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Why Do Guys Act Rude When They Like You? (11 Reasons +Tips)

Why Do Guys Act Rude When They Like You? (11 Reasons +Tips)

When a woman likes someone, she becomes pretty obvious in sending signals. On the contrary, whether knowingly or not, men want to play hot and cold games – act disinterested even if they’re not.

Why do guys act rude when they like you? Do they really like us even though they are acting rude? Or do they use us to satisfy some of their egoistic needs?

We have already concluded that men have their twisted way of thinking. So, if he’s showing obvious signs that he likes you but still acts rude toward you – we know what’s happening.

Here are 12 reasons behind this behavior that might surprise you!

Why Do Guys Act Rude When They Like You? 12 Reasons

It’s normal to think that someone won’t be rude to you when they like you, but it seems like this rule doesn’t apply to men.

There are 12 reasons guys act like this.

1. Guys are often shy

Men are usually pretty tough from the outside, and they love acting cool and like nothing can possibly bother them. In fact, many men are the shyest when around a girl they like. Why’s that so?

Guys who hang out with the same social group are the bravest people alive. However, they reveal their shy nature when they find themselves around a girl they like.

In an attempt to say everything right, they become nervous and shy. They desperately want to hide this shyness and begin to act rudely toward you.

Rudeness is, therefore, a counter-effect of their shyness. Does this justify their rudeness? It’s up to you to decide.

2. He’s trying to be cool in front of his friends

I think there isn’t a single person who acts the same around family, friends, and partners, and that’s normal.

Normally, you adjust your behavior when you’re around different people because different people have different interests.

But what if a guy you are dating is completely different when alone with you and when you’re out with his friends? What does that say about him?

He has problems with a lack of confidence. Guys aren’t like us. When they hang out together, they are embarrassed to talk about their true feelings, and acting too romantic with their partner is the last thing they want.

Therefore, he is aware that he will be made fun of and thinks he should be rude to you to impress them. Immature, right?

3. He is having a tough time

Personal issues can make a person quite nervous, which can turn into rudeness.

If he made it evident that he was interested in you but suddenly became rude, the obvious reason behind this rudeness is that he’s dealing with personal problems.

He is probably not ready to open up to you about his problems, so try giving him time to deal with them.

4. He is insecure

An insecure man might not know how to express himself appropriately.

Although he might be deeply in love with you, if he gets the impression that you are not interested in him, he will immediately start acting rude and distant toward you.

5. He thinks you don’t like him

People will do a lot of things out of fear of rejection. One such thing is being rude to you.

Men will see how attractive you are and instantly conclude that you aren’t interested in them. And, of course, as many of them lack the confidence to confront you with their true feelings, they will start acting rudely toward you.

Why? All because they think you’re out of their league.

6. He’s a commitment-phobe

Some guys are simply commitment-phobes. They are afraid of getting into a committed relationship, which can be so intense that they start acting rude when they see your relationship getting serious.

It’s pretty easy to figure out if a guy is being rude on purpose or not. So, if you see that he’s intentionally being rude to you, it’s time to move on.

7. He thinks that’s funny

In some cases, the answer to the question, ‘‘Why do guys act rude when they like you?’’ is their sense of humor.

Roasting is slang that denotes when someone criticizes you severely, and you’d be surprised how many guys love a good flirt-to-roast ratio. Roasting is just their way of flirting with you.

They find it extremely cute seeing you annoyed because of that.

8. He thinks you have a boyfriend

A guy can start acting rudely toward you if he sees you with another guy or figures out that you’re dating someone else.

This is because he is building a wall as a form of self-protection since he doesn’t want to take the chance of falling further for you. He will use his rudeness against the love he feels for you.

9. He has a girlfriend

Believe it or not, a guy might act rudely because he’s already in a relationship.

He might be seeing someone else but still be attracted to you. On the one hand, he wants to be with you, and he knows how unfair this is to his girlfriend.

Trying to balance things out, he will start being rude to you so that he feels less guilty.

10. He wants you to chase him

Guys often like to play hot and cold games so that you can chase them. This became especially trending because of social media and the belief that you’re going to chase them if they go hot and cold.

Guys think these mind games are a great way to get your attention, and maybe they’re right, but for how long?

The last thing every girl wants is for her partner to disrespect her. She may end up hurt, disappointed, and desire to end the relationship if he is rude to her.

11. He is jealous

Rudeness can also come from jealousy and usually in the form of radio silence and offensive words.

When a guy likes a girl, he becomes overprotective and wants to distance her from every male around her. When he realizes this isn’t possible, he starts to be rude to her.

Jealousy makes them rude, and they can’t help but start offending you.

How To Deal With Such Behavior

Here are 4 simple ways to deal with a guy who acts rude but shows signs he likes you.

1. Don’t rush him

Moving too fast can be a red flag for some people – they simply want to take things slowly.

Everybody is different, and everybody has a different approach to romantic relationships. Most often, guys afraid to open up start acting rudely as a defense mechanism.

And I know that doesn’t justify anything, but some people don’t know a better way to deal with such things.

You constantly try to talk about your feelings, force him to open up and stop hurting you, when in fact, he is the one that will end up getting hurt.

So, the most important thing is to be patient with him. Give him space. If, after some time, he still acts the same, then there is probably another problem, like a lack of self-confidence, boredom, or maybe a girlfriend you didn’t know about.

2. Try to understand him

The dramatic shift in his behavior may make you feel betrayed and hurt but control the need to become upset. Instead, work on understanding him.

He struggles with his battles, trying to decide whether he feels something for you.

He most likely has a good reason why he’s acting rudely to you. Respect his choice, and try acting as normal as you can.

3. Focus on yourself

At the end of the day, the most important thing is that you focus on yourself and have mental peace. Your well-being is all that matters.

Yes, try to understand and give him some time, but also focus on yourself. You can’t let your life pass by while waiting for some guy to be polite to you.

Sometimes people can’t be together, no matter how much they love each other, as love is not the only thing that makes a relationship, and respect is a crucial part of it.

The last thing you want is to be clingy and controlling. If he needs his space, give it to him. But don’t let him expect that he can come knocking on your door whenever he wants.

4. Maybe it’s time to move on

If you are being extremely tolerant, that doesn’t have to mean that you’re in love — maybe you’re just a Gemini.

We can’t ignore the possibility that he isn’t interested in you. Maybe you saw signs that he liked at the beginning but now’s a different story.

It’s okay to feel disappointed and upset, but this is a sign from the universe that he isn’t the right guy. Everything that happens to us, in most cases, is what’s best for us; we’re just not aware of it yet.

Try to move on with your own life, and the right one will come!


Do guys become rude when they like you?

Yes, some guys might become rude when they like you, and the reasons for this behavior are multiple.

The psychology behind this behavior is complex and differs from person to person. Still, some general reasons include having the wrong approach, jealousy, or using rudeness as a sense of humor.

Either way, if a guy is being rude to you, it doesn’t necessarily mean they can’t stand you – it might also mean they’re in love with you.

What are the obvious signs a guy likes you?

Sometimes, it’s not necessary to read between the lines – men can be pretty obvious when they’re trying to tell you that they like you. Here are the most obvious signs a guy likes you:

• He remembers important details about you

• He uses every opportunity to touch you

Prolonged eye contact

• He talks about his plans

• He asks about your zodiac sign

• He buys you little gifts

• He texts you on social media

Why do guys go hot and cold?

There isn’t a universal reason why guys go hot and cold – it all depends on the situation. For example, they might play hot and cold because they aren’t 100% sure they like you.

Another reason might be that they want you to chase them, or he is simply dating you just for fun. He might be bored and uses you as a form of entertainment.

Last But Not Least

Did you find your answer to the question ‘‘Why do guys act rude when they like you?’’

Is any reason why he’s rude to you enough to justify the words and acts that hurt you? If this is a temporary behavior caused by personal issues or insecurity, you may find a way to justify it.

But what if this behavior is temporary? Should you keep dating him or end up in a serious relationship with him? In my opinion, you should distance yourself from that guy.

If he is being rude to you it is a sign from the universe that you should end the relationship. You and your better half will cross life paths eventually.