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Why Are Capricorns So Hated? 20 Misconceptions

Why Are Capricorns So Hated? 20 Misconceptions

Gemini, Scorpio, and Capricorn: the three villains of the Zodiac.

Lots of people dislike one or more signs – these three in particular – and the reason is that they simply don’t know them at all but think they do. It happens to people who hear a little bit about horoscopes, then try to fit real people into the mold of what they think they should be like according to their sign.

This is a very superficial view – it’s well-known that there’s much more to your astrological profile than your Sun sign. Still, all signs of the zodiac get their share of haters regardless of what else is hiding in their natal chart.

Why are Capricorns so hated? Let’s forget about all other aspects right now and focus just on Capricorn sun. Here’s what’s behind the zodiac shaming Capricorn faces (but doesn’t really care about.)

Why Are Capricorns So Hated? Because They’re The G.O.A.T.

So, why are Capricorns so hated? The answer is stereotypes and misunderstanding. Some types of people either hear ‘Capricorns are so-and-so’ and believe it in the most literal sense, or they misinterpret their behavior.

Key Capricorn traits can manifest in many ways, but people who lack imagination usually picture a buttoned-up businessman scoffing at anyone who smiles. Some stereotypes are true, but not in the way they might seem. Others, not so much.

Instead of bothering with boring, overused ideas about this star sign, let’s break down what the Sea-goat is really like.

Stereotype 1: Capricorn is ambitious and seeks status

Sure, Caps are ambitious and want to be acknowledged, but it’s rarely in line with the stereotypical image of what it means: that they only care about promotions, making money, and being on top, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Capricorn’s ambition and desire for status run much deeper. They want to be the best at what they do, and their only competition is themselves. The status they’re striving for isn’t to be the one with the most possessions and achievements but to be respected and considered good at what they do.

Capricorn always seeks to improve and go above and beyond, but the acknowledgment they receive means nothing to them if they’re not happy with themselves – they disregard other people’s opinions if they don’t align with their own.

Stereotype 2: Capricorn is always serious

If there’s one thing Capricorns really hate, it’s when they have to do something. They prefer to fill their time with things they actually like to do, so they hate wasting it by waiting until someone else is done.

This is why they can seem really serious about things – they want to be finished with the current task and move on.

This is very obvious at work: Capricorns aren’t good team players. They like working alone because they’re very efficient and other people tend to slow them down. They’re serious about what they do because they like to do their job well and quickly.

Stereotype 3: Capricorn is emotionally detached

One of the reasons why people consider Capricorns emotionally detached is because they give the impression that they can cut people out of their lives without a second thought. They like you one day, but you do something small they don’t like, and you’re out.

In reality, Capricorns can take a lot, and they don’t speak up when something bothers them. They don’t do it because they don’t want to be petty, or they want to give people a lot of chances to treat them right. However, when someone takes it too far, and they’ve had enough, they are done.

Capricorns are notoriously bad at communicating their feelings, which is why this happens. So when it seems like a Capricorn has decided to cut you off all of a sudden, it’s actually a sign that your behavior has been bothering them for a long time, only they never said anything.

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Stereotype 4: Capricorn is conservative

This is one Capricorn stereotype that people misunderstand completely. When you think of someone who is conservative, the first thing that comes to mind is the political or social interpretation of the term or someone who’s averse to change and prefers the traditional to the new.

As a cardinal sign, Capricorn is all about moving things forward, so the stereotypical understanding of what it means to be conservative doesn’t apply to them. Being restrained and relying on experience are much better ways to explain how this term can apply to them.

Capricorns do what works and don’t try to change things just for change’s sake. However, if they come across something that works better, they won’t reject it.

Stereotype 5: Capricorn holds grudges

A better way to describe this is that once a Capricorn is hurt, they stay hurt for a long time. They learn from experience, so if you’ve proven that you can’t be trusted, then that’s it. They choose to protect themselves by removing people who hurt them from their lives.

Capricorns take people at face value and trust them until proven otherwise, so when that trust is broken, a Capricorn is not only hurt by the other person’s behavior but angry with themselves for not being cautious.

You can get a Cap to forgive you, but you get only one chance. If you mess up the second time, count your losses, and don’t try again.

Stereotype 6: Capricorn is a workaholic

This one is correct, but maybe not in the way you might think. Lots of people have the idea of Capricorns as successful business people, CEOs, or some similar power fantasy, but a Capricorn’s motivation for working comes from a different place: they need to have a purpose.

A Cap wants to make their mark on the world, and when they believe in something, they pursue it relentlessly. Capricorns are workaholics when their work makes sense. When uninspired, Caps can be one of the laziest signs, but when they care about something, they’re hard-working and impossible to distract from their goals.

Stereotype 7: Capricorn is a perfectionist

Of course, a Capricorn is a perfectionist – all earth signs are – but their perfectionism is completely turned inward. Capricorns are never satisfied with themselves, and this is the cause of many of their issues.

They push themselves to do better, but they never feel like it’s good enough. Impostor syndrome is big with Caps. This is why they often feel inferior and avoid sharing their feelings with others, so they seem unemotional.

This attitude also makes them arrogant in the eyes of those who would rate something as excellent that a Cap rates as mediocre, when in fact, a Capricorn is just the opposite: insecure and feeling inadequate.

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Stereotype 8: Capricorn has a dark side

No sign has a dark side, contrary to the stereotype. All signs are neutral, and none of them is inherently good or bad. Scorpio, Capricorn, Virgo, and Aries are the signs that are most commonly seen as hiding something sinister because of certain traits they have.

For example, Capricorns tend to be private, which is misinterpreted as if they’re hiding something. When this is combined with all other stereotypes around them, there are people who come up with fantasies of Capricorns being evil.

Stereotype 9: Capricorn is bossy and controlling

Capricorns are practical: they look for the most efficient way to deal with things and strive to do it as quickly as possible. They’re very no-nonsense and organized because this makes things easier for them.

Because they always know what they want, they may come off as bossy. Capricorn has a vision and knows how they like things, so they can be demanding and very specific. People who have a more relaxed approach find this oppressive.

Stereotype 10: Capricorn is uptight

This one is entirely untrue and caused by Capricorn’s confidence in how they do things, combined with their difficulty expressing how they feel.

If you know a Cap, you might think that you can’t suggest anything exciting to them because they’re always busy being efficient, so you’ll be surprised when they accept when you do. A Capricorn uses what works until convinced that something else will work better.

Sexually, Capricorns are anything but uptight. They’re adventurous and want to try anything that might bring them pleasure. Once they decide they can relax with someone, they reveal that they’re one of the kinkiest zodiac signs.

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Stereotype 11: Capricorn is boring

Capricorn minds their own business and rarely seeks attention, which is why some people believe that there’s nothing interesting about them. People who actually get to know Capricorns are aware that they’re anything but.

The problem with Caps is that they have a unique point of view, which some people have trouble figuring out. Even though they don’t like drama, they’re very theatrical. In other words, a Capricorn hates to argue for no reason, but they like to put on a show in other ways.

For example, think of Capricorn celebrities like David Bowie, Dolly Parton, or Kim Taehyung. All of them have a slightly off-beat sense about them, something unusual and visionary that can easily be misunderstood.

Stereotype 12: Capricorn is ruthless

This is how this is usually interpreted: “The mountain goat is always climbing, determined to get to the top no matter what it takes and who they have to step on to reach their goal.” But this isn’t where Capricorns show their ruthlessness.

First and foremost, they’re ruthless with themselves. They’re unforgiving when it comes to their own mistakes, and they don’t allow themselves to move on until they’ve either corrected them or learned from them. A Capricorn is overly strict with themself, which often holds them back.

Another area of life where Capricorn has no pity is with those who have either hurt them more than once or shown that they’re unkind to other people. They’re very picky about who they associate with. A Capricorn won’t hesitate to block you if you show them a side that they don’t like.

Stereotype 13: Capricorn is conventional

The accepted image that follows Capricorns and confuses every Capricorn who hears it is that they’re either dull, emotionless accountants or villains obsessed with authority. So if they’re not cutthroat CEOs, they’re obedient, traditional, and unimaginative.

It’s no wonder most Caps are skeptical of astrology when it paints such an unflattering picture.

One of the frequent myths about Capricorns is that they’re conventional. There’s nothing wrong with being conventional if that’s what you are, but when it comes to Capricorns, this is a rarely seen trait.

Capricorn is the furthest thing from someone who follows instructions, has generally accepted opinions and beliefs, and can be controlled.

Read the next item for more details.

Stereotype 14: Capricorn is stubborn

Capricorns only do the things they want to do. This is indisputable. So yes, they can be endlessly stubborn if you’re trying to make them do something they don’t want. If you never try to get them to do things against their wishes, you might never figure out how hard-headed they can be.

On the other hand, if you tell them to do something they were going to do anyway, they might not do it, just to be contrary. Reverse psychology might be key to dealing with Caps because they’re not the rule-followers they seem to be accused of being.

(The mythological Saturn describes the conflict of generations: he usurped his own father and was usurped by his son in turn. There is always a sense of rebellion under a Saturnine influence.)

Capricorn’s stubbornness makes them incredibly persistent when they want something. They can achieve anything they want, if they want. If they don’t care, there’s no power that can make them do it.

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Stereotype 15: Capricorn is materialistic

Capricorns are incredibly complex, and the intricacies of their personalities can be difficult to combine into a coherent picture. Capricorns’ defining trait – trying to grow and fulfill their purpose – was somehow misinterpreted as corporate greed.

The desire for wealth and materialistic possessions is unrelated to zodiac signs, yet it’s always Capricorns, along with their earth sign friend Taurus, who is considered money-hungry.

Sure, there are probably plenty of Capricorns who are like that but also Capricorns who don’t care about money at all. It’s safe to assume that most Caps are somewhere in between, just like all other signs.

One thing that all Capricorns have in common is that they won’t budge when it comes to their beliefs.

Stereotype 16: Capricorn hates fun

It’s unclear where the stereotypes that Capricorns are wet blankets who only talk about their careers and criticize others come from, but it can’t have come from anyone who knows a Capricorn.

Caps take themselves far less seriously than you might think. They have a quick wit and a dry sense of humor, which might be lost on some people. At first sight, they might seem like they’re someone who’s put together and mature, but when you get to know them, you can’t describe them as anything but outrageous.

Stereotype 17: Capricorn is dangerous

Like any other sign, Capricorns are capable of being either awful or amazing. They’re often assigned one of two roles in the minds of people who believe in stereotypes: a boring, buttoned-up office worker or a merciless dictator.

There are probably Capricorns who fit these two roles, but the majority of Caps mind their own business, struggling with the pressure they’ve put on themselves and trying to contain the chaos inside.

Capricorns follow their own rules and disregard any they don’t believe in. This can indeed make them dangerous, but it also makes them come up with groundbreaking ideas that actually work.

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Stereotype 18: Capricorn is closed off

Capricorns can seem closed off if you don’t know how to read them because they’re often worried about how their feelings will be received.

When it comes to feelings, Capricorns have trouble expressing them because they feel very deeply.

Because of Saturn’s influence, they think that they have to deal with everything on their own, so they don’t want to bother other people with how they’re feeling. This is why having support and understanding from their loved ones is so important for Capricorns.

Stereotype 19: Capricorn is arrogant

What’s often perceived as arrogance in Capricorns is actually a lack of self-confidence. Capricorns often feel inadequate and try to repress who they are to appear better and for people to like them without realizing that this pushes people away.

Another reason they might appear arrogant is because they’re overly self-critical. A Capricorn is never happy with themself and always wants to do better. When they express their dissatisfaction, it can seem as if they’re bragging about something that seems perfectly fine.

Stereotype 20: Capricorn is pessimistic

This is one of the Capricorn stereotypes that’s true on occasion. When it comes to their expectations and assessment of others, Capricorns are generally realistic people who don’t let their wishful thinking deceive them.

Sometimes, this can go too far, and instead of having realistic views, they become pessimistic. This happens to those Capricorns who have often been hurt and disappointed – Caps learn from experience, so if they learn to expect the worst, they have a hard time hoping for the best.

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Zodiac Stereotypes

Water signs or fire signs, earth signs or air signs – there are all kinds of ideas permeating the collective mind about each of the zodiac signs. Some people like to believe in these stereotypes, especially if they know someone who embodies the negative traits of their sign.

When these beliefs start to interfere with their relationships and make them judge people in advance, it can have harmful results. Believing in the stereotypes stops the people who believe in them from realizing the complexity of the person they’re interacting with.

It’s their loss, though, so if you don’t want to miss out on quality people, ask yourself if you believe the following stereotypes about the signs and choose to question them – what is the underlying trait, and how can it be interpreted?

• Aries is angry, aggressive, no warm feelings.

• Taurus is lazy, stubborn, a glutton.

• Gemini is two-faced, shallow, a liar.

• Cancer is clingy, weak, overemotional.

• Leo is self-obsessed, attention-seeking, vain.

• Virgo is anti-social, critical, prissy.

• Libra is fake, indecisive, flighty.

• Scorpio is toxic, lustful, mean.

• Sagittarius is hyper, non-committal, rude.

• Capricorn hates fun, conservative, workaholic.

• Aquarius is superficial, weird, unemotional.

• Pisces is unreliable, moody, overly sensitive.

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Say No To Zodiac Shaming

Why are Capricorns so hated? In short, stereotypes and misconceptions, sometimes at the same time. Stereotypes can sometimes have a bit of truth to them, but they can make you judge a person before you get to know them if you’re not careful.

If you try to expand your understanding of Capricorn traits, you’ll see how it’s possible to interpret them so that they fit all Capricorn people in ways that won’t try to twist their meaning.

In the end, it’s important to see everyone as an individual and not jump to conclusions, or even worse, try to interpret their actions as having some meaning you expect them to have.