like performance anxiety, that have a negative impact on sexual functions.

5. You rush things

When a guy finishes fast, what does it mean? What are they doing wrong?

So far, we’ve encountered a lot of reasons why a guy can’t last long, and all of them have been that the guy is responsible for it, but what if you’re the problem? How come?

Because you should slow things down. Yes, believe it or not, a problem can occur if you please him too much. So, go easy with the foreplay, oral sex, or any other sexual activity he likes you to do.

6. You’re not experimenting enough

This reason might also surprise you, but when you’re not changing sex positions, your guy won’t be able to last long. Wild positions are a fun way to spice things up and make your man last longer.

Changing and experimenting with new positions is always beneficial to your sex life. So, wait until he is close, and when the time comes, change position!

7. He’s selfish in bed

Last but not least, we’ve come to our final reason why a guy comes too quickly, and the answer is: he could just be a selfish lover.

The truth is, you’d be surprised how many guys are like this. But wait, let’s not jump to conclusions.

Although premature ejaculation is one of the signs that he’s selfish and only cares about his satisfaction, other signs support this claim.

So, if he doesn’t care about foreplay and immediately rushes to the main event, he’s selfish. If you are doing all the work, he’s selfish. If you engage in sexual activities that only he likes, he’s selfish.

Therefore, a combination of premature ejaculation along with all these other signs can lead to the conclusion that he’s definitely selfish in bed and doesn’t care about you on an emotional level.

What To Do When This Happens

It can be pretty unpleasant when a man orgasms too fast. What should you do when this happens? It all depends on why it occurred so quickly, so let’s go one by one.

If this is the problem, the solution to it is pretty simple. But first, let’s state the obvious: sex is something you build.

Okay, maybe you can find someone with whom you’ll be immediately sexually compatible, but there is always room for improvement. So, the ultimate formula for good long-lasting sex = more sex + talking about the sex.

Having more and more sex will improve his stamina, and even though he hasn’t had sex in a while, he’ll soon perform like a human sex machine!

If he’s selfish in bed, the only thing that can improve your sex life is open communication. He won’t change if you don’t talk about it. Try talking about your sex life – don’t be afraid or too shy to say that you don’t like something.

How Can Guys Delay Ejaculation?

Experiencing premature ejaculation can be a source of shame and guilt for men. Women and most men think this enables them to enjoy sex to the fullest.

So, what can your man do to delay ejaculation?

1. Try finding joy in foreplay – Foreplay is usually underrated, but its importance in increasing duration and pleasure is enormous.

2. The stop-start technique – Your man should start practicing the stop-start technique. He stops right before ejaculating, then takes a deep breath and continues with the sexual activity.

3. Masturbation before sex – Another great way to delay ejaculation is to masturbate an hour or two before sex. Masturbation is healthy and helps build stamina, making him last longer.

4. Mental distraction – this is an old classic. During sex, he should focus on something that isn’t erotic, for example, his schedule. Yes, it will reduce pleasure, but it works as a good technique to delay ejaculation.

5. Thick condoms – Although thick condoms reduce sensitivity, they will increase the duration of your sex.

6. Other alternative techniques – Therapy and counseling are options if none of the above work. Erectile dysfunction is often psychological, so counseling might help you find the underlying problem.

7. If none of these help with your issue, you can always get medication.

Why Are Guys Grumpy After They Finish Quickly?

There is a scientific explanation for this situation, and it’s called postcoital dysmorphia or post-sex blues. This condition is characterized by sadness, depression, anxiety, and aggression after having sexual intercourse.

Post-sex blues happens to men and women, and it’s more common than you think. This is a biological condition, so you shouldn’t blame your partner for being grumpy.

However, this can also happen because of a lack of deep emotional connection between you two, which is normal if you have a one-night stand, but if you’re in a romantic relationship, try working things out.

Bottom Line

I hope you’re able to answer the question, ‘‘When a guy finishes fast, what does it mean?’’ after reading this article.

It’s normal to be unsatisfied with it, and I’m glad you reached out to us for help. However, the ultimate solution to this problem isn’t here – it’s right there, between you two.Try communicating with your partner, see if everything’s okay, and ask him if he has a medical condition. Only open conversation will help you overcome the problem.