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When You Feel Like You Can’t Carry On, Trust God To Carry You Through

When You Feel Like You Can’t Carry On, Trust God To Carry You Through

It doesn’t matter what kind of hardships you’re going through right now.

You might be in the middle of a devastating breakup or family chaos, or simply feel like everyone has abandoned you.

Maybe you’re grieving the loss of a loved one or just feel like you yourself are completely lost.

Either way, the bottom line is that for a while, you’ve been having it rough. Like you can’t take it anymore and you’re about to burst.

It seems that you’ve reached your breaking point. You’ve had enough and you don’t even feel like trying to make your life better.

The worst part is that everything that’s been going on has taken a toll on your health.

The stress is eating you from the inside and for some time now, you feel spiritually dead.

You’ve hit a wall. You don’t know how to keep going and just want this overwhelming emotional pain to stop.

Well, if this is something you can relate to, I’m here to beg you not to give up.

We’ve all been in your situation and feeling like this doesn’t make you weak.

Don’t blame yourself for not being able to handle life so greatly. It’s all a part of growing up and a way for you to become the woman you’re destined to be.

I just want to tell you that you’re not alone. I know you feel completely deserted and that you don’t have anyone to hold your hand through all of your hardships.

You feel hopeless and assume that you’re all by yourself. But that can’t be further from the truth.

You see, even in your darkest hour, there is always someone who is looking after you. Someone guarding you and protecting you.

That someone is God. He has a plan for you and He will help you get through this entire mess you’re in right now.

Just don’t doubt His power because for Him, everything is possible.

God is always looking after you, even when you don’t see it.

He is the one who sent you all of these challenges and He is the one who will get you out of them.

He is there to hear you out, to answer your prayers, and to send you His blessings.

There to chase away your demons and there to save you, even when you think that all is lost.

God is there to help you cross all of your bridges and show you how to win your hardest battles.

There to show you the rainbow in the middle of the worst storm.

You just have to have faith. Faith in yourself and faith in Him. Please, don’t stop believing that God always knows what He’s doing.

So, the next time you feel like you don’t have any more strength to carry on, trust Him to carry you through all of your troubles.

Trust Him that He will show you the way, even when you feel lost.

When you’re at your lowest, He will be there to pick up your broken pieces, glue you back together, and get you back on your feet.

When you feel like you’ve reached a dead end, He’ll be there to show you the path.

When you feel like you’re surrounded by darkness, He’ll be there to show you the light at the end of the tunnel.

There to wipe your tears away and put a smile back on your face.

The next time you feel like giving up, just let Him take over the steering wheel. Let Him guide you and follow His lead.

The next time you feel like all hope is lost, just take a deep breath and remember that He is bigger than every trouble you might have.

He is the one who will help you let go of the pain – the one who will lead you to happiness.

Just put your life in His hands and look for the signs he’s been sending you.

After all, He’s the one who created you – I promise you, He’s the one who will take care of you, no matter what.